Federal Election in Canada

Asoka Weerasinghe
Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

October 3, 2008

The Editor (Letters)



If there is one more reason why I will not vote for the Liberals is Bob Rae.

This is a politician with a lousy record as the Premier of Ontario and then goes back five years to dig up trash on the governing party, and now makes a mischievous statement on the ‘situation in Sri Lanka’ to garner the 100,000 Tamil-Canadian votes in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Liberal twaddle of “We are Holier Than Thou” wagging his finger at the Sri Lankan Government which is about to wipe out Tamil Tiger terrorism that bled that little island nation for 25 years, just doesn’t cut mustard.

It was intellectually fraudulent for Rae to say that “It (Sri Lankan Government) has waged a virtual uninterrupted military campaign against the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) since the early 1980s”. What Rae failed to tell the Canadians was that it was the Tamil Tigers who came violently strong as a conventional army trained by Indira Gandhi’s India, with sophisticated weapons like, Kalashnikovs RPGs, machine guns and land mines, against the government’s ceremonial army which had no sophisticated weaponry in its armoury, in the early 80s.

And that the Government armed forces are doing what is expected of them to do, to defend the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation and reassure its citizens that they have a ‘right-to-life’ and will be protected from the marauding Tamil Tiger terrorists who also happened to perfect the suicide body pack for suicide bombing which is now used for copycat-suicide bombings around the world.

How low can Liberal politics get! Come now, Bob Rae, you certainly haven’t impressed me as an honest politician, and nor are you going to pull wool over my eyes.

Asoka Weerasinghe


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