JVP is raising its ugly head of betrayal

Henry J.

The JVP is raising its ugly head of betrayal of the country yet again. Lots of parables and epithets come to mind, but one comparison would suffice.

Anarchists to the core, they don't care what the people of the country have to go through as long as they can create mayhem as they have done many times in the past.

They have never done anything constructive. They know very well that they can never come into power in the country-ever.

Destiny forbid! So they resort to creating anarchy. Is this the time for a general strike, Lalkantha?

The country is trying to stand up to the most vicious of all enemies, and now that there seems to be some hope for victory and peace, the JVP wants to get in on the "action." Did they do anything to encourage or help the armed forces as they sacrificed their lives for their motherland?

Now they have joined the great intriguer, Ranil, again a loser who will fish in any kind of troubled waters.

With great friends of Sri Lanka like Ranil and the JVP, who needs enmies?

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