Corruption in UN, corrupted unreliable reports and bullying of Sri Lanka

Ben Silva UK

.There is evidence` of massive corruption in UN. This would mean that UN reports are likely to be corrupted :through one of the following methods:

2.LTTE agents working in the organisations,
3.LTTE agents deliberately targeting UN other organisations with false information,
4.Officials induced by
· gifts
· sex
· drugs
· entertainment or other favours.

Without a shadow of doubt, and with confidence, I feel LTTE have carried out targeting of UN and HR organisations with meticulous planning, the same way they have carried out terrorist attacks, human trafficking, credit card fraud and other illegal operations. For a considerable length of time, LTTE have been creating and building nonexistent grievances on situations that never existed and incidents that never happened.

It would appear that the victim of deception, ie the UN and HR organisations may have been completely unaware that they have been hoodwinked and duped ..It appears that Mr Nowak of UN has investigated allegations and have come to the conclusion that the allegations are true, without hard evidence, but merely on his judgement. What sort of investigation is this to come to conclusions, without hard evidence. To me it looks more like lunacy, very poor standards of investigation or even deliberate purposeful victimisation of Sri Lanka. It must be stressed that accusation does not mean that a particular allegation is true. It is completely wrong for Mr. Nowak to assume the allegations are true.

Did Mr Nowak refer the allegations to Sri Lanka authorities, so that they could have defend themselves or come up with some explanation.

I would like to know what credentials Mr Nowak has in investigating torture, other than torturing Sri Lankans with false allegations. .

It has been observed that UN and HR organisations have been taking turns to have ‘a stab’ ‘ at Sri Lanka, denying freedom, justice and subjecting Sri Lanka to bullying and intimidation. Further peace in Sri Lanka has been denied due to terrorism, that has its roots and fund raising in rich Western Countries, that has nurtured terrorists and bogus refugees. Even to this day, Western countries are turning a blind eye to terrorist events in Western counties.

It could be that gullible, perhaps even prejudiced officials simply believed any canard invented by LTTE agents. Who knows, with the high level of corruption in UN, any thing is possible.

The reason why I feel, the organisations have been targeted is given below.

I browsed through the UNESCO site, and there was this reference to torturing in Sri Lanka, and I read the report. The allegations were just unbelievable. If there was any torture, JVP would know about it and they would have made massive protests. JVP clearly stated that there was no torture in Govt. areas, but they indicated the possibility of torture occurring in LTTE areas. In deed, when the Govt. forces liberated the East, they did find torture chambers in LTTE controlled areas. In the UN report, there was no reference to torture in LTTE areas. The reports mentioned of daily complaints. It then occurred to me that UN has been targeted by LTTE for malicious accusations against Sri Lanka. To me, the whole episode appeared like a typical example of modus operandi of LTTE.

When I read the accusations against Sri Lanka, the case involving Prof. Meadows came to my mind. The expert Prof Meadows, made accusations, based on false assumptions, Prof. Meadows was found to be wrong. In this case, Mr Nowak’s approach is faulty. It would appear that Mr Nowak is as ‘clever’ as Prof Meadows, in making accusations. Should the same fate await Mr Nowak, the ‘expert’ ?.

Looking at the report, although there was mention of credible allegations, there was not a single shred of physical hard evidence linking the allegations. I am asserting that the method used by Mr Nowak is seriously flawed as he had no hard physical evidence linking the allegations. Therefore his conclusions, merely based on judgement are complete and utter garbage. LTTE agents, with their expertise in lies, deception and fraud could have easily made up a canard. It happens very often in educations that if a pupil does not like a teacher, he/she make false and baseless accusations. A teacher could be made guilty, only after thorough investigation and with appropriate evidence. Without single shred of hard physical evidence against Sri Lanka, the accusations are baseless. With the amount of brain washing some of these LTTE members have been subjected, it may be even possible to fabricate evidence. After all, some of these LTTE members have been conditioned with racial hatred and have been conditioned to commit suicide. Even fabricating evidence would have been within their reach, as some of them have been conditioned to blow themselves apart.

My comment on Mr Nowak’s Report appearing on UNESCO website (Appendix D )

If the allegations are not true or not proven, then presentation the report and the profile of the report would have been low. How ever the presentation and the profile is so designed to give the impression that the allegations are true. Many would assume that the allegations are true. This is another example of UN deliberately attempting to discredit Sri Lanka.

With the level of corruption in UN, with the expertise in lies, deception and fraud of LTTE, considering the profits they make, absolutely any thing is possible.

If UN or HR organisations were genuinely interested in Human rights, they would have investigated funding, bogus refugee scams and arms trafficking, instead of hounding Sri Lanka. My opinion is that the overpaid, power hungry UN officials were more keen on bullying and intimidating Sri Lanka.

My belief is that Sri Lanka has been subjected to monumental injustice.
My fear is that UN reports are not worth the paper they are written on.

Did the UN contact Sri Lanka about specific cases of torture so that the allegations could be verified or at least to determine the response of GOSL. ?

UN has so far failed to identify the root cause of the problem.. In Sri Lanka, LTTE is trying to create a racist Tamil empire and Sri Lanka is trying to survive. UN is harassing the victim Sri Lanka and is taking no practical measures, such as stopping the funding of terrorists. Terrorism cannot be defeated by words. Pragmatic measures, unfortunately hurtful need to be used to defeat terrorism. It was rather sad, but was unfortunately needed to drop nuclear bombs in Japan to stop the war. Hitler did not stop his war, until he was militarily defeated.

UN and HR organisations have carried on, bullying Sri Lanka, as if they are above the law and as if they are the sole custodians of Human rights. The corruption and high handed nature of UN officials are well documented.

Even though Iraqi, Yugoslav and Afghan TV/Radio stations were bombed, by hostile forces, UNESCO only condemned Sri Lanka. This again, shows that Sri Lanka has been picked on and victimisation is going on.. Further UN has now, twice requested HR monitors in Sri Lanka and made no such request for monitors in IRAQ where the violence is considerably more. HR abuses in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay are well documented and there is evidence that excessive torture is taking place in IRAQ. Yet UN did not ask for monitors in IRAQ but asked for monitors in Sri Lanka. This is clear evidence of bullying and intimidation and an example of victimisation and bullying. UN officials and HR organisations are creating a poor image of Sri Lanka, so that it becomes an easy target for them to bully Sri Lanka.. I believe Sri Lanka should stand up for the bullies and take appropriate measures to stop bullying.

The experience of Sri Lanka confirms what has been stated by others that UN is an institution mired in corruption, secrecy and venality. [1] with shoddy management practices. In fact if UN was genuinely interested in HR it would have investigated fund raising for terrorism, bogus refugee scams and arms trafficking, as it is terrorism that is causing HR abuse. If UN was genuine it would have taken practical measures to stop fund raising by terrorists. Instead , it allowed its arrogant officials to go on ego trips of bullying Sri Lanka.. This is totally unacceptable conduct of UN.

The report in the web site is published in a manner, accusing Sri Lanka. If the accusations are only allegations, it should not have been published at all. Again UN shows arrogance. Mr Matsuura did something good. If not for his attempt to defend the indefensible, I would never have looked at the UNESCO site.

There is now evidence that UN staffers and associates are not only into drugs and sex, but as the UNESCO incident shows, they are into violence and terrorism as well. Do the UN thugs want to bully Sri Lanka into submission? Before UN worry about Sri Lanka,. they should get their own house in order. The following gives information about UN staffers and associates behaving like thugs, involved in sex, drugs and supporting terrorists. Indeed, in the case of Sri Lanka, they do behave like a group of thugs.

I am backing my case with the following evidence. Please read the articles given below. With such a poor conduct UN or Human rights organisations have no right what so ever to accuse others of Human right violations.

References 14 to 30, given in appendix C, indicate the heavy criticism by the public, of reports issued by HR organisations..


There is evidence of extensive corruption and bad practices in UN. There is also indication that Sri Lanka has been subjected to bulling. Due to high level of corruption and malpractices, UN or HR reports are not worth the paper they are written on. The content of this article need to be brought to the notice of all decision makers in the world.

Ben Silva


Appendix A

UN forces – just a bunch of thugs?

By Mark Steyn

Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 15/02/2005

It's a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog faeces and mix 'em together the result will taste more like the latter than the former. That's the problem with the UN. If you make the free nations and the thug states members of the same club, the danger isn't that they'll meet each other half-way but that the free world winds up going three-quarters, seven-eighths of the way. Thus the Oil-for-Fraud scandal: in the end, Saddam Hussein had a much shrewder understanding of the way the UN works than Bush and Blair did.

And, of course, corrupt organisations rarely stop at just one kind. If you don't want to bulk up your pension by skimming the Oil-for-Food programme, don't worry, whatever your bag, the UN can find somewhere that suits - in West Africa, it's Sex-for-Food, with aid workers demanding sexual services from locals as young as four; in Cambodia, it's drug dealing; in Kenya, it's the refugee extortion racket; in the Balkans, sex slaves.

But you get the general picture: on a UN peace mission, everyone gets his piece. Didier Bourguet, a UN staffer in Congo and the Central African Republic, enjoyed the pleasures of 12-year-old girls, and as a result is now on trial in France. His lawyer has said he was part of a UN paedophile network that transcends national boundaries.

Now how about this? The Third Infantry Division are raping nine-year olds in Ramadi. Ready, set, go! That thundering sound outside your window isn't the new IKEA sale, but the great herd of BBC/CNN/Independent/Guardian/New York Times/Le Monde/Sydney Morning Herald/Irish Times/Cork Examiner reporters stampeding to the Sunni Triangle. Whoa, hold up, lads, it's only hypothetical.

But think about it: the merest glimpse of a freaky West Virginia tramp leading an Abu Ghraib inmate around with girlie knickers on his head was enough to prompt calls for Rumsfeld's resignation, and for Ted Kennedy to charge that Saddam's torture chambers were now open "under new management", and for Robert Fisk to be driven into the kind of orgasmic frenzy unseen since his column on how much he enjoyed being beaten up by an Afghan mob: "Just look at the way US army reservist Lynndie England holds the leash of the naked, bearded Iraqi," wrote Fisk. "No sadistic movie could outdo the damage of this image. In September 2001, the planes smashed into the buildings; today, Lynndie smashes to pieces our entire morality with just one tug on the leash."

Who's straining at the leash here? Down, boy. But, if Lynndie's smashed to pieces our entire morality with just one tug, Bush's Zionist neocons getting it on with Congolese kindergarteners would have the Independent calling for US expulsion from the UN - no, wait, from Planet Earth: slice it off from Maine to Hawaii and use one of those new Euro-Airbuses to drag it out round the back of Uranus.

But systemic UN child sex in at least 50 per cent of their missions? The transnational morality set can barely stifle their yawns. If you're going to rape prepubescent girls, make sure you're wearing a blue helmet.

And at least the Pentagon put a stop to Abu Ghraib. As a UN official in Congo told the Telegraph yesterday: "The crux of the problem is that if the UN gets bolshie with these governments then they stop providing the UN with troops and staff."

And the problem with that is?

In Congo, the UN has now forbidden all contact between its forces and the natives. The rest of the world should be so lucky.

I take it from his use of "bolshie" that the quoted UN wallah is British. If so, that's the system in a nutshell: when a British bigwig is with British forces, he'll enforce British standards; when a British official is holed up with an impeccably "multilateral" force of Uruguayans, Tunisians, etc, he's more circumspect. When in Rome, do as the Visigoths do.

The child sex racket is only the most extreme example of what's wrong with the UN approach to the world. Developed peoples value resilience: when disaster strikes, you bounce back. A hurricane flattens Florida, you patch things up and reopen. As the New Colonial Class, the UN doesn't look at it like that: when disaster strikes, it just proves you and your countrymen are children who need to be taken under the transnational wing.

The folks that have been under the UN wing the longest - indeed, the only ones with their own permanent UN agency and semi-centenarian "refugee camps" - are the most comprehensively wrecked people on the face of the earth: the Palestinians. UN territories like Kosovo are the global equivalent of inner-city council estates with the blue helmets as local enforcers for the absentee slum landlord. By contrast, a couple of years after imperialist warmonger Bush showed up, Afghanistan and Iraq have elections, presidents and prime ministers.

When the tsunami hit, hundreds of thousands of people died within minutes. The Australians and Americans arrived within hours

The UN was unable to get to Banda Aceh within weeks.

Instead, the humanitarian fat cats were back in New York and Geneva holding press conferences warning about post-tsunami health consequences - dysentery, cholera, BSE from water-logged cattle, etc - that, they assured us, would kill as many people as the original disaster. But it never happened, any more than did their predictions of disaster for Iraq ("The head of the World Food Programme has warned that Iraq could spiral into a massive humanitarian disaster") or Afghanistan ("The UN Children's Fund has estimated that as many as 100,000 Afghan children could die of cold, disease and hunger").

It's one thing to invent humanitarian disasters to disparage Bush's unilateralist warmongering, but a month ago the UN was reduced to inventing a humanitarian disaster in order to distract attention from the existing humanitarian disaster it wasn't doing anything about.

All this derives from a UN culture in which the free nations have met the thug states so much more than half way that they now largely share the dictators' view of their peoples - as either helpless children who need every decision made for them, or a bunch of dupes whose national wealth you can reroute to your Swiss bank account, or a never-ending source of fresh meat. Those British officials trying to rationalise Oil-for-Fraud or child sex rings give the game away: it's not just the underage Congolese girls who get corrupted by contact with the UN.

Appendix B

Copy of email to Mr Matsuura

Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, Director General UNESCO ,
7 Place de Fontenoy 75352

Dear Mr Matsuura,

I could say that, If you work against those who are trying to hunt, capture or kill terrorists, you are a terrorist or a terrorist supporter. By condemning GOSL’s action to silence VOT, you have shown that you are a terrorist supporter. By not retracting your condemnation, you have confirmed that you are a terrorist supporter.

Your hollow words indicating that you condemn terrorism means nothing, as terrorists kill people and their actions need to be stopped by practical means and not by words. When you condemned the action by GOSL to silence terrorist propaganda, it implied that you support terrorism. If you merely use words to oppose terrorism, unless you retract your previous statement, you are still a supporter of terrorism. As such, it show that you are vile, cunning person who tried to defend the indefensible. Your deeds and hollow words and support for terrorism show that you have no moral values, no principles nor any integrity.

A person such as you, who support terrorism and then attempt to hide it with hollow words should not be in education.

Your hollow words simply indicate your intention to bluff and hoodwink Sri Lanka.

It is also possible that you may have attempted revenge on GOSL, on a matter related to an employee of UNESCO. E media reports indicate “on the arrest of Rebeca's (UNESCO staffer) son for the usage of illegal drugs while in SL & later Rabecca came to Welikada Police & got released her drug addicted son using the diplomatic immunity available for them “ .

This shows the dubious conduct of UNESCO staff and it is another example of the rotten nature of UNESCO.

It is pathetic that you, highly paid official, (some may even say overpaid ) sitting in your comfortable and safe offices, do not see the suffering caused by terrorism. If you did see, you would not condemn action to silence the terrorists propaganda machine.

Due to your support of terrorism, it is sad that you are still at UNESCO. You should resign as soon as possible or retract your statement. By supporting terrorism, you have brought UNESCO into disrepute and you should not be in UNESCO.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva

Appendix C

UN Stinks of corruption and support for terrorism - Ben Silva

UN is now well associated with corruption and their support for terrorism [1],[3],[4],[5]. UN has degenerated into an institution mired in corruption, secrecy and venality. [1] For example, In Somalia, $369,000 was paid for fuel distribution services a contractor did not provide, and a relief project director pocketed $100,000 of agency money [7].

There are reports of massive corruption in the UN-administered oil-for-food programme in Iraq [2].

It appears than UN has degenerated to a corrupt organisation producing biased, worthless reports.

UN has a reputation for corruption and LTTE is a rich terrorist organisation that has a reputation for offering bribes, known for forgery, fraud and deception. One should be able to put the two together, and should not be surprised if UN reports are biased in favour of LTTE and against Sri Lanka.

The UN overpaid bureaucracy has grown to 50,000 worldwide -- not counting nearly 10,000 consultants [7]. Some of the consultants could possibly be the source where LTTE propaganda appears in UN reports. UN agencies have been caught red handed with ‘combat meals’, possibly to be passed on to terrorists. UN officials have taken part in demonstrations against a democratically elected Government showing definite bias against Sri Lanka. UN officials such as Allan Rock has been discredited due to false allegations made against Sri Lanka. Ms Arbours role in Sri Lanka has been questioned by many and it has been questioned, if she understood the basic role of UN. UN has shoddy management practices and some officials appear to be completely naive about the nature and practices of LTTE.

Their reports are not worth the paper reports are written on due to errors and omissions and bias towards terrorism..

I quote below from an article by Dr Heendeniya, with reference to unethical activities of UNICEF and NGOs [8].

“They used equipment, vehicles and material to serve the LTTE. I left my job at the Red Cross after I exposed a massive racket with connivance of these foreigners to transport drugs, surgical material, urea and bombs using even ambulances. The main conduit was the Killinochchi Red Cross Society. The army commandant of the area showed me thick files of detections when I met him to get an interdicted ambulance released. It had been caught transporting to Colombo a bomb hidden under the floor board with a bogus patient on a saline drip. He summoned the President of the Kilinochchi Red Cross Society who travelled with me and severely warned him: 'I know you. Do not try to put this doctor in trouble'. This army major was later killed. “

UN has not helped Sri Lanka defeat terrorism, but has been very critical of Sri Lanka, when Sri Lanka has taken pragmatic defensive measures against terrorism. Sri Lanka had to fight terrorism funded by racist global Tamils (bogus refugees ), with funds generated in Western countries, almost single handed.

In view of the high level of corruption displayed by NGO’s , the reliability of reports produced by ICG and HRW becomes questionable. and it is not prudent to take decisions on the basis of reports produced by them.

Recent UN involvement in many world affairs indicated that high-level diplomats seem to be confused by current world situations to a great extent.

They seem to be getting false information, possibly via LTTE agents and appear to bully small nations.

Many officials of UN and HR organisations appear to be naive about LTTE activities and modus operandi of LTTE. ie Use murder, lies, disinformation, deception and fraud. .

If the UN or other NGO’s such as HRW keep track of their line of communication and their chain of information flow, then it may be possible to trace the LTTE agent supplying false information to them.

UNICEF, the UN arm dealing with children, has been caught red handed with camouflaged combat meals, without a UN logo. I used to think that UN was against child soldering. It looks like, not only they encourage child soldiering, by ordering combat meals, they even encourage brainwashing of children. This could be inferred, as they condemned the action of GOSL, when GOSL attempted to stop brainwashing of children and others by silencing VOT.

Whilst one arm of UN contemplated providing meals to terrorists, another arm of UN condemned the action of GOSL to silence a terrorist brain washing machine that generated suicide bombers, resulting in the deaths of many civilians.

UNESCO is dealing with education and in education values are important. By defending terrorist brain washing broadcasting, that will lead to many deaths, Koichiro Matsuura, has shown that he has no values, morality or principles and he has brought UN into disrepute. As such it is questionable, if he is a fit person to be the UNESCO Director General, what ever the bogus excuse he may use to justify his statement.

In view of what we have seen with UN agencies and the conduct of some NGO’s in Sri Lanka, I believe that, it is very likely, that the reports produced by UN, ICG, HRW are contaminated with input from LTTE agents, and the reports are not worth the piece of paper, the reports are written on.. World leaders and decision makers need to note my comments.

Terrorism has denied the basic human right of right to life, to many Sri Lankans. Sri Lanka has to battle terrorism, funded by global, racist Tamils, almost single handed.. Organisations such as UN, HRW and ICG have hindered the pragmatic action taken by GOSL by being critical. Their efforts merely provided indirect support to terrorism. It it appears that UNICEF has been contemplating direct support to terrorists. Organisations such as UN, HRW and ICG have done very little to eliminate terrorism in Sri Lanka. But they have produced reports critical of Sri Lanka, which has hindered pragmatic measures taken by Sri Lanka and helped terrorism.

In view of what we have seen with UN agencies and the conduct of some NGO’s in Sri Lanka, I believe that, it is very likely, that the reports produced by UN, ICG, HRW are contaminated with input from LTTE agents, and the reports are not worth the piece of paper, the reports are written on.

We have to bear in mind that t NGO’s need to produce reports to justify their existence and to show that they are doing some work, to their sponsors. It appears that they do not seem to care much about what they write and it appears that the accuracy and reliability of their reports are poor.

It is obvious that the LTTE definitely wants its supporters to creep into Human rights organizations and even UN so that they can continue to pressurise GoSL. This practice has become widespread now. UN and HR officials have been arrogant and conducted themselves in an abusive manner toward Sri Lanka.

In order to gain credibility, UN agencies, NGO’s and HR organisations need to examine their line of communication and information channels and eliminate LTTE agents

Ben Silva

Copy UN



On Ms Arbour





On ICG, HR orgs


















Appendix D

Copy of report appearing on UNESCO website

UN human rights expert reports allegations of torture in Sri Lanka

29 October 2007 – An independent United Nations human rights expert said today that although Sri Lanka has measures in place to prevent torture, the brutal practice is widespread – an accusation disputed by a representative of the country’s Government.

“The high number of indictments for torture filed by the Attorney General’s Office, the number of successful fundamental rights cases decided by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, as well as the high number of complaints that the National Human Rights Commission continues to receive on an almost daily basis indicates that torture is widely practiced in Sri Lanka,” Manfred Nowak told the General Assembly committee dealing with social, humanitarian and cultural issues, known as the Third Committee.

“This practice is prone to become routine in the context of counter-terrorism operations,” Mr. Nowak, the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, added.

Mr. Nowak said that during the course of his visit to the country from 1 to 8 October, he received “numerous consistent and credible allegations” from detainees who reported that they were ill-treated by the police to extract confessions, or to obtain information in relation to other criminal offences. Similar allegations were received with respect to the army.

Also addressing the Committee, Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam of Sri Lanka said that his delegation respectfully differed with regard to the Special Rapporteur’s description of detainees’ conditions in Sri Lankan prisons which Mr. Novak had described as amounting to degrading treatment.

Overcrowding was caused by resource constraints, he said, adding that his country was mindful of its international obligations.

The Special Rapporteur, who works in an unpaid, independent capacity, said that in an effort to criminalize torture and bring perpetrators to justice, the Government enacted the 1994 Torture Act. While the significant number of indictments filed under the Act was encouraging, Mr. Nowak decried the fact that only three people have so far been convicted.

“Given the high standards of proof applied by the Supreme Court in torture related cases, it is regrettable that the facts established do not trigger more convictions by criminal courts,” he stated.

While the Government does not agree that torture is widely practiced, “I’m convinced and I think I have enough evidence for that,” Mr. Nowak told reporters after his address to the committee.

The Sri Lankan Ambassador said he also respectfully differed with regard to the statement about torture being widely practiced in Sri Lanka, and said that statistics had shown torture to be very rare. Nevertheless, he said Sri Lanka would take the Special Rapporteur’s recommendations into account, and welcomed initiatives towards technical assistance, he said.

The Ambassador thanked Mr. Novak for his work, and assured him of Sri Lanka’s commitment to full cooperation with the United Nations and his office and for constructive engagement to take care of all the Special Rapporteur’s recommendations.

Mr. Nowak added that the most serious allegations of human rights violations, including torture, relate to the ongoing conflict between the Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). But he noted that he was not in a position to speak about that since he was not able to visit detention facilities in army camps or those run by the LTTE.

In addition to Sri Lanka, Mr. Nowak has visited Paraguay, Nigeria and Togo in the last year. He is scheduled to visit Indonesia next month and Equatorial Guinea and Iraq early next year.

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