Adjournment debate (17 - 01 -08), related to the peace process in Sri Lanka.

Ben Silva UK

3 - 02 - 08
To: Hon MPs
UK Parliament

Dear Sir,

Adjournment debate (17 - 01 -08), related to the peace process in Sri Lanka.

I refer to the speech made by Hon Simon Hughes during the Adjournment debate (17 - 01 -08), related to the peace process in Sri Lanka.

The motivation for this letter is to expose the plight of the defenceless, voiceless Sinhala families, who get regularly hacked to death or shot to death by LTTE [13],[14],[15]. LTTE perform these atrocities, in order to chase the Sinhalese and Muslims away from their own homeland, so that LTTE can create its racist Eelam. The actions of LTTE are similar to what Hitler did, and the racist attitude of LTTE is similar to that shown by Hitler.

The innocent Sinhala families have cried so much to grieve for those killed by LTTE, that they have no more tears left. These poor farmers are not organised nor do have the wealth of LTTE to communicate their grief to the MPs and public of UK. It is scandalous that the plight of the defenceless and voiceless innocent poor families are not communicated to the British MPs and the lovely British public. It is hoped that the British MPs learn the truth rather than be deceived by the propaganda of the wealthy, deadliest, racist and one of the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world - FBI [12].
It is the rich Western countries that allowed a large influx of bogus refugees and then turned a blind eye to LTTE fund raising [16],[17],[18],[19],[20],[21],[22] that contributed to the terrorism in Sri Lanka.

This letter is about exposing the truth. This letter is about exposing the incorrect section of the speech made by Mr Hughes and not against Mr Hughes as a person.

In Sri Lanka, workers cannot be sure if they can return home safely, children cannot go to school without fear, politicians and Govt. workers fear for their life. The security forces risk their life every day, to protect the public from terrorists. Government workers regularly get killed. This is all due to a racist cult LTTE, with brain washed members, getting their funding for terror war from rich Western countries.

Mr Hughes's speech has been carefully crafted to give a pro LTTE image and an anti Sri Lanka image. As the following discourse and evidence shows, he used the formulae, nine-tenths bullshit and one ten-tenth selected facts to mislead the Parliament.

There is no other motivation than the genuine desire to communicate to the MPs and to the world at large, about the plight of the voiceless innocent Sinhala civilians and the evil nature of racist LTTE terrorists.

The truth is that LTTE, one of the deadliest terrorist groups in the world, launched its terror campaign with the murder of Alfred Doraiappa, a moderate Tamil leader, in 1975. LTTE is carrying out their terror campaign in a brutal manner killing civilians and unarmed security forces personnel. A ruthless war has been waged for nearly 30 years, with innocent unarmed civilians being hacked to death, shot or bombed to pieces by Tamil Tiger terrorists. LTTE has eliminated nearly all Tamil politicians, who wanted to live in peace with the Sinhalese by killing them.

The letter identifies the sections of the speech made by Hon Hughes. On each section, errors, omissions, lies and half truths are exposed. Parts of the speech made by Mr Hughes are given in italics.

(1) First, the Government, for reasons that I can understand but that are ultimately misguided, announced on 3 January that they were to terminate the ceasefire agreement that was entered into in 2002, and yesterday that ceasefire agreement ended.

Democratic Tamil leaders and the Indians generally have a knowledge of the situation in Sri Lanka and attention should be given to their comments. Sri Lankan, democratic local Tamil Leaders, who get first hand knowledge, primary data, certainly know about the situation in Sri Lanka, better than Hon Simon Hughes. Tamil politicians have exposed LTTE [37].

Mr Hughes gets secondary data, most likely from LTTE agents. Unfortunately, LTTE agents in LTTE fronts such as White Pigeon, feed false information to UN and also to HR organisations.

Welcoming the decision to abrogate the Ceasefire Agreement, the democratic Tamil Leader, Mr Veerasingam Anandasangaree, said that the CFA only helped the LTTE to expand its terrorist activities and to blindfold the international community. Deceived by LTTE once is being naive, but being deceived by LTTE many times is utterly foolish. LTTE has been deceiving GoSL and the IC routinely.

The leader of the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) Dharmalingam Sitharthan observed that in reality the CFA was a dead document, pointing out that the LTTE violated the agreement two days after it was signed. Further, he said that the CFA only helped the LTTE to strengthen its military [37], and accused the international community of never taking serious note when the LTTE was killing the members of the other political parties.
Tamil Sri Lankan, Minister Douglas Devananda also welcomed President Mahinda Rajapaksa's decision to end the CFA[37]. He said that the CFA was not in force as it was violated thousands of times by the LTTE and Prabhakaran did not need any agreement as his desire was a separate state.

Comments made by the Tamil leader of (TMVP) [37], Karuna Amman, who broke away from the LTTE almost three years ago, said that they welcomed the government's brave move to abolish the CFA and said that the CFA only helped the LTTE to destroy other Tamil political parties for the survival of LTTE.

According to leaders of most political parties [37], political analysts and many civil society leaders, the CFA only served the LTTE, which used it to re-arm, recruit and infiltrate area that were previously inaccessible to the terrorist outfit.
Other than LTTE, CFA abrogation was welcomed across the political spectrum, in Sri Lanka [37].

Further, Tamils are living like slaves in LTTE areas [45] (comment by a Tamil politician) and the GoSL has a duty to free them from the grip of terrorists.

CFA was not endorsed by the parliament or people, therefore it is not legal. The CFA agreement itself favours LTTE and it was fraudulently tailor-made for helping the terror group LTTE gain legitimacy [25], by Anton Balasingham, with the connivance of Norway [25]. The CFA also allowed LTTE to carry out an undeclared secret war against Sri Lanka. Until recently, LTTE have been the predators, preying on members of the government, the security establishment, the administrative apparatus, non-LTTE politicians, defenceless civilians and so on without following any rules of war. So abrogating the CFA will allow the GOSL to deal with the secret war of LTTE and there should be no regrets for abrogating the CFA. The terrorist activities by LTTE in Sri Lanka have wiped out innocent families of poor farmers in remote villages and created orphans. Poor defenceless, voiceless Sinhalese villagers have collectively cried burying thousands of their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, having been killed brutally by the Tamil Tigers, to promote their racist mission. The GoSL had to take the pragmatic measure of abrogating the CFA to halt the terror war unleashed by LTTE. It is wrong for people to do nothing when the rich, racist terrorist organisation, LTTE, one of the deadliest in the world kill defenceless, voiceless innocent women and children and civilians, with the aim of ethnic cleansing, to create a Tamil empire. It is pathetic that UK politicians have allowed themselves to be deceived by LTTE, stage managed propaganda events.

As for the Indians, they have not criticised the abrogation of the CFA.

Also should be significant, is the fact that, there is more minority representation in the Government of Sri Lanka than the representation of minorities in UK Govt.

Having looked at what Tamil and other politicians said about the abrogation of the CFA, let us have a brief look at what the LTTE did during previous ceasefire agreements.

In three previous Cease Fire Agreements, LTTE suddenly broke off the peace agreement and attacked GoSL forces or assets, taking advantage of a surprise attack, and inflicted maximum damage on security forces.

By now, even a fool may get suspicious of the motives of LTTE. Unfortunately, Mr Ranil Wicremasinhe, signed the current CFA agreement that was recently terminated.

It has to be pointed out that LTTE is the only terrorist organization that has killed two leaders of democratic countries.

On the last CFA, LTTE provoked the GoSL into action by stopping water to farmers at Mavil Aru. Brief discussion of previous violations of CFA's by LTTE are given below.

Eelam war 1 [36],[35]
Their first major operation was the assassination of the Tamil mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiappah in 1975, who spoke favorably for a United Sri Lanka. Number of moderate Tamil leaders, who wanted to live in peace with the Sinhalese have been assassinated by LTTE [7]. LTTE simply wanted a mono ethnic Tamil state. Any one who favored a multicultural society was assassinated and eliminated by LTTE. Nearly all moderate Tamil leaders, who wanted to live in peace with the Sinhalese have been killed by LTTE. LTTE gained prominence due to devastating attacks such as the massacre of civilians at Kent and Dollar Farms in 1984 and the Anuradhapura massacre of 146 civilians in 1985.
In July 1987, the LTTE carried out their first suicide attack: "Captain Miller" of the Black Tigers drove a small truck with explosives through the wall of a fortified Sri Lankan army camp, reportedly killing forty soldiers.

Eelam War II.[36] was marked by unprecedented brutality. The LTTE massacred 113 Sinhalese and Muslim policemen after they had surrendered on promises of safe conduct.. During this phase LTTE attacked Sinhalese and Muslim villages and massacred civilians. One of the largest civilian massacres of the war occurred when the LTTE massacred 166 Muslim civilians at Palliyagodella.

The LTTE broke the ceasefire on April 19 and thus began the next phase of the war, dubbed Eelam War III.

Almost all the democratic parties, including Tamil Political parties, as indicated before welcomed the abrogation of the CFA. Unfortunately Mr Hughes did not tell that version to the parliament but presented the LTTE version.
Terrorism practiced by LTTE is intransigent. Purely passive responses will only lead to continuing destruction. Therefore GoSL had to take practical measures to halt the destruction caused by terrorism. No state can allow a bunch of politically depraved terrorists to hold a gun to the head of a democratically elected nation, no matter what their cause is. If the bullet is allowed to reign supreme then democracies must give up the ballot and arm every citizen with a gun to let them settle issues confronting communities and individuals like the way they did in the wild west. It is as simple as that. (Ack Mahindapala)

LTTE also continued its immoral acts of recruiting and brainwashing child soldiers. Ambassador Bernard Goonatilleke has said that CFA Abrogation was a most compelling necessity [28]. He added that the past twenty odd years are testimony to the fact that Tigers only agree to negotiate as a mere ploy; to buy time to regroup, to replenish and to strengthen their fighting capability. This fact is only unknown to LTTE sympathisers such as

Mr Hughes and LTTE sympathisers in UN and HR organisations.
Clearly, the person who is misguided is Mr Hughes and not the GoSL. Not only Mr Hughes is misguided by LTTE agents or their sympathisers, he is also attempting to mislead the Parliament and the British Public with his speech. Mr Hughes should have bothered to do some 'home work' before parroting LTTE propaganda. Mr Hughes should have the decency and the courtesy to read email sent to him without deleting them, before reading.

LTTE gets its funding from rich Western countries. In UK LTTE, have carried out unhindered fund raising events for LTTE[3],[4].
Sample of LTTE violence, in much smaller scale can be observed right here in London [1]. The video clip presented by Ross Kemp gives you the true violent nature of Tamils and their tribal/gang culture.
There is evidence LTTE has carried out ethnic cleansing. [3],[6].

It has to be said, that UK did not enforce its antiterrorist laws, and as a result, unhindered fundraising has been carried out by LTTE [3],[4], causing death and destruction in Sri Lanka.

It is natural justice that, those countries that fund terrorism, should take responsibility for the death and destruction caused by terrorists.

As the material presented above shows, Mr Hughes statement (1) is pure bullshit. Mr Hughes failed to indicate that terrorism in Sri Lanka is caused by fund raising in countries such as UK. Mr Hughes failed to indicate the clear, violent nature and racist nature of Tamils, and the ethnic cleansing carried out by LTTE. You can see that Mr Hughes has cleverly crafted his speech to mislead the Parliament and the people.

(2) In this country, we have, best estimates tell us, about 200,000, or probably nearer to a quarter of a million, people from Sri Lanka, almost equally divided between Sinhalese people and Tamil people, contributing wonderfully to our nation in every respect, in business, in teaching, in medicine, in the professions, in culture, in sport-just a fantastic contribution

Various media reports has indicated a figure of 200000 for Tamil refugees, (most of whom may have obtained residency status by now ). If they have not already obtained the residency status, then they make a 'song and a dance' about Sri Lanka, so that they can continue to stay in UK. It is indeed these bogus refugees in Western countries that fund terrorism in Sri Lanka and as this is an extremely serious matter, and needs further clarification.

The Large number of Tamils present in London are easily visible from the following:
1. Large number of petrol stations, if not most are run by Tamils.
2. Large number of Tamil owned/managed businesses are visible in West London and East London, and on a few occasions with the name Eelam.
3. Large number of Tamil Students in Grammar schools and a negligible number of Sinhalese students.
4. In the case of businesses, it is extremely difficult to find a Sinhalese managed/owned Business.
5. Very often, local authority publications are available in Tamil but not in Sinhalese.

The reason for this massive difference in numbers, is due to the large number of bogus Tamil refugees allowed into UK. It is complete bullshit for Mr Hughes to say that equal number of Tamils and Sinhalese are in UK as large number of Tamils were granted refugee status on their fabricated canards.

It would be interesting to know why is that there are no Sinhalese lobbying the Parliament.
There could be several reasons for this:

1. Sinhalese have not been allowed to settle down in UK as bogus refugees, generally speaking.
2. Sinhalese have been heavily discriminated and the Tamils heavily favoured by UK authorities when it comes to residency in UK.
3. Tamils have been given free education, free health care, free housing that has been denied to the Sinhalese.
4. Tamils have been given numerous other benefits including vocational and language training which have been denied to the Sinhalese.
5. Tamils have been given local authority grants for their welfare groups and the Sinhalese have not been given such grants.
The large scale influx of bogus Tamil refugees into UK has caused a massive negative impact on Sri Lanka and need to be investigated.

It is unadulterated pure bullshit to say almost 200000 Sri Lankans equally divided between Sinhalese people and Tamil people, when clearly the physical presence indicate that the Tamils massively out number Sinhalese in UK.

It should be fairly obvious, even to an imbecile, why Tamils want to lie through their teeth, to come to UK, as refugees, by passing the Tamil Homeland, in India. Prabakaran discovered and used the gravy train of the bogus refugee scam, to fund his terrorist war. Prabakaran found out it is very easy to deceive Home office officials in Western countries. I am sure, you are aware of the state of the home office, without me having to spell out the blunders made by home office.

I have no vested constituency interest in this issue.
What grand scale bullshitting. Any one could see that he is trying to get the votes of bogus Tamil refugees and also that of Tamils who have got residency status. Why is he so pro LTTE if he is not after Tamil votes ?

[3] Back in the '70s, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was formed as a liberation struggle movement.

This statement is misleading. LTTE either killed or chased away all non Tamils from LTTE controlled areas. The ethnic groups chased away or killed included Sinhalese and Mulslims. Today not a single Tamil or Muslim live in LTTE controlled areas. LTTE, in effect carried out ethnic cleansing. Further, the LTTE flag is similar to the flag of ancient invaders from South India who invaded and destroyed the Sinhala civilisation.
Because of the ethnic cleansing and the nature of the flag, I would say that the mission of LTTE is similar to that of Hitler. ie. to start a racist Tamil empire by carving out a piece of Sri Lanka. It it was a liberation movement there would have been no need to drive out non Tamils. There would have been no need to select the emblem of an invaders flag that destroyed the Sinhala civilisation, for the flag of LTTE.

In view of the explanation given above, the statement which says LTTE is a liberation movement is pure bullshit and fantasy. LTTE is a racist Tamil empire building movement, funded by global Tamil bodies.

.[4] One Prime Minister and one President have been assassinated, as have a Foreign Minister and many others.

The above statement is a half truth, again not telling the whole truth, in order to bullshit the Public and the Parliament. The number of Tamil politicians and the number of Sinhalese politicians assasinated by LTTE is massive. LTTE first assasinated moderate Tamil politicians [34],[35] who wanted a United Lanka and who wanted to live in peace with the Sinhalese. LTTE killed at least two Mayors of Jaffna, the main Tamil area. The reason why LTTE killed moderate Tamil politicians is that LTTE wanted to create mono ethnic, racist Tamil State. LTTE killed or chased away Sinhalese and Muslims, basically carrying out ethnic cleansing [13],[14],[15] of non Tamils from LTTE controlled areas.
After the first ceasefire agreement LTTE eliminated opposing Tamil groups by killing them.

[5] A coalition Government are in place, who reflect the view of the President, by and large. There is a majority who reflect his view.

.The present Govt. led by President Rajapakse, is a multi ethnic Government with many Tamil and Muslim ministers. The President has to take into account, the views of various minority pressure groups, that may be different from the Presidents views. It is misleading and bullshit to say there is a majority who reflect the view of the President. What appears to be happening is that they are working together, but not necessarily reflect his view. Very often there are clashes of views. Sri Lanka has a free press, has an effective judiciary and it is functioning democracy and generally all views are taken into account.

The above statement [5], is misleading and bullshit

I have to state that the representations of minorities in the Government of Sri Lanka is better than the representation of minorities in the Government of UK.

[6] Last night, in the Grand Committee Room in Westminster Hall, there was a large gathering of the Tamil community. Colleagues from all three major parties met people to hear them express their concerns, which they did moderately but with great anxiety.

Very often, LTTE carry out meticulously planned, propaganda warfare operations, similar to the scams practised by the fraudsters of the Irish International University. The above event is a LTTE attempt to grab sympathy from MPs.
The scams are carried out in such a professional manner that the victim does not know that he/she has been deceived. I have absolutely no doubt that the Grand Committee Room in Westminster Hall meeting was a well planned, well rehearsed, stage managed propaganda warfare event of LTTE. LTTE also use paid campaigners for their propaganda warfare.

Any one who has watched 'real hustle' TV series [41], by BBC would know that it does not require much effort to deceive a group of people.
The Irish International University scam [40] also showed that people can be deceived by using well planned subtle techniques.

The MPs involved in the meeting certainly need to be informed that they have been duped by LTTE, who are experts in deception, frauds, and telling lies.

LTTE, with a profit in excess of 200 million dollars are in a position to organise such propaganda events. The Sinhalese, who are the genuine victims, do not have the resources, nor the numbers to organise events and meet MP's. This is an extremely serious lapse, since the MPs hear only one side of the story.

Sample of LTTE violence, in a much smaller scale can be observed right here in London. The video clip presented by Ross Kemp [1]gives you the true nature of Tamils involved in violence.

Mr Hughes has failed to distinguish between the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressor is LTTE and the oppressed is the defenceless Sinhala People. It has to be recognised that the total world Sinhalese population number 15 million, compared to the 80 million Tamils world wide. The worldwide Tamil groups fund terrorism and propaganda warfare against Sri Lanka.

[7] I know that many of them have lost relatives; they have had family killed or injured. Many cannot get things through to their relatives, particularly if they are in the Jaffna peninsula in the north. At 4 o'clock today, a petition was presented to No. 10 expressing the concern of the Tamil community here that the ceasefire should be reinstated and that the peace process should continue.

This is telling only one side of the story, attempting to mislead the parliament by not telling the side of the voiceless, powerless, poor Sinhala families in remote villages in Sri Lanka [11],[13],[14]. They have no more tears to shed having
collectively cried burying thousands of their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, having been killed brutally by the Tamil

Tigers. (Ack Asoka).They have no one to tell their side of the story, which is more revolting and horrible. In fact many victims of terrorism, including Tamils have said, terrorism should be eliminated, and commended on the bravery of GoSL, moving in the correct direction to eliminate terrorism. It is generally known that LTTE, step up their disinformation and propaganda warfare campaign, when they become weak militarily, through their sympathisers and through their agents in NGO's. Again, Mr Hughes has been bullshitting by conveying a distorted image of the situation in Sri Lanka. The Tamil politician Mr Anandasagaree has said " We assure the Tamils living across, that there is no attempt by anybody to annihilate the Tamils and contrary to that, more than half of the Tamil population is living in the South happily among the Sinhalese and Muslims reposing confidence in them, far away from their traditional places of habitation,"The Sri Lankan Govt. security forces or the people do not kill innocent civilians.

The petition to No. 10, is no doubt a meticulously planned and executed act of propaganda warfare by LTTE.
The experience of those that made representations to the MP's become trivial if the MP's are aware of the horrors faced by poor voiceless, powerless defenceless farming families in remote areas in Sri Lanka. These poor farmers do not have the resources or organised enough to make representations to MP's. As for LTTE, with a profit in excess of 200 million dollars, organising propaganda events is a simple matter.It is indeed the plight of the poor farming families provided the motivation for this publication.

The LTTE has been violating human rights since late 1970s and no international body or country uttered a word about this. Entire villages were destroyed and villagers were massacred by the LTTE in cold blood starting from Kent farm and Dollar farm incidences in early eighties up to the Kebilithigollawa incident recently. Ethnic cleansing took place openly and the 100,000 Sinhalese who were residing in the Jaffna district were murdered and chased away and not a single Sinhala person is to be found in the North today. The Muslims were also expelled from the North and parts of the east and hundreds of them were butchered in a mosque while at prayers on one incident. UN and the international community looked the "other side" and ignored all these!!. Innocent civilians were killed by hundreds by more than 250 suicide bomb attacks up to now done by the LTTE on civilian targets.
(Ack. Ratnajeewa Halpita Re: )

[8] Amnesty International's 2007 report states that the United Nations special rapporteur reported in March on a visit made some months previously and on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions. The rapporteur said that freedom of expression, movement, association and participation were threatened, especially for Tamil and Muslim civilians.

The above comment 8 is a misleading statement [43]. It is shown that this report by UN is a biased, baseless report [43]. It appears that UN and HR organisations, parrot each others baseless reports [31], containing LTTE propaganda, in a circular manner. Again LTTE agents make allegations for the consumption of officials of UN and HR organisations. LTTE are absolute masters at making false accusations and statements. LTTE agents are better at deception than the fraudsters of the Irish International University scam. LTTE is better than the fraudsters shown in the TV series 'Real Hustle'[41]. Allegations are not worth any thing until proven, but UN has published allegations, to mislead the public. As an example, there were allegations of Human rights abuse by British troops in Iraq. Even death of civilians whilst in custody, shooting of civilians etc.

In the case of Sri Lanka, it is important to recognise that there was not a single shred of evidence linking allegations to evidence [43]. Basically the allegations are false and baseless. In the case of LTTE, there was actual evidence of Torture chambers, that was conveniently ignored by both Mr Hughes and UN expert.

UN, AI and HRW have very often produced reports biased against Sri Lanka [36]. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka appears to lack means to counter false propaganda.

Sri Lanka had been haemorrhaging at the hands of the Tamil Tiger terrorists since 1975, and no one cared, not even the UN . The Sinhalese have been ethnically cleansed from their home land, their irrigation system destroyed, their culture destroyed, over centuries, by invading South Indian war lords and no one cared. Recently, LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims and still no one cared. Sri Lanka is experiencing regular acts of terrorism from LTTE, far worst than what UK experienced, and Sri Lanka need tangible support to defeat terrorism. Sri Lanka need support to defeat terrorism and not threats and criticism. Western countries and HR organisations that shed fake tears have done very little to curb terrorism. In deed, it is the apathy of western countries, and their lax immigration controls that allowed large number of bogus refugees into their countries, is the root cause of the problem. LTTE is using their wealth to infiltrate various organisations and carry out a vicious and malicious disinformation campaign against Sri Lanka.

It is unfortunate that some UN and officials of HR organisations have a knowledge of Sri Lanka [29],[30],[31],[32],[33] similar to that of Mr Hughes. Their competency is similar to that of Prof. Meadows [39]. They are easily fooled in a manner similar to the victims of the Irish International University scam [40]. Their morality is similar to that of Lynndie England [47]. and an attitude similar to that of Dr Shipman.
Do I need to say more.

Morality of UN, AI, HRW are similar to that of Lynndie England. Many officials of UN, and HR organisations are unable to distinguish between a terrorist and the victim of terrorism. LTTE use NGO's such as White Pigeon, which is a LTTE front, to feed disinformation to UN and HR organisations, using informal communication channels. LTTE sympathisers in various organisations also take part in the meticulously planned, disinformation campaign against Sri Lanka.

Many have challenged the validity of reports issued by UN and HR organisations as simply parroting LTTE propaganda [33],[29],[30],[31],[44]. Please see ref. [44],[31] for more details.
In a nutshell, statement [8] by Mr Hughes is utter bullshit.

False information flow to UN and HR organisations

It appears that Mr Hughes, some officials of UN, officials of HR organisations get fooled by LTTE propaganda and lies by LTTE agents, hook line and sinker. The reason for above, is nearly all of them use secondary data, cleverly provided by LTTE and they all parrot each others reports. Website Tamilnet, a LTTE front, actually admitted that the LTTE front White Pigeon work with UNICEF. It is also known that NGO's with LTTE influence work with HR organisations and UN. It is through unofficial and informal communications channels, that LTTE agents cleverly manipulate the information flow to UN and HR organisations.

It appears that disinformation goes into UN and reports of HR organisations, via informal communications channels, linked to LTTE fronts such as White Pigeon.


The above discourse clearly indicate that Mr Hughes have been bullshitting on a grand scale, to mislead the Parliament and the public. In view of the expertise he has demonstrated in bullshitting, perhaps, simple Simon could be called Mr Bullshit.
It would be a dream ticket for LTTE to have Mr Bullshit and Mr Sleaze on their side. This pair could carry on misleading the world and make a fortune and legitimacy for the LTTE. The pair would be a nightmare for the voiceless, powerless and defenceless poor Sinhalese families that regularly get killed by LTTE.

The discourse also highlighted the massive and visible racial discrimination faced by Sinhalese, and the massive imbalance and the destruction it has caused in the habitat of the Sinhala people, who have been struggling against invaders for centuries.

Clearly, Mr Bullshit has used nine-tenths bullshit and one-tenths selected facts formula effectively, in an attempt to mislead the Parliament. Mr Bullshit or his agents have so cleverly crafted his speech, so that any one not sharp enough, would have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

I wish to state clearly, that I have nothing against peace loving Tamil brothers and sisters or the UK Government, but merely wanted to expose the attempt by Mr Bullshit to mislead the Parliament. Again, this letter is not against Mr Hughes as a person, but merely to point out glaring errors in his speech.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva


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