After going through the pages of "India's External Intelligence" written by Gen. V. K. Singh, a true face given by an ex stalwart of RAW, the agency appears to be a "Lazy Lizard" which is very much articulate of manipulation, money laundering and its spies always keeping their own interest on the forefront even much superior to the national cause. But when its character is seen since its inception the only art to its credit which stands towering embedded in its personality is the violence in Asia. Every Intelligence Organization of the World has some moral fibers but the RAW universally remains alien to those, for it, killing of innocent civilians is a joyful ride to a Disney Land but with the brave nations this catharsis would be seen as a chapter of shame and cowardice. Today Asia bleeds and the peace is galling at the hands of India which is scrupulously using RAW to satisfy its designs of expansionism & the dream of becoming super power.



The Jain Commission Report for the Indian government has confirmed that the Indian intelligence services Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) has been fomenting violence to destabilize within the domestic polities of the South Asian Countries. When examining the political behaviour of the countries like Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Nepal, Pakistan and other states, it appears to be more militant much violent on the canvas of South Asia.

In the back ground of all the evils the face of the RAW appears like a monster which feeds on to nothing but the human blood. A senior leader of the opposition Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) has alleged the ruling Congress Party that RAW had nurtured the abhorrent Liberation Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) to destabilize Sri Lanka. For nefarious acts the LTTE's were funded and equipped with arms by the government of India, said Venkiah Naidu the former president of the opposition party, in a statement while adding, the Congress Party is totally connected to all the terrorist activities being conducted in and around the sub continent.

Sri Lanka having multi-sectarian population happened to be a peaceful country up to the mid seventies as in and outside it sang the song together with India. But the trouble began in 1977 when Sri Lanka extended arms to host United States and stood against the illogical demand of India to oust all the foreign naval forces from the Indian Ocean. Pakistan has never forgotten its benefactor Sri Lanka who allowed in 1971 war the landing and fuelling facilities to Pakistan. Pakistan herself has been the victim of militancy forged by India & fully understands the role assigned to LTTE by

RAW is to destabilize a peaceful country thus compelling Sri Lanka to bow to the dictates of India. RAW has never left an opportunity to propagate negatively and unfold the friendship knot exists between the two countries i.e. Pak-Sri Lanka brother hood which is much stronger than Himalaya & more sacred than Ganges. The tactics used by India is first to establish a group of terrorists against a country which is funded, supported with arms, trained, dispatched to terrorize the targeted country like the LTTE in Sri Lanka and then compel her to yell for help from India.

Recently the Sri Lankan got outraged at the Indian national security advisor's bluster that for their defence needs they can look only to India and can not go to China, Pakistan or anyone else. And the beauty is the Sri Lanka was not only refrained by India to purchase sophisticated weapons for its safety but also this would remain the prerogative of India to decide what categories of weapons be given to Sri Lanka. It has been learnt through reliable sources that when India tried to sell out its weapons to Sri Lanka to fight back her illegitimate son the "LTTE", simultaneously RAW ferried sophisticated weapons to her brother the "LTTE" to various sanctuaries existed across the border, to gun down the Sri Lankan Army.

Sri Lanka also allowed installation of high powered transmitter by Voice of America (VOA) on its territory, which was resented by India. It also permitted Israel to establish a nominal presence of its intelligence training set up. It was due to such very irritants in the Indo-Sri Lanka relationship that Mrs. Indira Gandhi decided to bring Sri Lanka in to fold of the so called Indira Doctrine (India Doctrine). Kao the chief of the RAW was told by Gandhi to repeat the episode of Bangladesh.

That's how the mother India gave birth to an illegitimate son the "LTTE" exactly on the lines of Mukti Bahini to piecemeal the peace of Sri Lanka. Accordingly for the LTTE, the training camps at places like Gunda & Gorakhpur were set up. Sri Lanka was forced in to Indian power web when Indo - Sri Lanka Accord of 1987 was signed & Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in light of the same landed in Sri Lanka. This Indian adventure killed 60,000 men, women & children of the innocent Sri Lankan and situation prevailing at that time compelled Indian forces to withdraw to her own territory.

The price has been quite high for the Sri Lanka & is still continuing to pay the same for this Indian initiated & RAW inspired polarised conflict. The former Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, J.N.Dixit even accused RAW of having given Rs. Five crore to the LTTE as a token of reward for carrying out subversive activities in Sri Lanka.


The operation conducted on Nov 30, 1988; by RAW in MALDIVES is a role model for the World & especially for the South Asian countries. When the Indian forces got bogged in Sri Lanka, RAW created a ludicrous drama in the Maldives. Terrorists belonging to the RAW - funded Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) staged an attack on Male, which resorted to indiscriminate shooting and took high level government officials as hostages.

The situation forced the President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to shift to a safe place, where he according to the plan of RAW issued urgent appeals for help from India. The Indian Prime Minister reacted promptly and dispatched about 1600 combat troops coupled with Indian Naval Units escorted by fighter aircrafts to conduct the Operation-Cactus, which met success effortlessly.

The whole drama ended with in 24 hours. However, no one at home or abroad was deceived by this RAW engineered drama. What a comedian tragedy it is that India plays with the fate of small nations in the funniest & deceitful manner.


India has been openly meddling in Nepal's internal affairs by contriving internal strife and conflicts through RAW to destabilize the successive legitimate governments & prop up puppet regimes which would be more amenable Indian mechanization. Armed insurrections were sponsored and abetted by RAW and later requests for military assistance to control these were managed through pro-India leaders.

India has been aiding & inciting the Nepalese to collaborate with the Nepali Congress. For this they were supplied arms whenever the king or the Nepalese Government appeared to be drifting away from the Indian dictates & impinging on Indian hegemonic designs in the region. In fact under the garb of democratization process, the Maoists were actively encouraged by the RAW to collect arms to resort to open rebellion against the legitimate Nepalese governments

The contrived rebellions provided India an opportunity to intervene militarily in Nepal, ostensibly to control the insurrections which were the brain child of the RAW. RAW is particularly aiding the people of the Indian-origin who have been made settled in Nepal and recently have acquired the right of citizenship are also being provided arms and ammunition to look after the vested interests of India.

RAW has also infiltrated in the ethnic Nepali refugees who have been extradited by Bhutan and have taken refuge in the eastern part of Nepal. RAW can easily exploit its links with these refugees to create turbulence in Nepal if the situation clashes with the Indian interests. Besides this the total economy of Nepal is being controlled by Indian money lenders, financiers & business tycoons in Nepal.


Sikkim was the most ductile and a doddle for the RAW to swallow. Indira Gandhi annexed the kingdom of Sikkim in mid-1970s to be an integral part of India. The deposed king Chogyal Tenzig Wangehuck was closely followed RAW's agents until he embraced death in 1962.

Bhutan like Nepal & Sikkim is a land - locked country, totally depended on India. RAW has developed links with members of the royal family as well as the top bureaucrats to implements its policies. It has cultivated its agents amongst Nepalese settlers and is in a position to create impediments for the government of Bhutan.

In actual fact, the king of Bhutan has been reduced to the position of merely acquiescing in to India's decision & go by the dictates of the RAW on the international platform.


India has a self assigned role of a policeman of South Asia which keeps dictating to the countries which are considered to be its neighbours. RAW is the main villain which plays the role of a SHYLOCK who asks a piece of heart in lieu of the money it lends to the people of South Asia. RAW draws pleasure in incinerating the living human beings as witnessed the world, the burning of a Samjhota Express having confined the hundreds of people inside the moving train. India you are the mother of RAW THE RASCAL!! ! ! !

Kee meray qatl kay bad us nay jafa se tauba,
Hai us zood pasheman ka pasheman hona


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