There is something sinister behind the manoeuvres of Karunanidhi and his band.

By Charles.S.Perera

South Indian Politicians shirk their responsibility to the South Indian Tamil people who elected them into power, to look after the interest of a ruthless group of terrorists who are a shame to the whole of the Tamil speaking people in the world (except perhaps a section of the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora). These, South Indian political leaders are the people who deny the human rights of the dalit population in India, the plight of whom they neglect, to look after the terrorists in Sri Lanka. The treatment meted out to the Indian dalit populations is the worst of violation of human rights. The terrorists of Sri Lanka are the real dalits: "By birth one is not an outcaste; By birth one is not a brahmin; By deeds alone one is an outcaste; By deeds alone one is a brahmin."

Indian Tamils are a lot different from the Sri Lanka Tamils, though the Indian Tamil politicians are showing an interest in the Terrorists in Sri Lanka in the pretext of supporting the Tamil population, they careless for the suffering of the Sri Lanka Civil population in Kilinochchci.

I was once told by a First Secretary in a Sri Lanka Embassy, the scant respect the Tamils in South India have for Sri Lankan Tamils. He told me that when he was attached to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Madras- now Chennai, he had arranged a Hindu Priest to come to his home to perform some Hindu rights at a ceremony for his first born child. At the end of the ceremony the priest claimed an exorbitant sum of money for the religious ceremony he performed. The First Secretary told the priest, that he is charging too much. Then the priest told him that is why he does not come to homes of low caste people who do not want to pay. The First Secretary was a Vellahla from the highest caste in Sri Lanka. But he told me that in India all Sri Lankan Tamils are treated as low caste.

So how can one explain the interest of the South Indian Tamil politicians , in our people in Killinochchi in the North of Sri Lanka. There is no doubt there is another possible argument. South India has its own agenda without any real affection for the suffering Tamil people of Kilinochci. What is this ulterior motive that drives them to stop the Sri Lanka Army from defeating terrorism ? It was on 19 July,2005 the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress :

"As democracies, we must work together to create a world in which democracies can flourish. This is particularly important because we are today faced with new threats, such as global terrorism, to which democracies are particularly vulnerable," Singh said.

Singh said that terrorists exploit the inherent openness of democratic societies in an attempt to destroy their freedoms, and he dismissed the notion that there can be any legitimate justification for these acts.

"We know that those who resort to terror often cloak it in the garb of real or imaginary grievances," he said. "We must categorically affirm that no grievance can justify resort and recourse to terror."

Three years after that Manmohan Singh could not have changed his mind to have different views. If he has, he is a two tongued orator, who cannot be trusted.

Let us delves in to the mind set of the South Indian Politicians

Jayalalithaa has said that everyone knows her on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue. She has stated that the Tamils too are citizens with equal status like other citizens in Sri Lanka and they are not second class citizens. She emphasized that she fully supports the long-standing struggle of the Tamils, to get equal rights in law, education and employment opportunities and fully supports the moral struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils, seeking self-determination. This angel of equal rights speaking of Tamils as a second class citizens in Sri Lank twists the truth, to cover up the truth that in South India , she treats the dalits as "inhuman" beings.

Jayalalithaa speaks nonsense to show to the Tamil people that she is a mature politician more knowledgeable than the senile old Karunanidhi. She does not know the difference between the terrorists and the Sri Lanka Tamils in general. She makes a statements without knowing any thing about Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has no problems with the Tamils living any where in Sri Lanka.

The Tamil population in Sri Lanka were never treated as second class citizens, and their right to health services, education, and employment opportunities have never been denied to them.

Jayalalithaa speaks of selfish motives of Karunanidhi. But then what are the motives of Jayalalitha, and Vaiko,? Are theirs any different from the selfish motives of Karunanidhi ? They are all selfishly roaring, seeking benefits from the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka to feather their own political nests.

But, there is something sinister in all this South Indian Politicians banding together to protect the terrorists from their final elimination from Sri Lanka. There is certainly something deeper , ominous and evil in their scheming.

Looking at the whole problem from an angle of possible evil scheming of the South Indian politicians, it is pertinent to pose the question whether the South Indian Politicians are really interested in the suffering of the Tamil Civilians caught in the conflict in Kilinochchi ? Or do they have other motives, other agendas ? Despite Jayalalithaa's rhetoric it seems that they all want the terrorism to continue in Sri Lanka until a separate Eelam State is established.

Jayalalithaa wants to be different from the rest of the South Indian Politicians, and says she does not support militancy and terrorism, but yet she favours self determination. In other words a separate Eelam. Why ?

Perhaps, the answer is in their hope to annex a future Tamil Eelam in a broken away Sri Lanka to accommodate 80 million Tamils, including the more than 10 million of the Tamil diaspora to establish an Israel Style , Tamil Nation State. It could be dismissed as a mere conjecture, but there is food for thought.

That could very well be a brain child of Pazha Nedumaran. The Federal Model Indian Constitution would make it easy for different Indian States to break away from the Centre.

Perhaps the Indian National Security Adviser M.K.Narayanan is wise to the plan, and tries to avoid an eventual break up of Great India, or he is a party to the idea of a Eelam State Nation.

But the only way to end such South Indian political manoeuvres would be for the Central Government to be strong without giving into them, and help the Government of Sri Lanka to end forever the menace of terrorism from its soil. An independent peaceful and a prosperous Sri Lanka as its neighbour India may diminish the probability of break away of recalcitrant States.

If the South Indian MPs resign, the Central Government should put in place a " military government" in South India. There is nothing new in Kanimoshi's resignation, as her love affair with the Sri Lanka terrorists is legendary !

In the present situation in Sri Lanka , if Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa, and Vaiko, have no other ulterior motive, they should then help the Tamil civilian population in Kilinochchi, by directly contacting the terrorists, to ask them to surrender to the Government army, to save their own lives, that of their rank and file , and the poor civilians kept by them as human shields.

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