Hypocrisy is India's second name

By Charles.S.Perera

Great India has been humbled by a murderous terrorist Prabhakaran. Despite India's young promising Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi was un-respectfully blown to pieces at the instigation of Praphakaran in Tamil Nadu, Central Government of India cowardly gives into manipulation by Karunanidhi who is evidently a proxi to LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka.

DMK in constant contact with Sri Lanka taking information and instructions from the Sri Lanka terrorist proxy Party TNA, Karunanidhi has become a proxy to the terrorist Prabhakaran.

Karunanidhi has no reliable information to understand the ground situation in Sri Lanka. As Karunanidhi is bound by mysterious ties to Sri Lanka terrorists,( with her daughter's special terrorist leanings ) his informants are definitely the terrorists with Sambanathan of the Sri Lanka and other TNA MPs as the go between. Therefore, Tamil Nadu politicians are seeking to protect the terrorist Prabhakaran and his cohorts, on the pretext of supporting the Tamil civil population in Kilinochchi.

Whatever are the diplomatic Channels of contact, India was never a "friend" of Sri Lanka. India messed up with Sri Lanka in 1987 when the Government forces had almost brought terrorism to its knees, by its "parippu" intervention. Thereafter, India joined with the International Community to demand in chorus "both sides" in the Sri Lanka conflict should negotiate for a peace settlement.

India if it was more friendly with Sri Lanka, should have had the courage to tell the International Community, that the call for negotiations with the terrorists is futile as the Sri Lanka Terrorists, do not want to negotiate as they want to set up an Eelam State at any cost.

Even when India agreed to send the IPKF, it forced the government to agree to adopt the clause 13 of the constitution, and join North and East to one Province.

India is, and had always been a hypocrite neighbour of Sri Lanka, with expansionist intensions. In numerous occasions when Sri Lanka sought aid to help the Government Forces, India turned its back. Once when 40,000 soldiers of the Government Forces were stranded in Jaffna without transport facilities, Indian Government refused to help. It was Pakistan that helped Sri Lanka out of that dangerous situation where thousands of our soldiers would have been massacred by the terrorists.

Again when the terrorists had held the Government Forces in siege having come within a mile from the Jaffna Town, the request made to India by the Sri Lanka Government to provide arms and artillery was refused, and it was again Pakistan that came to save the Government Forces .

The Indian Government even tried to stop the Sri Lanka Government from the purchase of defensive military equipment from China and Russia, and now we see this " big brother" of Asia, shamelessly giving into Tamil Nadu State to defend the terrorists. It was not long ago that India stated speaking from World Forums that it is ready to fight terrorism without giving in to them. But behind the mantle of International publicity India displays its hypocrisy.

It was on 19 July,2005 the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress :

"As democracies, we must work together to create a world in which democracies can flourish. This is particularly important because we are today faced with new threats, such as global terrorism, to which democracies are particularly vulnerable," Singh said.

Singh said that terrorists exploit the inherent openness of democratic societies in an attempt to destroy their freedoms, and he dismissed the notion that there can be any legitimate justification for these acts.

"We know that those who resort to terror often cloak it in the garb of real or imaginary grievances," he said. "We must categorically affirm that no grievance can justify resort and recourse to terror."

Three years after that Manmohan Singh could not have changed his mind to have different views. If he has, he is a two tongued orator, who cannot be trusted.


MR. V.K. Nambiar, ,Permanent Representative of India to UN speaking at the UN Security Council on 4 March, 2004, said :

"……India's exposure to the ravages of terrorism for over two decades and the loss of

thousands of lives has only strengthened our resolve to fight this global menace. In the

period following the attacks of 11 September 2001, the international community has

been galvanised to act individually and collectively against the threat of international

terrorism….." "……..In our statement at the Security Council on 18 January 2002, soon after the adoption of Resolution 1373, India had made the following recommendations to the

Counter-Terrorism Committee:

• That its focus should extend to groups that are known to perpetrate terrorism;

• It should be pro-active in seeking views, in particular, from States affected by

terrorist acts;

• It should not be leave unchallenged or unaddressed claims of moral, political and

diplomatic support for terrorism, which were clearly in contravention of

Resolution 1373; and

• It should institute more effective measures to deny safe haven to terrorists and

to seek their extradition.

Undoubtedly, a lot has been achieved over the past two years. However,

continuing acts of terror in different parts of the world by the Al-Qaeda/Taliban, their

sympathisers, or groups with similar propensity to achieve their questionable objectives,

illustrate the continued vulnerability of the international community in this regard……."

And again:

India's position on Cross Border Terrorism

India has suffered for the past nearly two decades from terrorism in Punjab, in Jammu and Kashmir and in other parts of India. Countless innocent lives have been lost to the terrorist's bombs and guns.

India has consistently been highlighting the need for a unified international response to transnational and trans border terrorism which is today affecting many number of countries and challenging established societies and governments. The links between terrorists groups operating in India and other countries are quite clear today and the role that Pakistan has played in allowing this scourge to spread has also been amply documented.

India has sought to emphasize at international fora that terrorism is a global menace to which democracies are particularly vulnerable. India has called for concerted global action to counter terrorism and to ensure the enactment of measures such as sanctions against states responsible for sponsoring terrorist acts across international borders. The Government of India has actively supported the 1994 declaration adopted by the UN General Assembly on measures to eliminate international terrorism and the 1997 International Convention to Suppress Terrorist Bombings adopted by the UN General Assembly. India has also actively associated with resolutions in the United Nations Human Rights Commission condemning terrorism as a prime violator of human rights.

The spate of terrorist attacks in different countries, irrespective of their forms of government, and the resulting causalities of innocent civilians lend greater urgency to the need for the international community to unite and fight the threat from international and trans border terrorism and to censure those states that give arms and financial support and sanctuary to terrorists.


And again:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in New Delhi.

``Violence seems to be permeating across the length and breadth of our country,'' Singh said at the meeting of the National Integration Council. ``There is terrorist violence, left-wing extremism and communal violence. There will be no compromise on terrorism and it has to be dealt with firmly.''

Yet again:

Addressing the 15th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit in Colombo, Manmohan Singh said the world cannot afford to lose the battle against terror.

"Terrorism continues to rear its ugly head in our midst," he said in his speech. "It remains the single biggest threat to our stability... We cannot afford to lose the battle against the ideology of hatred… and against all those who seek to destroy our social and societal (values)."

"Terrorists know no borders," the prime minister said, adding that the July 7 suicide bombing at the Indian embassy in Kabul and the later serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmedabad cities were "gruesome reminders of the barbarity" terrorism was capable of unleashing.

At least 50 people were killed in the Kabul attack, for which India blamed the Pakistani intelligence. The serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmedabad killed another 50 people.

He said countries needed to act with determination to "fight this curse. We must defend the values of pluralism, peaceful co-existence and the rule of law". (Hindustan Times)

That was what India told the world to hear:

But for India they were mere words. Hypocrisy is India's second name:

India's Constitution which in some quarters in Sri Lanka is quoted as a model Constitution suitable for Sri Lanka, now shows its weaknesses. It has failed to make India a Unitary State able to speak in one voice. South India may try its validity by breaking away on the Sri Lanka terrorist issue.

But fortunately for, India the DMK big voices are inveterate noise makers, without knowing exactly where they are being lead to. In that dilemma they look up to Sri Lanka terrorist leader Prabhakaran, for Leadership.

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