Has Robert O'Blake, joined Norway for rabble rousing against Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu ?

By Charles.S.Perera

Robert O'Blake posted as the Ambassador of USA in Sri Lanka, has no diplomatic right to make adverse remarks on the Government of Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu. In doing so he is abusing his diplomatic representation in Sri Lanka to rouse Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka. He is either frightened to speak the truth in Madras or he is seeking cheap popularity as an American, or he is doing it deliberately to serve another "agenda".

Blake had been interfering too often into the Affairs of Sri Lanka, and this statement he made at the University of Madras, in India is definitely not called for. I hope the Government of Sri Lanka will at least warn him against making further remarks on the political situation in Sri Lanka.

His statement, that he rejects the view of President Mahinda Rajapakse of going for a political solution after defeating the LTTE militarily, is obviously to bring the audience on to his side, but in doing so he has breached a diplomatic etiquette. His serving in Sri Lanka as a diplomat for a fairly long time does not give him any in sight into the political thinking of the political leaders of Sri Lanka. Bush Administration he represents in Sri Lanka, has messed up lot of things in the USA. Therefore, Blake that represents Bush Administration has no lesson to give to Sri Lanka.

In a country that is still not free from cowardly terrorist assassinations, and murders all over Sri Lanka, the government cannot possibly ask the perpetrators of these crimes to come to negotiate for a political settlement. It is like asking USA to invite Bin Laden to be present as the Chief Guest at a Ceremony to Remember the Victims of September 11, twin tower massacre. It would be more appropriate for O'Blake, to leave out talking about Sri Lanka's terrorist problem, in Sri Lanka or outside.

USA did pretty much of talking through out the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, and did nothing practical to stop the massacres. O'Blakes presence in Madras just now is questionable, special when it has been said that Norwegians are financially supporting the Tamil Nadu Politicians to make mass manifestations against the Government of Sri Lanka. Norwegians having had failed in their mission to help the Sri Lanka terrorist to set up their Eelam State seem to be active in Tamil Nadu.

Norway which failed in peace mission every where they tried to intervene, are trying to create a break away movements in India. Unless India moves into quell the situation in Tamil Nadu, it will soon have a situation similar to Sri Lanka.

The Government Forces in Sri Lanka is successfully carrying out defensive military action against terrorism, which American Bush Administration failed to do in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Blake is trying to cover up American failure by trying to give uncalled for advise to Sri Lanka.

Any political solution has to come after the war against terrorism in Sri Lanka. We see the difficulty in trying to organise the east on democratic principles, due to infiltration of the terrorists in to east, and the difficulty of the people to adopt themselves to democracy. The politicians are still not settled and peace and calm which is much necessary for accepting democratic formula in war torn areas. Democracy has still not found a fertile situation in the east just out of terrorism.

APRC cannot come with workable political solutions in to a country which is still in the throes of terrorism. One problem has to be solved, before finding solution to the other. Otherwise nothing will be done well. Therefore, the foreigners in Sri Lanka should leave political solution to the problems of the country in the hands of the Sri Lanka politicians, and mind their own business for which they have been posted here.

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