On The Road to Eliminating Terrorism-Agitation Is Not The Need of The Hour

By Darmitha-Kotte

Sri Lanka is now at an extremely crucial stage of the war on eliminating terrorism and this is surely the time to test all the patriotic forces in the political arena for us to understand their true hidden agendas. The forthcoming months will truly expose realities that have thus far been obscure.

A tiny report in a weekend Sinhala newspaper dated 29th June,2008 stated that UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe apart from being re-elected President of the Asia-Pacific region for IDU, has also been elected as a Vice President of the International Democratic Union(IDU) at their 25th AGM held in Paris which ofcourse, will not augur well for the IDU given the negative track record of his capabilities to lead any organisation. It is ironic that a person who is incapable of unifying and leading a local political party which has been considered to be a dignified political party of the elitists in Sri Lanka, will be able to anything constructive for a world body like the IDU-except bring more problems for this country by promoting alien agendas to pamper & protect the LTTE terrorists who are now at a stage of licking their wounds.A man who has no clear vision for local politics cannot but blur his vision for world politics! There is a good possibility that he truly does not understand the underlying agendas of western politics viz-a-viz developing countries like Sri Lanka.

To him, the coordinated strategies of The Armed Forces to eliminate terrorism from this country, is " an affair of the Madamulane Family" in their bid to cling on to power in Sri Lanka and not a campaign to eliminate brutal murderers. He is even insensitive to the fact that our brave soldiers have sacrificed their personal comforts to get on the battle field, to protect us! These boys do not enjoy hot meals nor do they enjoy the comforts of a good night's sleep but are roughing out with the determination that this country must be saved from LTTE terrorists for all citizens to live peacefully in this country. In his desperate bid to regain lost power due to his own inefficiency, he thinks it fit to use a highly decorated and respected retired Army General-Mr. Janaka Perera as a cat's paw by nominating him as the UNP candidate for NCP elections to be held very soon. Why Major Gen. Janaka Perera does not think twice before demeaning himself by entering UNP politics( which is certainly not complimentary to him) beats us. Having been in the Army, having been in the battle field and having known the hardships our soldiers have to go through fighting terrorists in the North, if he does anything to demoralize our brave soldiers, then he would indeed have become the greatest traitor in this country. Ambition and boost of the ego is one thing but putting national security at stake is a totally different story. But, he is allowing himself to be used by a dis-arrayed UNP leadership at cost to his reputation and self-respect. In a recent interview with the "Irida Divaina" of 29th June, 2008 Major Gen. Janaka Perera goes on record as saying " North Central Province and I are like a bark to a tree"- what he means by that is anyone's guess? Being an Army Officer in the region fighting the LTTE is a totally different "cup of tea "to attempting to be Chief Minister of the NCP representing a political party .which is losing its respectability under Ranil Wickramasinghe's leadership. It will be very sad, to watch Major Gen. Janaka Perera also losing his reputation.

On the other hand, we have noted that failures and traitors in national politics like Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mangala Samaraweera who broke away from mainstream SLFP party thinking that he was "the cock of the walk" when he joined opposition back-benches, have also banded together with the UNP in their desperate bid to break even with President Mahinda Rajapakse and the SLFP. It is no secret that they too have no "national vision" except personal petty politics and their venting their views about the GOSL actually has no great impact as the citizens of this country have already seen and heard their personal agendas. Chandrika Kumaratunga is shameless to think that she is still respected in this country after having messed up the country through 11 years of vindictive and venomous rule as Executive President of Sri Lanka. Her unsavoury activities abusing the high post she held has been aptly exposed in Victor Ivan's books "Bandit Queen"(in English) and "Chaura Rajini"( in Sinhala) and the current legal battles she is facing in this country are adequate evidence of disloyalty to Sri Lanka as well as her dishonesty. These are the people who are banding together with the UNP and Ranil Wickramasinghe to vent out their personal vendettas rather than considering who the common enemy of the entire nation is at this point- LTTE terrorists! If they forget this and do anything to destabilize and demoralize our Armed Forces, then they are as good as dead in this country. This is not the time for reckless agitation.

On the other hand we also have the JVP whether they be the Somawanse Amerasinghe faction or the Wimal Weerawanse faction it is immaterial. Their "loyalty to the country" has also been exposed due to the recent split in the JVP. Their hypocrisy has also been witnessed when pictured appeared in the newspapers showing both Amerasinghe and Weerawanse prostrating in front of our Mahanayakes to obtain their blessings for their political survival. It is obvious that the Amerasinghe faction is willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly working hand in glove with the UNP to defeat the current GOSL while they have many skeletons in their own cupboards to hide. There is no doubt that cost of living has gone up by leaps and bounds and that every citizen of this country is facing economic difficulties- no one condones that nor wish to encourage it. However, today it is everyone's responsibility to think of Sri Lanka our Motherland first, and then party politics and personal agendas next. Our uppermost duty at this juncture is not to mobilize Trade Unions island-wide, to carry on strikes agitating for economic benefits but to stand by our Armed Forces when they are on the verge of a decisive war to eliminate terrorism. Do these socialist brothers understand the seriousness of what they are doing? Do they also want to fall into the same pit as the UNP and be considered traitors of the nation? This is certainly not the time to play Russian Roulette. The entire nation is watching these anti-government forces banding together no matter whether we call it UNP or JVP, it is all the same. Ideologies are one thing and what we have before our very eyes in the name of a terrorist war- is another. For political gains if we tend to forget who our common enemy is, then we fall into the same pan- "anti-national forces." We do not sincerely think that the JVP would wish to be considered this way even though the UNP and their collaborates do not mind what they are called as long as they could come into power.

We cannot blame INGOs/NGOs, Human Rights Movements world-wide, western powers etc because they have absolutely no feeling for the wellbeing of Sri Lanka or her sovereignty except use every war opportunity for them to benefit economically through their various agendas hood-winking our people. All the wonderful slogans they use are nothing but shrewd manipulations of anti-government agendas. It was rather ironic to read in a newspaper recently about the "Life of a Peacemaker" in the Nation newspaper of 29th June 2008 where the champion of Norwegian agendas which is also the LTTE agenda, Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe is being portrayed as a " peacemaker" - this is certainly not the fault of The Nation newspaper but that of the peacemaker himself, who thinks that he is doing selfless service for peace not only in Sri Lanka but in other parts of the world as well! Just like Dr.A.T.Ariyaratne, the leader of Sarvodaya has been punning on words like "Ghandian values" and "Vinobha Bhave" to show his commitment or appear to be a champion of "non-violence" so does Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe talk about "Buddhist tolerance" and "Ahimsa" in all his recent essays! He does not mention ever, that it is the LTTE terrorists who commenced their cold-blooded war against the entire nation including the majority Tamil community who brought on all this misery on our people- BUT, he talks of "Buddhist Ahimsa" and "Gandhian non-violence" as a means of appeasing terrorism in this country. Through his many "covered" activities using "Prayathne" and PCE, he is undermining the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, he is insulting the Buddhist clergy and Buddhists in this country. He is also a contributory factor towards protecting LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka. If this can be called "peace-making" -God for Bid! He is working hand-in-glove with Norway, to pave way for LTTE terrorists to survive and continue to terrorize our nation and thereby weaken our country economically.

All these forces together, think that they are doing immense service to Sri Lanka at a time when our Armed Forces are working day and night through many sleepless days, marching forward regaining lost territory for the sake of preserving our unitary state and sovereignty. The entire nation must be on alert about their hidden agendas and not get duped by the "sweet sounding slogans" being dished out about human rights, democracy etc etc. This is the hour when we can truly watch and see who is patriotic and who is not and make a decision to understand as to whom we should support- the Armed Forces who are protecting our sovereignty OR the anti-national forces who are working tooth and nail to break our backbone?

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