Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Now the Wanni fat rat terrorist leader's final defeat or the end is imminent, Sri Lanka can start to enjoy a meaningful peace nearly after 30 years. But the Task will not be completely accomplished until the country is fully cleared from the existing pockets of elements of terrorists. With the excellent support from the public and the efficient intelligence work by the defense intelligence personnel, the last resorts of the terrorists will also be cleared for good within a considerable short time.

According to the prevailing reliable reports, the most wanted brutal killer, the architect of suicide death squad has already escaped from his Wanni hideout. The painful truth is that those who harbour this ruthless creature contribute in a big way to see the innocent Tamils suffer for some longer time.
The majority innocent Tamil people have realized the real danger the Tamil race faces by this notorious killer. Now day by day they come forward bravely to rescue their generation from this mad murderer. They are aware that the Sri Lankan government forces never targeted the innocent Tamil civilians in this civil war. And especially under this present regime, the security forces are not only highly motivated and equipped but also take the ultimate care to protect the civilians at their best.

Once these Wanni terrorists are fully defeated, Sri Lanka will be recognized as the country having the most successful and the courageous forces in the world. The whole world will be thankful to the Sri Lankan government for its noble victory.

At the end of the war with the terrorists, Sri Lanka will have the difficult task of clearing the country from the most dangerous traitors. It seems that these traitors will never stop harming the country ever. Specially when the government forces are gaining high remarking results, the traitors are so disappointed and muster all of their evil missions to harm the country.

Ranil Wickckramasinghe, Mangala Munasinghe, Tissa Attanayake, Jayalath Jayawardane, Harsha Abeywardane, Kumar Rupasinghe, Lakshman Kiriella…………….the traitor name list goes so on. As the imperative responsibility lies in the hands of the common man, the day that these enemies of the nation learn the lifetime lesson by the common man is not very far. They will treat these traitors according to their deeds when they have the opportunity. The supporters of these traitors should also be aware that they too will be gone in to the history of Sri Lanka as the most traitorous to the motherland.

When the country is preparing to celebrate the victory over the terrorism, everybody should be prepared to walk the extra mile by forgetting the painful past and treating everybody like brothers and sisters. All the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and others should cherish the moment like true children of Sri Lanka thus throwing the racial agendas aside.
Then the Mother Sri Lanka will smile and shine again.

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