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Truth Bias and BBC – S.L. Association South-East.

It is pathetic for the British Broadcasting Corporation, to deny that they are not biased. Please see your Asia web page display:

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Unhappy New Year, - A grim future foretold for Sri Lanka- Ethirajan Anbarasan

Obituary – S P Tamilselvan - Ethirajan Anbarasan

Colonel karuna Speaks - Roland Buerk

Civilians plight - BBC's Ethirajan Anbarasan

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In Pictures – women in conflict - Photos by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai.

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Truth Bias and BBC - By Bernard Gabony BBC News website, South Asia editor

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Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran - The enigma of Prabhakaran - By South Asia analyst Alastair Lawson

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1] A grim future foretold for Sri Lanka- Ethirajan Anbarasan

It is Ethirajan Anbarasan’s [a Tamil] personal view that ‘a grim future foretold for Sri Lanka’. 19 million Sri Lankans are of the view that this will be a very happy year when the gallant armed forces will annihilate the LTTE terrorists and terrorism bringing peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka. .

2] Obituary – S P Tamilselvan - Ethirajan Anbarasan

– An obituary to a murderous terrorist, a non entity to most Sri Lankans. A man not worth a mention and best forgotten like the vermin he is in contact! Where was Ethirajan Anbarasan’s Obituary to the late Mr Lakshman Kadirgammar an intellectual, a great statesman, a distinguished personality and a Sri Lankan Tamil admired, respected and to be remembered by future generations of Sri Lankans.

3] Colonel karuna Speaks - Roland Buerk

We appreciate the fact that karuna saw the errors of his misguided ways and accepted reality and helped the armed forces in whatever way to rid the LTTE terror dogs from the East. However Sri Lankans do not recognise self- proclaimed military titles taken by terrorists. Karuna is welcome to join the democratic process and live in Sri Lanka as any other citizen once he completes his short stay at HM ‘Butlins’ holiday camp in the UK.

4] Civilians plight - BBC's Ethirajan Anbarasan

Again Ethirajan Anbarasan is only worried about the plight of the civilians in the North and East. What of the plight of millions of civilians in the South who have to always live looking over their shoulders hoping that a murderous terrorist will not blow them to pieces without any regard for human life. What of the plight of thousands of Sinhala families whose sole bread winners have been killed battling murderous terrorists.

5] Conflict Stories

Most of these have been taken on hearsay of mainly Tamil individuals.

6] In Pictures – women in conflict - Photos by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Another display of only Tamil women – as can be expected Ms Kanagasabapathipillai is a Tamil and what can Sri Lankans expect.

7] Timeline: Sri lankaR

Quick guide: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located about 31km (18.5 miles) off the southern coast of India. For much of the last 20 years it has suffered fighting between the armed forces of the predominantly Sinhalese government and Tamil Tiger rebels who want an independent homeland in the north and east. Do you call the UK government – ‘predominantly English government’. Do you expect a minority Tamil government, if not it should read that it is democratic sovereign nation. A government elected by the Sri Lankan people. There are no Tamil Tiger rebels, in Sri lanka there are ruthless suicide bombing murderous terrorists waging terrorism demanding an independent mono ethnic homeland in the north and east carving out 1/3 of the land area and 2/3 of the sea coast for less than a million people under the dictatorship of a maniac.

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic country, with a population of 18m [20m]people. It is an ancient centre of Buddhism where app. 74% of the population are Buddhists. "It also has a significant number of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. There are also a number of smaller communities such as the Burghers and the Veddas".[mixing up communities and religions]

The Sri Lankan Tamil community and plantation labour Indian Tamil community are mainly Hindus. The Muslim and Malay communities are Moslems. The Sinhala and Tamil community are equal in number in the Christian faith. The Burghers are mainly Christians. The Veddas, the Borahs, the Colombo chetty [mainly Christian] are smaller communities.

The civil war has killed about 64,000 people, displaced one million and held back the island's growth and economic development.

There is no civil war there is an ethnic conflict fuelled by LTTE terrorists that has held back the island's growth and economic development. If there is a war 52% of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka would not be able live and work among the Sinhala and other communities in the south

The origins of the current violence go back to the island's independence from Britain in 1948. [true] - under the great British policy of divide and rule. Although the years immediately following the end of colonial rule were largely peaceful, from the outset there were tensions between the majority Sinhalese community - who are mostly Buddhist - and the Tamil community who are mostly either Hindu or Roman Catholic. [converted to Catholicism to seek asylum assistance abroad.]

The communities speak different languages - Sinhala and Tamil - and both claim their ancestors were original settlers on the island. Sinhala don’t have to claim. Do the English claim their ancestors were original settlers in the UK! It is obvious that the Tamils migrated from Tamil Nadu, india where 60 million of their kith and kin live. Sinhala don’t have to claim as it quite clear from historical facts that they were the original settlers.

While the island's population enjoys what is arguably the highest per capita standard of living in South Asia, in the years after independence the Tamil community complained of discrimination when it came to getting jobs in the civil service or winning places at universities. The government argued it was redressing the imbalance from colonial times when Sinhalas accused the British of giving preferential treatment to Tamils.

During the British Colonial era the minority Tamil community of less than 3 million had 70% jobs in the civil service and opportunities winning places at universities, enjoying privileges by posturing on all fours. In the years after independence these imbalances were rectified where Tamils had to compete on equal grounds without privileges with 17 million other Sri Lankans. What the call discrimination of ‘rights’ are not rights but privileges they feel they are entitled.

8] Death and martyrdom - By Dumeetha Luthra

Discipline, death and martyrdom

Dumeetha Luthra glorifying the acts of terrorists and terrorism is not acceptable. There is nothing great about someone who is prepared to blow himself to pieces and in the process destroy innocent human beings. These are maniac idiots without any regard for human values in a society. It is a shame for BBC to even allow disdainful articles like this to be published.

9] Tamil Tiger proposals

Why should you still publish these proposals, first published in November 2003. Sri Lankans would never entertain such rabid proposals and they were thrown in the dustbin where it belongs.

10] Timeline: Sri Lanka

The BBC refuses to call LTTE terrorists – "terrorists" and calls them rebels. The same way there is no civil war in Sri lanka. Why is that the BBC calls it a ’civil war’ when it is an ethnic conflict.

11] Truth Bias and BBC - By Bernard Gabony BBC News website, South Asia editor

"A cartoon on our office wall shows the BBC crouching low to paint whitewash on the backside of a tiger, representing of course, Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels". Bernard Gabony the cartoon on your office wall which shows the BBC crouching low to paint whitewash on the backside of a tiger is the truth. An organisation that can’t call a ‘spade a spade’ that gives undue publicity to world renowned, banned terrorists are you not biased.


President Mahinda Rajapakse

This is a must for the democratically elected president representing over 19 million people of a sovereign nation.

How can BBC publish the profile of Prabhakaran – a wanted barbaric murderer hiding in the Wanni jungle. The enigma of Prabhakaran By South Asia analyst Alastair Lawson - "He has a reputation as a fearless and ruthless guerrilla leader, and under his leadership, the LTTE, or Tamil Tigers, have become a highly-disciplined and highly-motivated guerrilla force. His organisation shows no sign of being defeated militarily by the Sri Lankan army, even though it is vastly outnumbered in its struggle for a Tamil homeland".

Like any maniac despot he is ruthless and with a gun in his hand has relentlessly murdered most opponents. A coward who hides under the skirts of women and children using them as human shields, sacrificing the lives of young Tamil youths to satisfy the untenable dream of this sadistic monster.

It is time for the BBC to remove the profile of this maniac murderer. There should remove the link to "Tamilnet" on issues regarding Sri Lanka. Tamilnet is a well known propaganda arm of the LTTE. BBC should show their integrity of world renowned broadcaster by removing muck published on their website, then Sri lankans will be proud to call the BBC truthful and unbiased.

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