Tamil Attacks on Muslim Civilians Continue

Nasir Rifai

Tamil Hindu extremists have once again targeted Muslim civilians in an attempt to create a fear psychosis in Eastern Sri Lanka. In the latest hate attack, Abdul Farook Mohamed Guthoos, a 45 year old father of three was hacked to death by Tamil militants in Kalladi, a town in Eastern Sri Lanka. A native of Eravur, the man was a vegetable vendor plying his trade in the area.

Muslims in the area only recently bore the brunt of an attack by Tamils that left three dead. Continuing violence has left the population worrying about their fate in the face of Tamil aggression. Muslim leaders from both the east of the country and Colombo have appealed for calm, and a meeting with the President is on the cards to seek out a solution that will keep the Muslim community safe from violence.

Tamil Hindu nationalists have long sought to drive Muslims out of Eastern Sri Lanka in their campaign to create a separate country which they call "Tamil Eelam." Muslims are viewed as targets as the community has long committed themselves to democracy, pluralism and non-violence and have eschewed separatism. In 1990, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) ethnically cleansed the northern province of all Muslims.

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