India terror attacks

John MacKinnon

Dear Times staff writers,

India calling on Pakistan to demand swift action after deadly terrorist attacks is a bit strange when India herself has helped terrorists launch deadly attacks against its neighbors. Have you heard about the Tamil Terrorists/LTTE/Tamil Tigers? Consider this: FBI's Research: TAMING THE TAMIL TIGERS, From Here in the U.S.

Let us further discuss what a Tamil homeland really is: it is based on racism, global terror and nothing else. When the Tamil Terrorists were in their infancy in the 80's, the first terrorist training camps were based in Tamil Nadu, India. Weapons to arm this viscous terror group were supplied by Tamils living there and funded by Tamils worldwide. The Indian government headed by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the state of Tamil Nadu did nothing to stop this. Later, Indira Gandhi's only surviving son, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE while campaigning in the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu! You may Google for "Rajiv Gandhi assassination LTTE". Would it surprise you that Tamil political parties in India helped the Tamil Terrorists with this assassination? Later, the LTTE training camps were moved to Sri Lanka while logistical and political support for terror remained in Tamil Nadu. Today, this Tamil homeland in India is used extensively as an illegal arms smuggling base to terrorists in Sri Lanka by the Tamils and is a hive for ethnic hatred. In October, 2008, the Tamil Terrorists thanked the Tamil Nadu government for their attempts to spread false propaganda to stop the military campaign to liberate LTTE held areas. The pro-LTTE BBC carried the story.

It is sad to see Tamil Terrorists making the politicians in Tamil Nadu, Canada, UK and Australia create noise to stop the liberation of LTTE/terror-held areas. This is nothing but another stunt by Tamil Terrorists to turn the tables in their favor and has nothing to do with civilian deaths. If Tamil Nadu and India were really concerned about civilians, why not stop arms smuggling to and supporting the LTTE that has killed so many civilians? Why not move to eliminate the Tamil Terrorists, for the sake of civilians? What about concern for the innocent civilians killed by LTTE suicide bombings? What about concern for so many children recruited as soldiers to fight a brutal terror war against a democracy? We don't ever here politicians in India or Tamil Nadu, Canada, US, Norway, UK and Australia alarmed by those atrocities. Where are their actions to stop this carnage by eliminating the source of all evil, the LTTE? Hope you can see the crocodile tears.

Funding wars with money from the West

US Lawmakers with ties to LTTE money

Google for "British MP LTTE" and "British MP Tamil Terrorist"


John MacKinnon
Sidney, Australia, NSW 2000

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