A reply to Gerard Chaliand on his speech on conference in counter-terrorism in Colombo;


Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Whoever invited this man Girard Chaliand to deliver a keynote speech in the conference of counter-terrorism in Colombo should have studied him better before he was invited, if his speech was a surprise to them or otherwise the organizer/s too are traitors of Sri Lanka who planned Chaliand to dishonor Sri Lankan brave forces and its' leadership.

Wonder why the chief organizer could not expel Gerard out of the conference immediately after such a devastating speech in which he condemned the Sri Lankan defense forces severely and praised the world ruthless tigers as heroes or legitimate freedom fighters.

It is high time that Sri Lankan intellectuals draw a line between patriotism and terrorism. If they think that Wanni terrorists are fighting for a justifying cause by killing innocent civilians and clergy in thousands, then they should go and live in those European countries who are willing to give safe heaven to the terrorists. It is definitely a shame that mother Sri Lanka brought these cowards to this world. The people who justify the Wanni terrorism in Sri Lanka should be deported.

Sri Lankan government is so soft on these issues and that has been taken as an advantage by thousands of Human Rights bodies and other organizations to strengthen the terrorists. Gerard Chaliand in his speech compared Wanni Terrorists to the Vietnamese and EPLF from Eritrea and said that Wanni terrorists will be the third winners.

Yes Gerard, they will be the winners in the hell with you! Now will you tell us how much you were paid by the Wanni terrorists? It can be sometimes Norway or some other who paid you, right? Now without trying to be another clown in Sri Lanka you better get lost!

If you compare the Vietnamese to Wanni terrorists, it shows how much you know about the Vietnam War and the ruthless Wanni terrorists.

Never think of coming to Sri Lankan ever again! This is a humble request by a peace loving person.
Our defense forces know what they do and every peace loving Sri Lankan is with them. The world support to irradiate terrorism is also growing and Sri Lankan government shall win over this ruthless terrorism soon.

We do not need any advice from people like you!

Mind you- the Sri Lanka is for all and not just for some race or ethnicity. In that, all Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers, Tamils and others will live and no need of any 'significant autonomy' for any body.

Sri Lanka is a tiny island and everybody can live there peacefully if unintelligent people like you are off!
Sri Lankan government should establish more patriotic measures by enforcing regulations to control these kinds of pro-terrorist activities in the future. Freedom of speech shall be maintained but not for any destruction.

When the average Tamil, Muslim, Sinhalese and others suffer due to the Wanni terrorism the money crazy or fame crazy people like Chaliand and Ranil fuel to the global terrorism. Mr. Chaliand if you are so fond of Wanni terrorists, please take them home with you leaving our peace with us. And please do not forget to take Ranil, Tissa, Mangala, Sripathi, Wickramabahu, Vasudeva, Kumar, Mano and other traitors also with you. Do you need any support for that?

Wanni terrorists will be crushed by Sri Lankan defense forces very soon and you better have one of their favourite capsules with the necklace to save you that day from shame. So get one with you before you leave and that will help you.

May peace be upon with you!
Long live Sri Lanka!

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