Tamil Tiger Terrorist Leader’s Speech Unplugged in Toronto

SRI LANKA UNITED NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANADA Box 55292, 300 Borough Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 4Z7 Canada

The Tamil Tiger Terrorist front organizations’ well kept secret of the special location where the faithful cadres and the intimidated Diaspora sheep had been herded to listen to the Mass Murderer cum Birthday Boy wanted by INTERPOL, Velupillai Prabhakaran, the Tiger Supremo and Sun God’s (Surya Thevan) annual gripe and threats against those standing in the way of his mythical Tamil Eelam/Eezham Empire, had somehow leaked to the Canadian authorities prior to the first light of dawn from the Rising Sun’s rays as the world turned to welcome the 27th day of November. Almost 2000 people had gathered at the Pearson Convention Centre located at 2638 Steeles Avenue East in the City of Brampton in the suburbs of Toronto, to hear the broadcast of the Tiger God’s Thunder over the satellite link on a giant video screen scheduled to be aired at 7.10 a.m. To everybody’s surprise and disappointment, the Canadian Intelligence Services had become aware, and lo and behold, the lights went out pulling the plug on the Tiger Chief’s speech, forcing the snarling tigers to make a quick get-away to their lairs in Scarborough and other Tiger infested spots.

Large posters carrying pictures of the terror leader which had been put up on store fronts of Tamil businesses in Toronto announcing the event, only listed two locations, one in Toronto and one in Montreal, but had carefully omitted the main event on November 27th to be held in Brampton. The stores had been ordered to be shut to honour the megalomaniacal Tiger leader living in a hole in the jungles of the Vanni in the Mullaitivu district of Sri Lanka, to enable the members of the Diaspora to pay their respects to the misguided and brainwashed Tamil youth who had been driven to blow themselves up as human bombs to create as much death and destruction, who were being worshipped as “Heroes”, giving a terribly wrong message to the Tamil youth and the world.

These shopkeepers who are open on all seven days of the week, who do not put their shutters up even on their own birthdays, are obviously being compelled by the Toronto Tiger Mafia to fall in line or face dire consequences.

“UK based LTTE fronts have claimed in anticipation of the coming 'suicide bombers day' celebrations planned in London on November 27 that 378 young men and women have died so far as suicide bombers in their unsuccessful attempt to create a separate state carved out of Sri Lanka. Quoting Kilinochchi sources, the LTTE local media said from November 27 1982 to November 20 2008, 274 male and 104 female suicide bombers had blown themselves up for their cause. Former child soldiers abducted from homes, schools, temple festivals and even playgrounds had been brainwashed and trained to become suicide bombers.”

Whilst calling on Canada to immediately take added measures to prevent terrorist movements such as the LTTE from engaging in activities aimed at glorifying terrorism with the intent to generate funds for their violent cause, we take this opportunity to thank the Canadian authorities including the intelligence services for doing the needful on this day.

Yours very truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera

Honorary President

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