The Sudden Demise of LTTE Woman Terrorist A Probable Cause For National Celebration!

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June 1st 2008

Given the rationale that the LTTE terrorists are conscienceless, ruthless, internationally condemned and proscribed criminals with a tainted reputation! who really gives a fig about the sudden demise of one of their motley crew? remembering how they perpetrated attrocities on a Sovereign Democratic Nation and someone whose contributions towards the same cause are sickeningly attrocious albeit highlighted ludicrously as an LTTE heroine!!

The sudden death of the LTTE woman military leader whom they call Lt. Col. Selvi may be interpreted as another body blow by some towards weakening the already tottering terror machine of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, immediately after the demise of “Brigadier Balraj” but the reality of it all points merely to another link in the criminal chain of the Tamil Tigers being broken and consequential only to their eventual demise by which interpretation is probably fortuitous to the Terror plagued Nation of Sri Lanka and no more!

Although Sri Lankan Tamil ( terrorist supportive) sources have said the woman leader was "so important" to the Tamil Tiger outfit, that importance can only be deemed figurative and important in the minds of the believers where this woman was no more than a terrorist figurehead inasmuch as the likes of previously contemptible LTTE supportives such as Anton and Adele Balasingham et al who when it comes to the evaluation in an intelligent and logical sense were common criminals where the former is now deceased and the latter mentioned now probably in hiding somewhere in the UK where she cannot even seek refuge in her native Australia being declared Persona Non Grata there!

That the usually elusive Madhivadini, the wife of LTTE 'Supremo' Velupillai Prabhakaran was officially representing her husband at the funeral despite their security concerns for "the first family' of the terrorist Tigers is also of no consequence beyond sounding contentious as these are not patriotic figureheads deserving of any titles of embellishment towards Sri Lankan national pride nor her image and a mere internal matter concerning the terrorists and their terror brigade where there will be much more to mourn over in time to come!

That the LTTE by not publicising that the woman leader had died as a result of a concerted Armed Forces attack as well as the the cause of death, her age at death and many other personal details carefully ommitted attests to the simple reality that these actions were orchestrated in a manner which would not to arouse any suspicion of the circumstances of her death although many members of the LTTE hierarchy were said to be present at her funeral apart from Prabhakaran’s wife where in the simplest of terms another terrorist has bitten the dust and no cause for national eulogies within the Nation of Sri Lanka , just another adversary removed from an Administration's standpoint and no more!

It seems somewhat amusing that this so called "Lt. Col. Selvi "was eulogized by the terrorists who gathered at her funeral not only as a leading woman fighter of the LTTE but also as a poetess who wrote inspirational lyrics and poems for the cause of the outfit and also as a presenter of those verses over the LTTE radio and television in the purportedly Tiger controlled areas of Sri Lanka now defunct.

Makes the more discernig within Sri Lanka wonder how a muderous terrorist irrespective of gender can be adulated as inspirational and a poetess when her track record attests to her criminal activities such as murder, mayhem and the contributions towards the procurement and seduction of innocent girls who were amusements for the terrorist scum in addition to their so called conscriptions and aided in abortions and cover ups when they were impregnated.These shameful acts appear to have been recorded as though praiseworthy and a cause for pride when they are not only contemptible and disgusting but deserving of incarceration even posthumously not adulation!

It is wondered in amazement whether her 'forte' of training young girls some even as young as 8 to 12 years of age and mere children who had been kidnapped from their homes and schools and her involvement in taking care of girls getting 'accidentally' pregnant as a result of LTTE debauchery and the rape of innocents within their camp, by obtaining medical assistance to get rid of the pregnancies were also highlighted in the eulogies delivered at her funeral in addition to her presumedly “versatile personality” ? who could write songs praising LTTE “war heroes“ who are no more war heroes beyond what the world views as murderous nation destructive terrorists!
The sudden demise of this terrorists as a result of the relentless Armed Forces Drive, consequently has to be a cause for National Celebration given her track record!

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