The answer to the world's problems by the west was Democracy, Open economy Globalisation and Westernisation. So architect of all evil in Sri Lanka J R Jayawardena' Yankee Dicky 'made his famous statement 'let the Rogues come'.

The sceptics like Fidel Castro called globalisation the sauce with which the west was going to swallow the rest of the world. After 20 odd years this world is in shambles.Its environment destroyed, its inhabitants terrorised, the gap between the poor and the rich much wider, Starvation and malnutrition on the rise, Health care compromised and we are still pursing the open economy. The poor countries especially in Africa are suffering. Sri Lanka is virtually a failed states. A country that was 27th in the league of quality of life in 1975

It is interesting to note what has happened to Sri Lanka since we embarked on this road of open economy and changed the constitution to enhance so called development. How better off are we after 25 years on this road of development is question all Sri Lankan 's for that matter all citizens of all countries need to ask.

As a Sri Lankan I think as a country we are worse off. Our country has been bled of its intelligentsia who has migrated away as they saw no future and it still is continuing. Bribery and corruption is rampant. There is no governance. No viable monetary policy, no fiscal policy. Positions of power has been handed over to political henchmen who has absolutely no idea how to run any institution. The recent debacle in the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation is a standing example. Quarter of Sri Lanka's foreign exchange reserves would have to be used to cover the loss following hedging on oil prices.

The chief Accountant, CEO have confirmed they new nothing of hedging. The Central bank governor who is an accountant not an economist apparently agreed with the arrangement. The answer of the government is to appoint a committee of ministers to investigate. This reminds me of the famous Sinhala saying ' HORAGE AMMAGEN PENA AHANAWA WAGE WADAK' Luckily the Supreme court has intervened and dismissed the CEO and the minister. The minister has not even made a statement nor has he resigned. No Accountability. According to the papers there are 80 tenders that have been offered without proper procedures. Politicians are a law un to themselves.

We have the largest number of ministers in the world. Virtually all MPs in the government are ministers. The country cannot afford to maintain them. This is not all . The country has also got to maintain the provincial council ministers ,Governors etc After all this, the country is in debt to the tune of around 20 Billion dollars , Its assets privatised and sold to foreigners. Lands acquired and handed over to political henchman.

The price is ultimately paid by the poor. They are forced to slave in the middle east, There children have to starve, they have no future and are daily compromised. No one is accountable. No one speaks for them. Where has all the money gone is the question. Well they probably are well stacked in the western banking system probably in Switzerland . No wonder the west advocates a open economy. Well the rogues J R Jayawardena invited has bled us dry. This in a nut shell is what has happened in all poor countries.

Democracy needs to be redefined. Democracy is no more a governments of the people, by the people, for the people. Politics without morality has brought about Money Democracy which is governments of the crooks, by the crooks for the crooks. No wonder the world is in a mess. It is time we address the issue of proper governance and review the practice of democracy if not when the poor start revolting the suffering would be much worse.

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