Open letter to UN

Ben Silva UK

I am referring to comments made by Ms Arbour, which appeared in a pro LTTE website, Tamilnet (15 - 01 -2008), as ‘ Arbour: SL rights abuse risk war crimes charges, ‘

Sri Lanka had been haemorrhaging at the hands of the Tamil Tiger terrorists since 1975, and no one cared. The UN did not take any pragmatic measures against the LTTE terrorists The Sinhalese have been ethnically cleansed [10] from their home land, their irrigation system destroyed, over centuries, and no one cared. Recently, LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing [10] of Sinhalese and Muslims [11] and still the UN did absolutely nothing.

Is Ms Arbour so naive that she is unaware that LTTE is the deadliest terrorist group in the world. Is she unaware that LTTE perfected the use of suicide bombers; invented the suicide belt; pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks; murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone; and assassinated two world leaders—the only terrorist organization to do [4]. Ms Arbour appears to be unaware that , the Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world [4].

Many think Ms Arbour is more of a defender of terrorist rights than a defender of human rights. Just as Prof. Meadows misled courts [6] Ms Arbour misled UN.

Now when the GoSL is acting within its legal rights, to defend itself against terrorism, UN is making noise, sympathetic to terrorists. Ms Arbour should know that USA invasion of Iraq resulted in over 100000 civilian deaths. Did she threaten USA with a war crimes threat ? Did she threaten Sri Lanka, because Sri Lanka is an easy target. I salute and respect USA for going after terrorists. Let Sri Lanka do the same. No offence is intended against USA.

As the Tamilnet indicated (14-01-08), White Pigeon, a suspected front for LTTE has admitted links with UNICEF, an arm of UN. There is informal information flow between LTTE fronts to UN, feeding the UN with biased information. There are more evidence of support of UN to terrorists, as the recent eviction of UN officials from Afghanistan indicated. Ms Arbour has been fooled by LTTE.

What is needed now is an investigation into the corruption and bias of UN. Further the allegation that Norway supported LTTE also needs investigation. Many feel that UN, AI and HRW have ganged up against Sri Lanka, and this too needs investigation, before any false accusations are made against Sri Lanka. If threats are made against Sri Lanka, and no such threats are made against USA, when the number of civilian deaths is far in excess of 1000,000, then it is clearly a case of victimisation and the world need to know. I am not blaming USA, I would like the rights given to USA to defend itself, be given to Sri Lanka as well.

Clearly UN is utterly incompetent that it unable to distinguish the terrorist aggressor and the victim Sri Lanka. The prejudice of Loise Arbour, with her remarks is an obvious indication of her prejudice against Sri Lanka. Her competency is questionable and many suspect her judgement, as indicated by many articles, questioning her view.

Louise Arbour, because of her prejudice, should not get involved with Sri Lanka at all. In fact Louise Arbour’s competency remind me of the competency of Prof. Meadows. The deception of victims of the Irish International University scam [7], reminds me` of the way some officials of UN such as Ms Arbour has been fooled.

Intense campaigning by AI and HRW [2], previous ‘cricket ball’ campaign by AI , reports by HRW and numerous visits by various experts such as Mr Allan Rock and Ms Louse Arbour, within a short span of time indicate bulling and harassment of Sri Lanka. UN and Human right organisations do not understand the true situation in Sri Lanka at all. Sri Lanka is the victim of globally funded Tamil terrorism. These organisation keep harassing the victim Sri Lanka, while doing nothing to stop the aggressor. The injustice faced by Sri Lanka is similar to the situation Prof Meadows created.

It can be said that, If you work against those who are trying to hunt, capture or kill terrorists, you are a terrorist or a terrorist supporter. Being a terrorist supporter endangers the lives of innocent civilians.

The constant push and thrust against Sri Lanka, gives the impression that Sri Lanka has been raped by LTTE, UN and HR officials. It appears that HR officials and UN officials behave like a group of Traffic wardens or Wheel clampers working on a productivity bonus scheme. They appear to harass and hound Sri Lanka at every possible opportunity, whilst ignoring countries such as Iraq, where the violence and human rights abuses are considerably higher.

These people were hardly interested in human rights, if they were, they would have taken steps to curtail human rights violations by terrorists. Instead, they were displaying their ‘power’ in thrusts in a manner similar to a rapist.

Terrorism cannot be defeated with words. Terrorists carry on their deadly activities in an ever expanding manner, unless they are stopped. Lenient approach towards terrorism never helps (Subramaniyamswamy, Janatha Party Leader, India ). The Sri Lankan security forces have to risk their life on a daily basis, facing potential suicide bombers, to protect the civilians. This is a contrast to terrorist supporting UN officials and HR organizations, who work in comfortable offices and have luxurious holidays in Sri Lanka [1].

Every human should know what is right and what is wrong and should do the right thing. Unfortunately, some UN officials and some HR officials are not capable of distinguishing between what is wrong and what is right. Fortunately, many Tamils, our peace loving brothers and sisters are fully capable of distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. I have to point out that a civilized Sinhalese persons would never do any harm to an innocent peace loving Tamil person, or for that matter any other person.

UN and HR organisations have ganged up against Sri Lanka, behave in a vindictive manner, and appear to any one that they want to take revenge. Their morality appear to be in par with that of the US army reservist Lynndie England.

Their expertise appear to be similar to that of Professor Meadows. Their attitude to human rights and the bulling tactics they used, may have even made Hitler blush, if he was alive. In fact, those in UN and in HR organisations that have initiated this Gang rape ought to reconsider their positions in the respective organisations.

It has been observed that UN, HR organisations have carried out a non stop malicious campaign against Sri Lanka, including the infamous ‘cricket ball’ campaign against Sri Lanka. It appears that they have carried out an intense 'press' and 'push' thrust of a rapist against the innocent victim Sri Lanka. Not only Sri Lanka, had to bear the pain of rape of Sri Lanka by LTTE, she had to bear the pain of 'push' ‘thrust’ of UN officials and HR organisations as well.

With the level of corruption in UN, with the expertise in lies, deception and fraud of LTTE, considering the profits they make, absolutely any thing is possible.

If UN or HR organisations were genuinely interested in Human rights, they would have investigated funding, bogus refugee scams and arms trafficking, instead of hounding Sri Lanka. My opinion is that the overpaid, power hungry UN officials were more keen on bullying and intimidating Sri Lanka. UN and HR organisations failed to realise that the Sinhalese have been ethnically cleansed over a period of centuries and driven away from their homeland. UN and HR organisations have failed to realise tat the poor Sinhalese masses have faced hardship, lack of opportunities and discrimination for centuries.

UN has so far failed to identify the root cause of the problem.. In Sri Lanka, LTTE is trying to create a racist Tamil empire and Sri Lanka is trying to survive. UN is harassing the victim Sri Lanka and is taking no practical measures, such as stopping the funding of terrorists. Terrorism cannot be defeated by words. There is a need to use, pragmatic measures, unfortunately hurtful, to defeat terrorism. Remember nuclear bombs and fire bombing, awesome bombing, have been used in the past. It was rather sad, but was unfortunately needed to drop nuclear bombs in Japan to stop the war. Hitler did not stop his war, until he was militarily defeated.

UN and HR organisations have carried on, bullying Sri Lanka, as if they are above the law and as if they are the sole custodians of Human rights. The corruption and high handed nature of UN officials are well documented

UN and HR reports are biased in favour of LTTE, anti Sri Lanka and is not worth the piece of paper the reports are written on.

UN and HR organisations must stop constant harassment, thrust and push of sri Lanka, malicious campaign against Sri Lanka, bullying of Sri Lanka. They should take practical measures to stop terrorism, such as stopping the funding of terrorists and find means of compensating the victims.

They also need to identify and eliminate LTTE agents, moles and sympathisers in their organisations.

All the world leaders, need to be informed of the truth, the bias of UN against Sri Lanka, and the pro terrorist sympathies of UN..

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