Ban Gajan’s Trade and Travel

L. Peiris

TNA MP Gajan Ponnambalam, a stooge elected for white washing the backside of the rabid maniac is there to serve Tamil Elam to the detriment of Sri Lanka. He attended the British Tamil Forum, in Room 4, of the committee corridor in the House of Lords on 25th February 2008.

A man who cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Can any patriotic Sri Lankan utter gibberish like "majority of Tamils were now seeking independence". Of the total Tamil population of 3 million in Sri Lanka 52% live among the 17 million Sinhala majority and other communities in the South. Tamils like Gajan Ponnambalam cannot see beyond their nose, because flaming the fires of ethnic division in Sri Lanka would only create blood baths that people have never witnessed before.

As Lord Brown said "Kosovo is not comparable with Sri Lanka". USA, UK and NATO forces created ‘Kosovo’ to have their satellite state in Europe. But how long are the American, British and others going to keep their forces and pour the vast amounts of money necessary to enforce this separation. Leaders and peoples views change and the present generation will not be there when the final outcomes of this UDI come to roost. Serbia and Serbians will never accept this division and Serbians in Kosovo will never accept Kosovo as a nation. Sri Lankans will never accept an Eelam state on Lankan soil.

Louis Arbour, Radhika Kumaraswamy, John Holmes and others are free to address the human rights issues as long as they realise, and appreciate that the GoSL armed forces are dealing with the most vile, ruthless terrorists in the world led by a barbaric maniac. In addressing a conflict where these terror dogs abduct and force Tamil children to be used as cannon fodder, use men, women and children as human shields it is difficult to avoid civilian casualties. However President Mahinda Rajapakse and the GoSL are quite aware and wary of hidden agendas of INGO’s and NGO’s funded by some foreign establishments.

Gajan Ponnambalam has taken exception about Tamil lodgers in Colombo being herded and dispatched to their home territories, he is of the opinion that Tamils are arrested because they are a Tamil". it is an undeniable fact that in this conflict that has raged for the past 2/3 decades not a single suicide bombing murderer is from the Sinhala, Muslim or other community. Can he, and his fellow stooge TNA MPs assure and guarantee the government that these Tamil lodgers are innocent civilians and that Gajan Ponnambalam and TNA MPs can be held personally liable for any punishment for crime these lodgers may commit. The GoSL has a duty to protect its citizens and it should take any action necessary to do so.

Gajan Ponnambalam has urged the British Government to impose a Trade and Travel ban on Sri Lanka. This coward languishes in luxury, championing his masters "Eelam dreams" in Colombo among the Sinhala people. He has no courage to live in his electorate among the people he claims elected him as their representative. His conscience knows, that he cannot survive outside Colombo without the protection provided by the government. The murderer who holds the strings for this live puppet does not pay for its miserly existence. It is a disgrace that the Sri Lankan taxpayer [76% sinhala] has to contribute to upkeep traitorous imbeciles like Gajan Ponnambalam. Any trade and Travel sanctions on Sri lanka would only add to the hardships and misery already suffered by Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other communities alike.

The GoSL should impose a Travel ban on Traitors like Gajan Ponnambalam whose only trade is advertising and spreading false propaganda for terrorists and terrorism. Has he has not committed enough acts of treason to land him in prison and suffer civic disability for the rest of his miserable life!!!!!!!!!!.

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