India & Terrorism Double Standards - The Political Whore

Prof. Hudson McLean

After suffering a massive humiliating blow at the hands of unquestionable Act of Terrorism in Mumbai, the Indian Prime Minister is now expected to keel under the Tamil Nadu politicians to help and support the Tamil Terrorist LTTE by "ordering" the Sri Lankan government to lay off the military defensive actions.

This is an undemocratic hostile demand on a democratic friendly neighbour!

First of all H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa the President did announce openly that HE is prepared to enter into negotiations with the criminal murderous squatters, subject to a ceasefire and laying down of arms.

The Indian government should then insist that the LTTE abide by these terms.

If not, if India insists on a one sided ceasefire, then Sri Lanka should be free to invite Pakistan, China and Israel to send one or several contingents of fully armed Peace Keeping troops to Sri Lanka to protect the borders, both sea and land.

Until such negotiations are complete either way, the SLDF should move forward according to the strategic layout on the theatre.

By encouraging and supporting the Tamil Terrorist LTTE in Sri Lanka, India is paving the way for more acts of Terrorism in the Indian North, the Indian South and in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is now in a desperate corner for his own survival after having demonstrated to the entire world how his inept bungling government made a "Cat's Dinner" out of the Mumbai episode. (No reference to LTTE Cats)

The reputation of the India as a major super Nuclear power is in tatters. There are grave questions if the current Indian government is capable of protecting its own backside against an attack on its nuclear holding facilities. This must worry both USA and Pakistan!

Facing a declared military confrontation with Pakistan is one thing. But as the Mumbai Terrorists demonstrated, the terrorist guerilla tactics on the great Indian army could be deployed by a mere ten (10) young men, Pakistanis or not.

Now the Indians would like the SLDF to release the cornered LTTE Cats!

It is clearly possible that the ten (10) terrorists who attacked are not of Pakistani origin but simply trained in Pakistan and facilitated by unknown perpetrators squatting inside Pakistan soil.

Same as the LTTE, who were trained, financed and supported by the Indian Tamil Nadu politicians and other commercial supporters resident on Indian soil.

If India really wishes to get rid of Tamil Terrorism and protect the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Indian government first shout root out the supporters of logistics of LTTE in South India.

Concurrently, Indian Navy should offer a naval skirt around the Northern waters between the two countries to prevent smuggling of ams and munitions.

Can Sri Lanka expect such protective support?

Or will India act like a whore and sail with the political wndl and continue its Double Standards?

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