ExCel arena of London- Please do not Hire your Hall to Tamil groups on 27 Nov 08

Ramanie de Zoysa New Zealand

Dear Sirs,

I understand that a Tamil group has booked the ExCel Hall ostensibly for a “National Awakening Day” on the 27th November 2008. I can assure you that the Tamil group that has made the booking (regardless of what name they may call themselves by) is none other than the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelaam (“LTTE”) which has been carrying out a bloody terrorist campaign in Sri Lanka for the past thirty years, who have been identified by the FBI as being the “world’s most ruthless terrorist organization” which I might add is a banned outfit in the UK. There are over two hundred thousand Sri Lankan Tamils living in the UK who form part of the global financing and logistical base of the LTTE operation.

For the past several years LTTE fronts in the UK have hired your facility to hold many fund raising events and commemorations. The 27th November is celebrated by LTTE sycophants as the “Maveerar Day” or the Hero’s Day. It may send a chill down your spine when I say that on this day the LTTE celebrates the 300 plus suicide bombers of the LTTE who wore explosive laden vests at the behest of its megalomaniac leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and blew themselves up in populous places killing and maiming tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankan people. These bombs did not discriminate against children, old people, pregnant women or priests- but destroyed one and all!

You may even hang your head in shame when I tell you that a large proportion of the LTTE suicide bombers are young Tamil women. A high proportion of them were orphans abducted when they are still young children, raped in their early teen years to burden them with a sense of worthlessness that is then used as the basis for brainwashing to become suicide bombers whose only redemption lies in becoming martyrs post-mortem. One of these women suicide bombers blew herself up decapitating India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi. Another of these women presumably pregnant at the time blew up herself and the unborn child to smithereens attempting to kill Sri Lanka’s Army Commander Sarath Fonseka who to our good fortune survived the attack.

On the 27th November which is also the birthday of LTTE’s leader Prabhakaran is celebrated by LTTE fronts in the UK, Canada, Europe and several other countries every year. These events also serve as springboards to initiate the Tamil youth born outside Sri Lanka in hating the Sinhalese (majority ethnic group in Sri Lanka) whom they have not even met and to recruit unsuspecting British citizens to support and fund the LTTE by spreading untruths and hatred.

Last year’s Hero’s Day was also celebrated at the ExCel Arena with a reported attendance of about 25,000 where several British Parliamentarians attended and made speeches without knowing exactly what they were helping to celebrate, for they were told by the organizers that the commemoration was of those who died in battle. Who died, how they died and who they killed were not part of the brief; nor were they educated on the truth behind the terrorist movement which commenced as an offshoot of the Tamil Secessionist movement of India which is clamoring for an ethnically pure Tamil State either in Sri Lanka or in India (or elsewhere for that matter). Most likely defeat of this movement and the frustration its goal in both Sri Lanka and India may transport the movement to the good shores of Britain!

Today’s terrorists in a far away little island may well become your very own terrorists tomorrow. By supporting these groups not only are you harming Sri Lanka but also sowing the seeds of hatred and violence on your own soil.

I would encourage you to cancel the booking and take a firm stand against global terrorism.

Yours sincerely

Ramanie de Zoysa

New Zealand

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