We were better off under the white man says a white man!

By Legionary

Linked below is an article produced by NorthStar writers.

There are plenty of inaccuracies, misrepresentations, manipulations and denigration from paragraph to paragraph, but attention should be given to the second paragraph (well the first as well, aren't all islands "oblong"? Are there some that aren't? Either that or the writer doesn’t actually no what Sri Lanka looks like)

Now to the second paragraph which states:

"To this day, Sri Lankans speak well of the British colonial experience. They point out that only one life was lost in the 133 years of British rule – an Englishman who was executed by the colonial government for conduct unbecoming."

I’m curious as to whom he spoke with? Was the writer listening well? Perhaps it was a Tamil who gave him this wealthy information, after all they were the community to benefit the most under British rule with all the power and wealth handed to them, something they enjoyed without a problem and still have desires to return to such an era. The British policy of discrimination against the Sinhala Buddhists finds its origins in their pure hatred for us resisting the mighty crown (many preferred to die instead of humiliating themselves by working for the British, and many did). Who are we to question their 'gift' of 'civilising' us?

Back then of course who was more civilised was determined by who had more firepower.

Now according to Llewellyn King only one person died during the British occupation? (which is a human rights violation by its very nature). Is he unaware of 1818, 1848, 1915, 1923 and 1939???

The orders from the guardians of human rights back during the 1848 freedom movement to "kill every male from 8 years and above". No negotiations or peace talks then (they don’t go for any now either). All resistance to their theft of our land, our resources and destruction of our national treasures and architectural masterpieces of our people were all brutally crushed. Our agro-subsistence economy designed to feed our people that at one time made us the rice basket of Asia, was replaced with today’s tea-rubber-cinnamon beggar economy. Are people now starve away and are swamped in economic destitution.

Ironic that the author laments away with concern for Tamils and contempt for the Sinhalese praises the British. All of Sri Lanka’s problems can be traced to them and the other Europeans who subjugated us (and still do).

He also forgets to mention that India in fact forced its way into Sri Lanka giving the much needed resuscitation to their dying armed Tamil pets, which India created, armed and financed -dumping their Tamil nationalism issue on us. We all remember the infamous Indian "intervention" that prevented us from destroying the LTTE during the Vadamarachchi Operation back in 1987, resulting in our continued suffering. (News is that they are getting ready for another parippu drop with IPKF Part 2 in the making).

Then again what else to expect from the West? Some time soon Llewellyn King will be telling us how the people of Iraq and Afghanistan enjoyed and benefited the Western democracy and freedom, like the people of Vietnam, Iran, South America and Indonesia did as well.

Below is the link to the article:

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