At last Sri Lanka has a Prime Minister Conveying Straight Talk Message in Israel

By Kithsiri Athulathmudali, Florida, USA

Rathnasir Wickramanayak's visit to Israel is unique not because it was the first Sri Lanka Prime Minister to visit Israel, but to go there and tell the world that a suicide bomber, what ever cause he has, is not a human and has to be eliminated from any society. I feel proud for this statement because I am originally from his area: Pas Yodum Koralaya, which is the Kalutara district. Sri Lanka has not shown any gratitude towards Israel for all the help Israel has given to combat terrorism, not even when late Lalith Athulathmudali was the deputy minister of defense, until now. Early 80s Israel helped to create the military intelligence and was the only country to provide the attack aircraft Khfir and attack speed boat Douvra to combat the Tamil terrorists. After the tsunami, handful of Marakkalyas in the parliament wanted to stop Israeli medical teams coming to help tsunami victims. This was head lines in US at that time. Due to this report, some Jewish international aid groups in US backed off. My question is; how did the braking of diplomatic relations with Israel start in the first case? May be there was opportunistic MPs like; Rauf Hakeem is doing today, did some manipulation to receive money from Arab countries.

Prime Minister Wickramanayake will have first hand information about Palestinians because he can listen to both sides of the story, when he visits PA president Mahmoud Abbas. He has already met with Israeli Prime Minister. He can now distinguish which Palestinian group is willing to create a democratic society and which group is a terrorist group, like the Hammas or Hisbulla. He doesn't have to rely on news media or political advisors. Up to now Sri Lanka did not have first hand information about Muslim extremists, operating in the Arab countries and else where in the world. Some how Prime Minister Wickramanayake did not mention the Palestinian suicide terrorists, such as; Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade. May be his aids and advisors did not do a good job of providing him with required info for the trip.

Of course, Israel violates international laws when attacking terrorists. There are half dozen Palestinians terrorists organizations operate around Israel. These terrorists going on operations carry woman and children in their cars. When Israeli helicopters attack the car carrying the terrorist, the woman and the child in the car gets killed as well. This is a gross violation of international laws. What else can Israel do, let the suicide bomber get away with it and blow up hundreds of civilians? A good topic for the prime Minister to discuss with the Sri Lankan Muslims, when he comes back.

What the Prime Minister did not go far enough or did not know, is the facts that existed during Guthama Buddha's time. Jewthaka Bamuna referred in the Buddhist text is a Jew of middle class or upper class. This is the tribe, Jews refers to as the lost tribe that went up the Himalayas. At least in my opinion, may be naïve, Guthama Buddha's cousin Davidath Thero was a Jew. So what I suggest is when the Prime Minister Wickramanayake come back home he should invite Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmet to Sri Lanka and take him to the Daladha Maligawa and let the Mahanaka's tell him the story of Gauthama Buddha's family. He should also invite the Israeli scholars who have done research about the lost tribe that went up the Himalayas and investigate some historical facts about the Gauthama Buddha's family. Prime Minister Wickramanyake, as reported in the 'The Hindu" web site, told the Israelis that Sri Lanka has commonalities with Israel, but unfortunately he was referring to terrorists and not the Buddhist connection to the Jews.

Finally, Prime Minister Wickramanayake while in Israel gave a blanket statement to say that India will not allow a Tamil only state in Sri Lanka. Well, one could argue; what is the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lanka constitution? I call it Indian amendment or Rajeev amendment. It is the annexation of Northern and Eastern provinces to Tamil Nadu. Then install the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as the governor of the autonomous Tamil state. Later this autonomous Tamil state will take over the Tea estates, because there are only Tamils living there.

I do not know why Indian punks like K. Narayn Kochia, the Indian national security advisor is not challenged when he says that "India will loose the pre-eminent position in the region if India allows Sri Lankan armed forces to capture of Killinochchi". Next most dangerous threat to Sinhala is the ethnic Indians in foreign countries holding prominent positions. Examples: Kamalesh Sharma, the secretary general of Commonwealth. One would assume he will be a neutral person: far from it, let's wait and see. Another clown, South African deputy Minister of Communications, Roy Pada-archi (Probably a ethnic Malayali) attended a Tamil terrorist support meeting in London (as reported in the with his photograph) last week and told an audience that Sri Lanka should immediately stop the war and start talking to the terrorists. If Pada-archi started farting (kittan nathan to be exact) instead of talking then it would have been an immense help to the Sinhala, but he started to talk. Did Pada-archi come as a South African government representative or as a private citizen? If he came as a South African government representative, then the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister should show his displeasure to the South African government. What one cannot see today is what Tamil Nadu Tamils are planning to do tomorrow. That is to hold a world wide Tamil only summit like the Arab summit that was held in Syria last week. Arab countries that signed on to the statement, knows that Israel will not agree to it, but they put out a statement any way. Tamil Nadu Tamils will do the same thing and request the UN to put sanctions against Sri Lanka.

The Success of most things depends upon knowing how long it will take to succeed.
French Political Thinker, Charles Montesquieu.

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