No support for Canada at the UN from 13 developing countries

Asoka Weerasinghe Gloucester . Ontario Canada

Re: 13 ‘development partners fail to support (Canada’s) human rights campaign at United Nations.

It does seem that Canada is rather peeved that the developing countries like Sri Lanka who are given handouts by CIDA for development did not follow Canada acting the pretentious squeaky clean Piped-piper, to support her at the UN in a key opening vote of this year’s bid to highlight Iran’s human rights abuses.

What Canada has difficulty to accept is that developing countries are not fooled anymore when the aid money is delivered wrapped in a foil of hypocrisy with an attitude saying “We are Holier than Thou.’

When Canada under the Liberals for 13 years let the Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars a month for the Tamil Tiger terrorists to buy weapons to kill innocent Sinhalese and Muslim civilians with impunity taking away the most precious form of human rights, their right-to-life, no wonder Sri Lanka has no qualms to hold back her support for such “We are Holier than Thou’ form of hypocrisy. Good for Sri Lanka and I am glad that she is dishing out to Canada what she deserves.

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