By Walter Jayawardhana

The 39 year old Sri Lankan Tamil father, Navarajah who was arrested together with his wife for the murder of their five and four year old children and cutting the throat of their six months old baby girl has been released without charge by the police.

He has been also bailed out on a different matter and the police refused to comment on it.
The injured baby girl whose throat has been cut was operated on by surgeons during the night of Saturday and the Police said the baby is in critical but stable condition.

The mother of the deceased and injured children, Sasikala Navaneethan (35) who was also having some injuries has not been released and remains in a hospital now under police custody.
The young Sri Lankan Tamil couple were arrested by the New Scotland yard police for the suspected murder of their five year old boy , four year old girl and grievous hurt of a six month old baby girl , by cutting their throats the police said.

The attack on the children and the injury of the woman allegedly took place in their four bedroomed 300,000 Pound house in South London at Park Road in Carshalton, the Police said.

The mother and the father were being extensively questioned by the murder squad and the child abuse unit of the new Scotland Yard , before the father being released without any charge the Police said.

The Police and ambulances reached the murder scene at 10.30 p.m. May 30, the neighbours said. The paramedics who came in several ambulances to the scene put them in the vehicles and were seen attempting to resuscitate the injured children before being removing them to the hospital , the neighbours said.

But the two older children, a boy aged five and a girl aged four died within 15 minutes of each other shortly before midnight, Friday after admission to the hospital. Sources said their throats had been cut.

Neighbours said the tragedy occurred at the time the man who ran a news agency and a grocery stores at nearby Coulsdon returned home late at night on Friday.

Neighbours in the usually placid town said the deceased children were very playful and sweet and talked to them while playing outside their house,riding their little bikes.

The immediate neighbour of the ill fated family, Dhruba Sengupta (66) a retired forensic lab technician said , “I have been living here for more than twenty years and I have never known anything like this”Other neighbours said that despite great tradgedy that had occurred both, the man and the woman were calm and not screaming or crying.

Other neighbours said , after the incident a group of Sri Lankan Tamils arrived at the scene and told them that they used to live in the house but moved out because of problems. When police came and spoke to them they started screaiming and crying, they said.

While the house remained taped off and forensic experts were collecting evidence inside, neighbours kept on coming to leave flowers for the dead children in the courtyard and on the parapet wall around the property.

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