Time To Cut The Negative Rhetoric And Let The Armed Forces Do Their Job !

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

Sept.1st 2008

Time to cut the negative rhetoric and let the Armed Forces do their job with no interference, predictions of doom or self acclaimed prophesy. Speculations such as " The Sri Lanka Rebels Are Weakened, But Still a Threat " etc.etc. by local pundits and self styled analysts who cannot come to terms with the degree to which the Tamil Tigers are being decimated by the Armed Foreces should realistically be shelved until the Armed Forces have completed their task with a positive FAIT ACOMPLI ! Otherwise they could pose an unnecessary impedance to all the good work being effected by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces at least in a moral sense towards eliminating the LTTE! which conveys a completely distorted message to the world at large and are doing the Nation a huge injustice!

The charge has to be effected traditionally ~ even figuratively with the bugle call, fanfare of drums, the glorious confidence of a marching Army Guns Blazing, sensing imminent victory with little worry about the unlikely recoil of a retreating enemy with thoughts only of their survival which needs to be put into perspective through sheer Military Might not wily nily news reporting!

While some analysts have suggested that " Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers, watching their 'fiefdom' (Fifedom the correct spelling for darned sake! ) in the North shrink under the daily SLAF attacks have shown by last week's air raid on a naval base that they still pose a military threat" it needs to be emphasized that contrary to such speculations it seems more of an open and shut case where the search and destroy operations by the Air Surveillance, Aerial and Ground attack teams have not been carried out emphatically towards closure and have missed a few targets where these home assembled light aircraft which the terrorists call the Ealam Air Force have been given a repreive from destruction!

Something which has perhaps given them Dutch Courage and this being the real threat if it needs emphasis which the terrorists pose even in some small measure which if untended towards future preventive action could prolong their resistance. and obviously exaggerated through journalistic jargon and in deference to which it's time appropriate to cheer on the relentless push by Sri Lanka's Defense Mechanism towards their ultimate and inevitable victory over the Tamil Tiger Terrorists with assurances that they are on course towards their goals!!

The terrorists' tattily put together air unit's strike on the eastern port of Trincomalee might appear to the less discerning as sensational and further emphasized through their portrayal by certain quarters of the media which has used it as their example of terrorist might albeit more mythical than real but time to downplay their effectivity inasmuch as the bomb blast in Colombo where the intensity seems to have been dampened through weekened resources as well as resolve and needs to be acknowledged as the tell tale signs of a dying breed of terrorists effecting their last gasps needing no recussitation from idealogical and perhaps even opportunistic but very definitely misguided journalists!!

It needs continued empasis that the Government Forces have succeeded in more than significantly weakening the Tamil Tigers regardless of whether or not they have "a hardcore fighting unit " better applicable in the past tense perhaps which even by conservative estimates despite running into several thousands have not showed the wherewithall needed to face and stand upto the might of the present Armed Forces as they have in the past, something to be very positive about from a Military standpoint and a mere matter of time before their annihilation where running seems to be the keyword towards describing present Tiger forte!

What is important at this stage is to secure the Nation from further infiltration by the many terrorist supportive ' harbingers of doom roaming around '~ an opportunist breed which would sell their motherland for a price towards their own personal gains and shoot their mouths off as though the Sri Lankan Armed Forces were fighting an uncontainable enemy and there appears many of this ilk at various levels of opposition polity some even within the rank and file of the ruling entity who need to be closely monitored and dealt with towards securing the Nation from its terrorist enemies and their supportive inside as well as outside help as that is the final and only impediment that seems to remain before the back of the enemy is ultimately broken!!

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