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The news item, NGO consortium defends INGOs, calls for accountability and transparency in the Island newspaper dated Monday the 21st., January is a clear metaphor of the organized manipulations of the "vested interests" that are the forces which are still keen to challenge the sincere engagement of the Government, which is striving hard to save the nation from undesirable instigators of VIOLENCE in Sri Lanka who use "emergency aid, relief and humanitarian assistance" as a disguise to channel funds to extremist elements to promote the disruption of "REAL PEACE" in Sri Lanka.These foreign INGO's have never been sincere in their humanitarian endeavours in Sri Lanka, specially the Save the Children in Sri Lanka (SCSL).

The first engagement of SCSL was in the 1969/1970 as "Redd Barna" headed by Mr. Norwegian Lutheran priest who later became a diplomat and the Norwegian Ambassador to Sri Lankan, to set up a mother and childcare clinic in a village called - Thoppakkadu in Karainagar. History has many hidden stories to tell of the actions of the so-called INGOS who threw a few hundred dollars to the poor suffering natives of the North and East and used their misery for these high flying NGO personnel/officials to lead exorbitant lavish lives in Colombo running in Pajero's and spend holidays, most of the time, under country visits to South Asian holiday resorts many times a year, paid by the sincere donations of a penny by a kid or a few dollars by an elderly donor who trusted these INGOS that the money they donated will reach the needy poor who the INGOS screen in the TV documentaries that they broadcasted in the TV networks all over Europe to collect funds.

These TV documentaries raked in millions of dollars in donation and also induced Government Institutions in the West, G8, European, North American and Scandinavian countries to donate "matching funds" that doubled the funds collected. The agony of the Tamil speaking people of the North, North Eastern and Eastern provinces whose communities were butchered by the civil war and the agony of the families, kith & kin and wives and children of the security forces who lost their main bread winners, just for waging a so-called "war for peace" which has made Sri Lanka loose nearly 80,000 youthful lives of all 3 communities, majority Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims.

Our deaths and our misery was their way of living in exorbitance, living on the donation collected under false pretence to help - "we the needy and vulnerable" in Sri Lanka. The ruse they used was - as so-called advisers, facilitators, Monitoring Mission Officials, Aid Experts, Project Management teams, Delegates and Resident Country Representatives. The deaths of all these civil war victims have to be answered by these elements in time to come.

On the other hand, the aftermath of the Tsunami has clearly proved beyond doubt that millions of dollars have been spirited by INGO's that were donated to the poor tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. The Red Cross has still to account for nearly 450 million dollars of funds that were entrusted to it in the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami to be given to Sri Lankan victims. "Where is the money' is a TV documentary which was produced and broadcasted, that tells the agonizing story of the Tsunami victims in Indonesia-Aceh, India, Maldives, Thailand and Sri Lanka who are asking the question 'Where is the money". 3 long years have passed, and they still live in shanties and sheds when all these monies were donated to these INGOS to build shelters/houses to the victims who lost their houses.

It is now very clear that the democratic tool of Civil Society action is again used at the instigation of these guilty international NGO's, INGO's, UNICEF and Save the Children in Sri Lanka (SCSL) to defend the true violators of democracy in a country striving for Peace and Harmony and Co-existence as we did hundreds of years ago in history.

The Government of Sri Lanka should take very careful note of this development and set-in-motion a police or Department of External Resources inquiry to find out:

1.Who wrote this "news item/press release"

2. Request all the NGOS who have signed this press item to publicly declare their full statement of accounts and details audited annual reports by way of a press advertisement or release.

The statement of accounts should give details of all funds received by these 12 organizations/NGO's and the disbursements of the funds, itemized.The statement of accounts should also give state the amounts of monies paid to local and foreign staff (if any), consultants with good accounting details of how much was paid and how it was paid.
List of NGO's

Association of War Affected Women, Centre for Human Rights and Development, Centre for Policy Alternatives, Equal Ground, Sri Lanka, Free Media Movement, INFORM, International Centre for Ethnic Studies – Colombo, International Movement Against Discrimination and Racism, Law & Society Trust, Mothers and Daughters of Lanka, Muslim Information Centre - Sri Lanka, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Rights Now Collective for Democracy.

This will reveal the true face of these "foxes in sheep skin" who are fleecing the compassionate and loving donors of the West and who are trying to hoodwink the Government authorities of the nation of Sri Lanka which is striving for a Peaceful resolution to the ongoing ethnic conflict by misguiding our own NGO's and it's officials.

The democratic press in Sri Lanka and the soldiers of the press (our journalists) who are members of the Free Media Movement should take a back step from these activities and take a breath of fresh air to make sure that they are not part of a conspiracy to "stab the back" of a Nation, because they have been mesmerized by the preaching of "Press Freedom or Freedom of Expression" that these conspirators have brilliantly used to get our young citizens to do the dirty job for these vultures.

They succeeded pitching the Tamils and the Sinhalese into an ethnic war which has lasted 30 years resulting in the minority Tamil speaking communities untold trauma, agony and human misery.
Please allow the flame to die as it is for a PEACEFUL RESOLUTION of the issues with HONOUR and not allow these parasites to cling on and live on our misery for a few dollars gain.

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