The Philosophy and Legitimacy of Sri Lanka’s Republican Constitution

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I am referring to the article on Sri Lanka's Constitution by Mr Nihal Jayawickrema in the "Island" newspaper of March 2nd, 2008.

Mr. Nihal Jayawickrema is obviously a learned lawyer which I am not. However the last paragraph of his article leaves much to be desired. He has said the people of the North and East have shown that they wish to have autonomy. I am not sure on what basis he is stating this. We all know the LTTE does not represent the masses of the Tamils. They are only a Fascist group trying to create a Fascist Monoethnic state where they can rule and expand (perhaps take over Sri Lanka, and if successful Tamil Nadu and parts of India together with parts of SE Asia), and let the Dalits from Tamil Nadu (numbering some 11 Million at present), come over to get away from their Caste problems. Perhaps Mr Jayawickrema is unaware of the larger plans of the LTTE which is tied to the near insurmountable and inhuman Caste practices of Tamil Nadu. He ought to educate himself on this topic prior to making any statements on Sri Lanka law.

The large number of Sinhalese who were living in the East were driven away by ethnic cleansing by the LTTE. The Muslims expanded to fill the vacuum quickly. Ask the 90% of the total Tamil population who are living among the Sinhalese in the south what they want? Do they wish to move to the North and the East and live in a separate state run
no doubt by the LTTE Nazi type government ? If the Tamil culture is so important they only have to migrate 12 miles across to Tamil Nadu where the Tamil culture flourishes.
We wonder why the Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu are so keen to come back to Lanka, even at present sending money to the Bank of Ceylon to build up an income for their return.

It is the same for the Muslims who migrated to Sri Lanka for economic benefit. Both Tamils and Muslims have enacted special laws to allow them to own land in the North to the exclusion of all others, to marry more than one woman etc. Only the Sinhalese have to abide by the law of the land. Mr Jayawickrema should, in fairness to the Sinhale,
request minorities to correct these laws. We should have one set of laws for all the people of the land.

Mr. Jayawickrema's noble ideas are all well and good. However he must realize the practical realities in Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese are the indigenous people. Malaya recognized this early and enacted Bhumi Putra laws to protect the indigenous Malays. It is due to foolishness of our high thinking intellectuals that the country is in the plight it is today. In order win minority votes or to get monetary benefits these intellectuals are willing to sell the Sinhalese down the drain. It is a great pity that some of the Sinhala intellectuals are willing to divide the country for a pittance !

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