Manmohan Singh in accepting to help Karunanidhi who abetted Prabhakaran to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, abets in his turn Prabhakaran's terrorism in Sri Lanka

By Charles.S.Perera

When Mumbai was attacked the Indian Prime Minister immediately pointed his finger of accusation to Pakistan. That was not a wise move of a leader of a country which is competing for Asian leadership. The fact that there are terrorist in Pakistan does not necessarily mean that they are the responsibility of the Sovereign State of Pakistan.

On the other hand, India trained and sponsored the terrorists , knowing that they were going to use terrorism to set up an Eelam State in Sri Lanka. Therefore India , unlike Pakistan is very much responsible, then and now, for the terrorism in Sri Lanka. India being a responsible party to terrorism in Sri Lanka, does not mean India has the right to accuse Pakistan, for the terrorist attack carried out by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, even if they were citizens of Pakistan.

There had been no evidence what so ever of Pakistan having secret camps, where it allowed any anti Indian group to train to carryout terrorism in India. While on the other hand, Tamil Nadu, perhaps with the full knowledge of Indian intelligence service RAW, allowed the LTTE terrorists to settle down in secret camps, and train themselves to carry out terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

Undoubtedly, terrorism in Sri Lanka is the Frankestine monster created by India, for which India has still not made amends. Karunanidhi and his followers in Tamil Nadu who did not want to be directly responsible for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, used Prabhakaran to plan the assassination and carry it out at Sriperumbudur, in Tamil Nadu. In a way terrorism that has come to India with all its gruesome force, is what India is paying back for its role in creating the terrorist monster to destroy Sri Lanka.

Karunanidhi who was twice removed from the office of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by the then Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi, had every reason to want to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi before his becoming the Prime Minster once again, and probably remove him for the third time from his Office of Chief Minister.

Yet, Indian Central Government failed even to present a charge sheet against Karunanidhi. Even today Indian Central Government acts cowardly to help Karunanidhi, the man probably responsible for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi one of its promising great Leaders, to continue his protecting the terrorists in Sri Lanka. In doing so India is aiding, and abetting the continued terrorism in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Government is not Officially saying that for diplomatic reasons, and with the hope that India will eventually change its expansionist political ambition.

This reminds me of two articles written by Kithsiri Athulathmudali of Florida, USA, in the Lankaweb " Who wants to be India's neighbour, M.K.Narayanan ? No one", ( and "Indian Clowns are at it again." (

Karunanidhi's all out effort to get the Indian Government to get Sri Lanka to declare a cease fire in its battle against terrorism is perhaps proof of Karunanidhi's connivance in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination. Karunanidhi is using the issue of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka to allow Prabhakaran from being killed or taken alive by the Sri Lanka army. If he is taken alive and charged for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, he will no doubt recount the part played by Karunanidhi ! That would be devastating !

The International Community and the UN is quite aware that the Government Forces have so far avoided the Tamil Civil population in Kilinochchi, in its bombardments and artillery fire against the terrorists. Many images of damage to property shown in the main Tamil terrorist website, do not show bodies of Tamil civilians who had died in any of the bombardments by the Government Air raids.

The International Community and the UN are also aware that lorry loads of food and medicine are being sent to Kilinochchi by the Government on a weekly basis.

There is therefore no reason for Karunanidhi to exert the Central Government of India to intervene in Sri Lanka to call for a cease fire. The motive is certainly to help Prabhakaran( or himself ?). It is in black and white in the Jain report on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, that Karunanidhi had abetted in the assassination.

This undue vehemence on the Part of Karunanidhi and the Tamil Nadu Parliamentarians, and their publicised visits to New Delhi to meet the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at a time the whole of India (except Tamil Nadu), and the world is mourning the terrible terrorist attack in Mumbai, to plead to intervene for the cause of the terrorists in Sri Lanka, show how little Tamil Nadu politicians are concerned with the disastrous terrorist attacks caused to Mumbai, of the Greater India.

Manmohan Singh if he had the "guts" should have pointed out to Karunanaidhi and his followers, that they are acting like traitors to India in not being more concerned with the calamity that had affected India, and instead, seeking to protect terrorism in Sri Lanka.

At the present moment what is more important to India is to find ways and means to stop terrorism in its own soil, without having to interfere in to the affairs of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka which, thanks to its President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government Forces, is managing very well its "affair" with terrorism.

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