Janaka Perera: Another Patriot Sent to UNP Gallows

Dilrook Kannangara

Patriots who crept in to the UNP which serves as a death trap of patriots, never returned. History repeated itself in the cruelest manner for another braveheart of Sri Lanka. Major General (retired) Janaka Perera was killed by a suicide bomber at a political event. Janaka Perera was a brave soldier who fought fearlessly for Sri Lanka, but, he sided with the wrong political crowd. His new friends were traitors and he gave in to their plans on a number of occasions. His spiteful allegations against the Defence Secretary, the President, the army commander and even against military victories were despicable to say the least. His mistake was too obvious. Patriots around the world knew from the start what was cooking for him in UNP quarters. He simply didn't fit in. The soldier who rarely lost a battle lost the election; it was a massive defeat. Unbeknown to him, masters of his party had decided his fate. He were to be disposed as Luxman Algama was disposed in 1999. The much talked about new office complex of the UNP which was built in place of the old one, that was destroyed by vandals, was declared opened by a number of regional UNP stalwarts. Strangely there were no high ranking officials of the party; not even an MP! This is too similar to what happened in Ja-ela on 18th December 1999. The bomb blast took place carefully avoiding the UNP top brass.

However, Janaka should have sensed the inappropriateness of the UNP which is today made up of political nobodies, traitors, turncoats and the like. It is the same party that houses the likes of the WPF leader who admitted to keeping LTTE operatives in his house during the ?ceasefire' period. In addition he has been a strong and open proponent of the LTTE. The there is the SLMC leader who was repeatedly rejected by his constituents and has an active MoU with the LTTE signed in 2002. This party is further infested with the likes of one medical practitioner who used to habitually pay homage at LTTE ?mahaveer' cemeteries. A senior member of parliament from the other camp also joined the UNP recently. He has been known to have a soft corner for the LTTE and he had turned many acts of treason committed by senior UNP members into mockeries. Another recently appointed MP has criticized the army commander for making a factual statement. His allegation was all too similar to the type coming from the LTTE camp. Nobody can forget the hilarious statement made by a very senior UNPer that any ass can fight; clearly dispersing the warrior within the party! Most patriotic members have already left the UNP and those who hold high positions within the party are baptized by the separatists. All this are in addition to its leader who mislead the nation with a surrender agreement with the LTTE which he depicted as peace. There is no way a seasoned soldier could have missed these vital signs.

LTTE separated out the UNP which was the main political force at that time to be its southern counterpart. It eliminated Lalith Athulathmudali and Premadasa in rapid succession. This happened within nine (9) months of killing a number of gallant soldiers in Ararly Point in the Jaffna peninsula. After the assassination of Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993 by the LTTE, UNP became a lame duck headed by timid yet strong-willed supporters and sympathizers of the LTTE cause. Within another 18 months it bumped-off the remaining patriots it had including Gamini Dissanayake, Gamini Premachandra and Oswin Abeygunasekera. Thereafter the UNP was dancing to the tune of the LTTE until General Luxman Algama joined forces in 1999. He was swiftly eliminated, however, after he was used to the most to derive maximum political mileage. Then the UNP refused to blame the LTTE and instead blamed the government. In 2008 T Maheswaran was killed by the LTTE. Yet again the UNP couldn't sum up enough courage to blame the LTTE. LTTE trims the UNP which it considers to be its backyard. There were bigger political giants than Janaka Perera who tried to change the cause of the UNP in vain. It should not surprise anybody if the UNP once against starts screaming about alleged human rights violations. It stopped this hue and cry after inducting the General a few months back.

On the other hand senior UNP leaders are under no Tiger threat. Not even a single attempt was made to harm them!

As the saying goes, if you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. The only way not to make it a problem is by becoming a dog. Clearly the good General didn't become a LTTE poodle and that was his crime according to LTTE books.

This is a cruel awakening by the LTTE to other patriots. It has started eliminating patriotic military and political leaders of this country. It has started from the easiest. Leaders of this country must be fully aware of this heightened LTTE threat to their lives. If they believe the military campaign will soon eliminate the LTTE, they should stay away from public places until such time. The LTTE supremo has outlived ten (10) Sri Lankan administrations and is determined to outlive the present one as well. He should be eradicated soon.

Dangerous times are ahead as the final battle for the terror capital heats up. LTTE will viciously struggle like a drowning man; it will not hesitate to do anything that in its belief would put it off the hook. It is the duty of every Sri Lankan to support the present war effort wholeheartedly; there may not be another chance.

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