The Return of the Traitors

Janaka Yagirala

The ruthless terrorist LTTE has escalated their attacks on innocent civilians. There is no secret as to why they have began doing so, take a map of SL and plot the FDL's and that will tell the entire story. Its no secret that the LTTE have lost their power to regain territory. Thanks to proper leadership (both military and political) and the return of the tactics reminiscent of the late Gen. Kobbekaduwa, the LTTE has been on the run ever since their botched Mahaweli Oya (Mawilaru) plan.

Gone are the days of whisky soaked political leaders (aka Queen of Thieves) who opened bars at every junction. During those days, Jaffna was liberated (but only for political gain) and when Jayasikuru was on the way, White Lotuses were flooding the south, demoralizing our valiant troops. When our troops were fighting in Elephant Pass, our political leaders danced Baal and the incompetent military leader was playing chess. Thanks to her officers who had proven themselves in the battlefield had their careers cut short to the great detriment of our country.

Next came the age of another political leader (aka the Eunuch) who overnight took back all security checkpoints and allowed explosives to flood the south (probably these are still being exploded today!). Lets never forget Millenium City, which led to the death of heroes like Tuan Mutalif, Rizvi Midin, Parami Kulathunga, Sunil Tabru and countless others. In a way we should be thankful to the Eunuch for it was his actions that brought the true patriots out and helped kill the War Taboo which NGO's had successfully implanted in the psyche of the SL.

In retrospect, the single pivotal event that helped culminate all of this was the assassination of the Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thero, who revitalized the sense of nationalism in the populous which was trodden by 500 years of foreign colonial rule. It brought the necessary changes that led to the current situation today where Sri Lankans (especially the Sinhalese) are no longer afraid to act against those who strive to vilify and destroy them.

The recent increase in bombings have given the traitors among ourselves a new life. The LTTE know that they cannot face our security forces. So now they are using their lapdogs in the south. Yes, it's the Eunuch and co (I am sad that the majestic elephant is used to represent them). the Fictitious Media Movement, etc. etc. Again they are voicing the futility of war. Where were they when our troops captured Mahaweli Oya, Somapura (Sampoor), Viharaya (Vakarai), Thoppigala and Kirawa-Thota (Silawaturai)? Well of course they did say that Thoppigala was a worthless jungle!

The rise in the cost of living is a problem everyone around the world faces. The US (the Eunuch's fatherland and most of his spineless class would take pleasure in licking the boots of the US) is facing its worst economic recession since WW2! Oil is the problem, not the war we should start looking for solutions to that!

Lets show these traitors that the people of SL are no longer willing to swallow their Punnaku once and for all!

Victory to our valiant soldiers!

Long Live our Unitary Nation!

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