With the death of Jeyaraj Fernandopulle disappears another symbol of ethnic unity.

By Charles.S. Perera

A foolish man's death as a suicide bomb, took away the invaluable life of another man who was a symbol of ethnic unity. The Minister- Late Mr. Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was the second after late Kadirgamar to give his life to the cause of unity between the Tamils and the Sinhala. They were both killed by terrorists.

This makes it evident that the terrorist do not want ethnic unity. They stand for division and destruction. They are the children of evil. Do the International Community, and our erstwhile neighbour India, still want the government to negotiate a political settlement with the Tamils?

Terrorist, whether in USA, UK, Europe, China, India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka are all terrorists. Assassination for them is the solution of their problems. It is time that the powers which have the means and ability to strike against terrorism should intervene without drawing parallels between one group of terrorists and another, to stop terrorism to continue its destructive march.

The new war against violation of human rights, begun by the International Community and its partners, individual followers, media, and organisations should realise that fight against terrorism is primary and fundamental, and stop their interference into countries in their attempt to free themselves from the cancer of terrorism.

The recluse psychopath, Prabhakaran the terrorist leader in Sri Lanka, is not a man worthy of being protected by the Norwegians, E.U and the rest of the International Community. The Tamil diaspora should start rethinking, whether providing financial aid to keep the terrorism to continue in Sri Lanka is a worthy cause. Both the Sinhala and the Tamils may have done wrong towards each other in the past, but is it necessary to continue this hatred for the past errors ? Is it not better to forget the past and make a fresh start for unity, progress, and development of our Nation, and be bound by our different cultures unique to our Island home ?

There is continued suffering through terrorism in which both the Tamils and the Sinhala die, in Sri Lanka. It is time that we forget differences, and work together to end terrorism and ethnic unity in Sri Lanka.

Let us, at least now, whether we are Tamils , Sinhala, Muslims or of any other Community, get together, forgetting a Mahavamsa mindset, or a homeland concept, and resolve to unite to make our motherland a happy place for every one to live together.

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