Human rights farce enacted by the International Community is to maintain their leadership over the developing countries.

(It is not Surprising that Myanmar refuses foreign aid.)

By Charles.S.Perera

The International Community is not motivated to develop the South. They are a self seeking, selfish group that seeks there own development. They are insincere and their aid for the developing countries is not motivated by any generosity. They play politics with human rights issues, and have no real sympathy for the suffering of the people of the developing countries.

The Myanmar government has understood this mentality of the US and Western Countries, and wants to stop their advent into its territory. The developing countries, nevertheless, have to unfortunately depend on economic and technological wealth of the International Community. But,once they come into a developing country as NGOs with their barrage of pseudo humanitarian programs, they set up camps to destroy, rather than develop the social and cultural wealth of the country. We in Sri Lank have experienced their large heartedness, with their aid after the tsunami hit our Island.

The moneys contributed by the sympathisers of the countries of the International Community, for the countries affected by the tsunami, were not paid to the government, as numerous Organisations that collected the money were not confident that the money collected by them would be put to good use by the respective governments. Therefore, the money so collected was sent to the affected countries through NGOs. That is how the NGOs entered our country. Some of them really helped, while others got involved in other matters which were harmful to the government.

Sri Lanka was then in the throes of armed attacks by the terrorists, who had an upper hand over the Sri Lanka army. They were causing innumerable damage to men and material, and terrorising the people, calling for a separate Eelam State for the Tamils. Some of the NGOs who were allowed to enter the areas under the terrorist control, while helping reconstruction work in the areas, became sympathetic with the cause of the terrorists.

Since then, they were able to influence their own countries, in favour of the cause of the terrorists. The International Community that were thus given a false image of the situation of the terrorists, changed their attitude to the serious situation the Sri Lanka Government was facing, and intervened to demand the government of Sri Lanka to find a political solution to end terrorism, rather than seek a military solution.

The terrorists who are determined to set up a separate Eelam State, are not prepared for any other political solution, and continue their terrorism. The government which failed in its several attempts to negotiate a peace settlement with the terrorists, was forced to retaliate against terrorists attacks, these retaliatory attacks took the dimension of a "war", as the terrorists were well organised, and had prepared themselves, under a cease fire agreement, a military force capable of ground, air or sea battles, along with a special force of suicide bombers.

The International Community, despite evidence of the fact that the terrorists are not ready for any solution other than a military victory over the government forces, keep on calling the government to negotiate a peace settlement with the terrorists. Not stopping at that the International Community, still in sympathy with the terrorist, has used the UN, the Human Right Activists, and the other Organisations to destabilise the government accusing it with violation of human rights.

In fact there is no violation of human rights in Sri Lanka, but the government is only trying its best to stop terrorism to continue in the Country. Human rights of the people are violated by the terrorists, who still control number of areas in the country and the people in those areas are prevented a normal life. This is the only problem with regard to human rights. In this confusion of terrorism and retaliation by the government forces, there are others, who with criminal intent practice abduction, torture, plunder, and murder for high ransom.

The International Community, intent on destabilising Sri Lanka, blames the government for these criminal activities as well, accusing the government of violation of human rights of its people.

The situation created by the International Community is such that government if it is not determined to continue its fight against terrorism single handed, it has to give into the demand of the terrorists, supported by the International Community, to set up a separate Eelam State .

The Government of Sri Lanka which does not want to divide the country, but develop it into a unitary state- a Nation of United Communities, continues its "war " against terrorism supported by a larger majority of the people.

The International Community , apparently still in sympathy with the terrorist, is imposing sanctions on Sri Lanka for the alleged human rights violations, and the United States and the European Union have withheld various aid programs and are debating whether to withdraw special trade benefits from Sri Lanka.

The International Community with its secret agenda, which one could assume, is to stop the progressive development of Sri Lanka , seems to have no sympathy, or understanding of the problems the country is grappling with terrorism. And the proposal to cut off resources, and the threat to withdraw trade benefits, GSP (General System of Preference) and so on will only mean the dissemination of poverty, deprivation and adversity.

In this situation it is not surprising that Myanmar, which is in acute need of foreign aid is not allowing the foreign aid workers into the country. The International Community has nothing to be proud of their wealth and technology, if the masses of people in the world have lost their confidence in the US and the West, and their aid programmes.

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