Possible Liberal Leadership candidate

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

October 25, 2008

Hon. Bob Rae, P.C., O.C., QC., L.L.D., MP
Liberal Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre
House of Commons

Dear Bob:

Now that you have been re-elected to sit in the House, the public sounding board resonates that come Spring you will be seeking election to be the next Leader of the Liberal Party. So, no doubt, this will be the time when you will polish your dancing shoes, clean the two silk handkerchiefs to wave while doing Tamil Bhangra jig around the Tamils in the GTA ridings to impress them to get their votes. Well… why not, when your Liberal colleague Jim Karygiannis. MP. for Scarborough-Agincourt, has his hypnotic-mantra to win the hearts and minds of his riding Tamils by going bare-bodied with three horizontal strokes of ash on his forehead to Tamil celebrations. Such clowning by Liberal politicians wouldn’t surprise me one bit when they are after the 100,000 Tamil votes for their party.

I recall that at the last Liberal leadership convention, one GTA riding sent 11 Tamil representatives out of the nominated 12. So my assumption is that all the leadership candidates will be whoring themselves to win the Tamil votes at the convention, and these Tamil votes will have a string attached to it with a slip of paper at its tip saying – “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours as long as you are willing to speak out for my racist, mono-ethnic, separatist Tamil State, Eelam.”.

Bob, permit me to let you into a small secret of mine. I have been following your impressive political career since the late 70s when you were the Finance critic for the NDP in the House, to the point that I used to vote Liberal (not anymore) at the Federal elections and NDP at the Provincial elections (not anymore). You commanded that much of respect from me. And then you made several visits to Sri Lanka under the auspices of the ‘Forum of Federations’ to let the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka know the virtues of federalism. And you soon gathered that Federalism was a “F-word” in the Tamil Tiger terrorist lexicon and you were booed to silence in your own territory in Toronto by the proxy-Tamil Tiger newcomers at one of the public meetings when you were about to speak on Sri Lanka’s present political situation. And, I know, you were shaken in your boots as there wasn’t a single incident in your political career which spanned three decades where you were silenced by hooligan heckling. Well… it weren’t the Sinhalese-Canadians who did it to you; it was the brazen Tamils. Don’t you ever forget it!

And then came the thud crashing on me, to suspect you as a political chameleon when you acted shamelessly, worse than a Tijuana table dancing whore, when you put out a ‘Statement On the Situation in Sri Lanka’ during your political campaign to win your seat by winning the Tamil votes. I asked in a letter to you, “What the heck has Sri Lanka got to do with the Liberals getting elected in Canada Let’s cut that BS out, Bob.” That was a shameless pursuit on your part and the very little respect that I had for you, you flushed it down the gutter. That is a reality check for you Bob, from a Canadian voter.

I will be watching your campaign with a hawk’s eye, to see whether you will do your little Bhangra jig around the Tamils to get elected as the Leader of the Liberal Party by thrashing the Sri Lankan Government. You might as well accept that the Sri Lankan Government will not turn back from fighting terrorism just because a Canadian Liberal politician spoke.

Bob, the bottom line is, keep your nose out of Sri Lankan politics as you have no business there, especially as a Liberal who did not ban the Tamil Tigers, and let the Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars a month for a long 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war-chest to help them keep killing innocent Sinhalese and Muslims in the thousands, and hemorrhaging that lovely little democratic island nation.

Just keep your nose out of Sri Lanka.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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