Shripal Nishshanka (Middle Bond)

According to the prevailing statistics and general understanding, the US will have a Democratic President in this years' presidential election at the end of this year. Among the democratic candidates, most likely Senator Hillary Clinton will have the majority support to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for the presidency. Then most probably she will be elected as the president of the United Sates of America opening up a new chapter in the history of USA being the first elected woman president defeating Rudy Giuliani or any other Republican candidate easily.

However it is, even though Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are considered as highly influential as intelligent senators, surprisingly their intelligence about Sri Lankan terrorism and its problem and certain statements they make about Sri Lankan terrorists have become highly controversial and erroneous. It is high time that they correct these mistakes before it is too late as the history shows how the fate had been for the terrorist sympathizers politically and personally.

Ironically just few days ago FBI said that Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist's organization as one of the most dangerous and deadly extremist outfits in the world and the world should be concerned about the Tigers as they had "inspired" networks worldwide, including the Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In a January 10 report, posted on its website under the title "Taming the Tigers," the FBI alleged that the LTTE had perfected the use of suicide bombers, invented the suicide belt, pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks, killed some 4,000 persons in the past two years alone and "assassinated two world leaders - the only terrorist organization to do so."

"Needless to say, the Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world. For more than three decades, the group has launched a campaign of violence and bloodshed in Sri Lanka, the island republic off the southern coast of India. Its ultimate goal: to seize control of the country from the Sinhalese ethnic majority and create an independent Tamil State," the report said.

Last week a senior terrorist operating in Sri Lanka has said that even Senator Clinton has also recognized their movement as a legitimate organization. When the entire world is fighting terrorism for a better world, everybody should be aware how much the terrorists are capable of distorting the truth and successful in buying advisors to the presidents, and other leaders thus obtaining world wide support for their terrorist activities.

Senator Obama better study the Sri Lankan problem before issuing statements. Just recently he said that the majority people in the countries make minorities suffer thus paving way to civil wars.
Mr. Obama, Sri Lanka does not have a civil war, but the government is fighting a ruthless terrorist organization which is the most dangerously powerful. Do not become a joker by issuing wrongful statements and you are respectfully requested to study the regional political history before opening your mouth hereafter. Also Mr. Obama should know that the Tamil terrorists have killed innocent Tamil civilians more than Sri Lankan forces have killed the terrorists.

While the whole Sri Lanka is indebted to President Bill Clinton for his bravery action of sending two frigates to Sri Lankan waters upon request by some Sri Lankans living in the US, to save the Sri Lankan forces in late 2000 when the Wanni terrorists issued ultimatum to surrender, Senator Hillary Clinton is requested to be aware of Wanni terrorists New York branch's underworld operations. Unfortunately still Sri Lankan terrorists are sending millions of US taxpayers money to their covert operations. The result is massacre after massacre aiming mostly innocent civilians.

The New York terrorists have been successful so far to stop the military support that had been given by the US to Sri Lanka by wrong presentations of human right abuses and other underworld operations. This decision shall be reversed soon.

Fortunately Sri Lanka has come to the final stage of eradicating terrorism from its soil.
The terrorists shall surrender peacefully in order to save their lives and joining in to the civilized world once again or prepare to pay the highest price.


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