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Interactive Baner Advertsiment

A banner which contains a company product description or an advertising prompt could be placed on the Latest News Page or in any other pages in the Lankaweb site. We will be able to provide space immediately above, below or to a side of the main text.

A banner will consist of a graphical element (Company Logo or any promotional element of a maximum of 5K file size, 2 x2 Image size) and contents of text limiting to 25 characters with graphical element in the format of `gif' or `jpg'. The final strip should be around 10K.

These files could be configured by you and E-Mailed to us with graphics as an attachment to :

Each banner will be linked to a HTML page or to your own web site. Contents and graphical elements for the HTML pages could be accommodated on requirements and reservations in making Web Pages.

Banner Advertising charges (Monthly rates) are listed at the bottom of this page

Banner Advertisement Linked to a free Web Page

This service includes: Designing of two HTML pages and setting up of the Web Pages under

Banner Advertising charges are listed below separately (Monthly rate)
Configuration Charges $ 50..........
Additional pages - $30 per page per year
Page update - $ 15 per page
Banner Design -$ 10

A banner advertisement Linked to a Web Site and Web Site Management

The banner file should be same as above. The banner advt. could be linked to the Advertiser's Web Site. Advertisers who do not have Web sites of their own could also set up Web sites on request and provide setting up of Web sites at the Easyspace Server, mirrored on World Wide Web. (For details go to


Full Domain Hosting and Management includes:

1) Your own .com, .net or .org

2) 20MB of web space

3) Domain based e-mails exclusively for you

4) Free web designing of 3 web pages

Domain Hosting as per easyspace charges (Annual charge)
Configuration Charges $ 300..........
Banner Advertising charges are listed below separately
(Monthly rate)
Additional pages - $30 per page
Page update -$ 15 per page
Banner Design -$ 10


Advertising on LankaWeb

Latest News page (60,000 visitors/month) $ 30.00 / month
Classified index page (5000 visitors/month) $ 15.00 / month
Terrorism, Politics and Antenna pages
(3000 visitors/month)
$ 10.00 / month
Any other classified page $ 10.00 /2 months


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