Lanka's treasury secretary has resigned and Prez Rajapakasha has accepted his resignation. Earlier on the Supreme Court ruled that the Privatization Deal of the Lanka Marine Services masterminded by Jayasundara was inappropriate and should be rescinded.

Anybody who is involved with the Marine Industry knows that Off Shore Marine Services can make millions if not billions of dollars. As a former Marine Engineer I can testify that this is a million dollar industry and if at all possible should remain the public ownership under clean management. But the real issue is not that. The real issue is that the punishment was a mere $5000. This appears to be a miscarriage of justice for the people of Sri Lanka. A person of Jayasundara's responsibility should be squeaky clean as he deals with millions of Dollars worth of peoples money. Alleged corruption by him should result in much harsher punishment. Had this happened in a developed country he would definitely go to jail if found guilty.

I would argue that is why we continue to be poor is that we allow too many big rogues to get away while putting a few petty thieves behind bars. Lanka people have to live in a rotten system.

Moving on, it is time that the supreme court finds a few politicians guilty of corruption too. These are the real crooks. How about a commission to probe the personal wealth of every politician in Sri Lanka comprising of a few retired honorable judges. Until and unless the government in power do this much needed reform our country will be plagued with poverty. This is of course wishful thinking on my part as no Lankan politician will ever pass such legislation not for a hundred years.

In this case I am sure Jayasundara is just a tip of the iceberg and bigger fish are just roaming below the surface as happy as ever with the blessings of the top.

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