To Bless the Soldiers the Temple Bells should toll every day until Kilinochchi is taken.

By Charles.S. Perera

Our soldiers are at the front gate of the « tiger den » in Kilinochchi, for a battle they have to win, and for which no one knows how many lives have to be sacrificed. It would be most appropriate, to bless our soldiers when they face the dangers of a battle , to keep this motherland- sanctified by five visits of the Buddha, from being desecrated by a group of ruthless terrorists.

I implore the JHU and the Buddhist Associations to explore the possibility of holding "Bodhi Puja" in all Buddhist temples in the Island on a selected day , at a selected time, to bless our heroes the Soldiers, who are risking their lives, in rain and sun shine , without a moment to relax, and perhaps without even a proper meal a day. They are facing the most cruel "yakshas" whose blood thirst never seem to end.

We must make the Soldiers know, that we have not forgotten them in these moments of danger, where the risk is too great. We should do some thing to make them know that they are with us in our thoughts, and that we pray for their success and safety.

Please arrange to have the temple bells in all Temples to toll for one or two minutes every day at a selected time, until Kilinochchi is taken from the terrorist control and the civilians are freed from their clutches.

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