In defense of Lt.General Sarath Fonseka

Dr Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS). President Senior Citizens Movement, Mahanuwara.

Apropos the statement by the so-called Centre for Policy Alternatives under the signature of Pakyasothi Saravanamuttu and many others of the ilk sometimes appearing under Sinhala names (e.g. Samath Gammanpila's comment on Ven. Sobhita's statement to of 2nd Oct 2000 in support of General Fonseka's recent statement to some Canadian paper), I thought it appropriate to put the record straight in fairness to General Fonseka, the foremost Army Commander Sri Lanka was blessed to have in recent history.

According to them 'The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed to strengthen institution-and capacity-building for good governance and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka. The primary role envisaged for the Centre in the field of public policy is a pro-active and interventionary one, aimed at the dissemination and advocacy of policy alternatives for non-violent conflict resolution and democratic governance.

In other words what they say is that there is no good governance in Sri Lanka and the government has failed. Therefore you need to have some other 'agency of non-partisan intellectuals' like Pakyasothi Sarawanamuttu (preferably non-Sinhalese) to formulate policy alternatives for non-violent conflict resolution and democratic governance in the field of public policy. (I presume what they mean by all this jargon is the creation of an environment conducive for the establishment of the Tamil Eelam on the Sri Lankan soils)

They also call themselves an organization of non-partisan civil society members. The entire statement of the CPA, its language, objectives (both covert and overt) and the tone clearly shows how non-partisan they are and to what 'Civil Intellectual Society' they belong.

The above comment on the statement attributed to the Major General, in my opinion is a direct intervention by another NGO with Sri Lankan government's policy on governance. Good governance is not heir business either. To talk of policy alternatives we have an opposition in the Parliament. We don't need to have Tiger funded agencies to tell us as what we should do, whether they, be INGOO or NGOO.

The main statement supposed to have been made by the Army General against which these people have got offended and declared war against Sarath Fonseka is given below.

"I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people…We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country…We are also a strong nation … They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things."
(I feel it may have been better if this was worded differently. But you can't expect him to do it either. Because he is not a politician who is having his eyes on an electorate for his survival. What he has said is the absolute truth, although it tastes sour to some)

However, I see no reason as to why any body should get offended for this statement. Because, it is the truth and nothing but the stark truth, that any man who knows the true and authentic history of this Island Nation would have said. Therefore this is not something invented by General Fonseka for which he could be blamed. He has only stated the status quo. This is just like his saying that the world is round. It is not only now but through out history, beginning in the 6th century BC, with the exception of 1815 to 1948, this country had been ruled by the Sinhalese. As such no one should get offended or concerned over what he has said to Steward Bell or any other person for that matter.

What Sarath Fonseka said is there on record and inscribed on stone dating back to millennia BC. It is only those who try to invent and fabricate new history to suit their mythical histories in support of the Tamil Homeland theories in Sri Lanka or the illusive Eelam and who are blind to the facts of history don't agree with this fact that has been firmly accepted by historians, archaeologists and epigraphists the word over, excepting the Eelamists and those pseudo intellectuals who subsist on their blood pay roll. I would strongly suggest that these critics read Jaffna Kingdom by Karthigesu Indrapala (obviously not a Sinhala) who has clearly stated that there is no evidence of any permanent Tamil settlements inside this country before the 13th century.

Who are these critics who have started to chase after Fonseka's blood? If you look at their names and credentials you will invariably find them connected to the Eelam movement in one way or the other. As such of cause there is nothing surprising about their behavior. The whole world knows who they are although they try to pretend as educated intellectuals, representing a moderate group of human activists.

Has any one who picks bone with the Army Commander ever criticized the Eelam concept? Has any one condemned the brutal killings of Prabhakaran and his terrorist outfit or the endless misery he has brought to the entire Tamil community in this country? Have they ever raised a single finger against atrocities committed against his own people leaving aside the thousands of Sinhala and Muslim people who have been killed and chased out from the north and the east over the last three decades? Have they ever spoken a word against Prabhakaran when he and his savage outfit started ethnic cleansing in the north and the east? Did they ever knew that the Eelam of Prabhakaran is meant to only for his worshippers and not even for other Tamils who don't subscribe to his fascist ideology that end up in brutal killing of all those who don't agree with him? What happened to Duraiappa, Amirthalingam,Thiruchelvam, Luxman Kadiragama and many other Tamil leaders? Have any one of those who support Prabhakaran including the Tamil Diaspora and the so-called Tamil intellectuals ever dare to ask why he killed them. Do they at least know that Eelam is meant only for Prabhakaran, which he wanted to create on the dead bodies of all who oppose him irrespective of whether the are Sinhalese Tamils, Muslims or Indians, as he has proved in the case of Rajeev Ghandis assassination?

Have they ever realized that all this suffering to Tamils in Sri Lanka is the direct result of Tamil extremism, invented by people like Arunachalam (breaking away from Ceylon National Congress and Establishing Ceylon Tamil Congress in 1921), hatched by communal minded men like G.G. Ponnambalam who demanded 50-50 and Chelvanayagam (who established Ilankai Tamil Arasukachchi in 1947 and passed the Vadukkodei Declaration in 1977 in which he said that this county had been ruled by Tamils from time immemorial) and finally consolidated and armed as a fascist killer machine by Pirapaharan during the past three decades for which not a single Sinhala man or woman is responsible. But today all these peace mongers blame SWRD for making Sinhala the Official Language in 1957. Where else on earth one can make Sinhala the Official Language if we don't do it here in Sri Lanka? What SWRD did was only the rectification of a historical injustice done to this nation in 1815 by the British. He also wanted to make Tamil a regional language but before doing that he was killed.

JR made Tamil also a National language (whereas he should have made it a Regional Language only as SWRD planned). But none of the protagonists of the Tamil cause talk about such extraordinary good actions of the governments. They only shout and write on Sinhala racism-something that does not exist on earth compared to what the Tamils air out in burning flames-but never talk of Tamil racism which is obviously the prime cause of all present day so-called ethnic problems in this country. Why is that they are blind and deaf over them? They also see nothing wrong in Ponnambalam's 50- 50 claim. And now repent over what privileges they have got under the British which was a deliberate conspiracy invented to divide and rule. Today they want not 50-50 but they want 75% or even more for the 5% or less percentage of Tamils living in the north and the east. Nearly 6% of the total Lankan Tamil population lives with the Sinhalese in the south. But do they have any problem or discrimination? Aren't even men like Pakyasothi who openly castigate the Army Commander of the Sri Lankan State live among the Sinhalese and still have the freedom to write this kind of rubbish, when a Sinhalese University Student is not allowed to study in Jaffna or Batticaloa by the LTTE?

In my opinion none of those minorities who do not accept the legitimate claims of the Sinhala people to this country and its civilization and who have their head and some times both legs in India and only the stomach here have any right what so ever to live in this country as its legitimate citizens. They should pack up and go back to the countries they have their allegiance and love asap.
I quote here what Nehru said about the Indians living in other countries in his conversations with Tibor Mende in 1955 for their information.

'So far as the policy is concerned, we have laid down very clearly-in regard to Africa, as well as in regard to other countries-that we do not want any rights or privileges in a country which, in any way, would come in the way of the inhabitants of that country. They should consider themselves as guests. If they are unwelcome they have no business to be there'

So are these critics, better intellectuals and statesmen than even Nehru?It is true that we have an ethnic group called Sinhala. But unlike the term Tamil it is not only a name given to a particular race or an ethnic group. The term Sinhala has been used at least from the 6th century BC to denote the people of the Land of the Sinhalese that is Sihaladeepa or Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, being only another name given to this Island meaning the resplendent land. Some people call it Tunhele or Tun Sinhale both of which are descriptive and mean the same thing. All citizens of this country were known as Sinhalayo, meaning the people of the Sinhale as much as the people of India are called Indians; America, Americans; England, English; France, French; Japan, Japanese etc. The word Sinhala here is used in a generic sense, meaning the land of the Sinhalese or the land belonging to the Sinhalese. So in the past we had the Sinhale Sinhalese, Sinhale Tamils and Sinhale Muslims. The common denominator being Sinhala, Sinhalese was the nation of this Island. We had one country and one nation the country. The country is Sinhale or Sri Lanka as it was known from time immemorial and the nation was and is Sinhala or Sri Lankan.

Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a nation. They are only a minority ethnic group like Muslims. Even in India where you get 5o m Tamils there is no Tamil nation. They are only Indians. So how can one expect to have a Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka where we have only a minor fraction less than12 % of the total population? Similarly Muslims are only a group of people who profess Islam. They also cannot claim to be a nation as Hakeem and others used to agitate. In fact there is no nation called Muslims any where in the whole world. They should think like the Catholics and Christians. But obviously they cannot claim to be a nation any where.

The difference between the minority groups and the majority Sinhala race is this. It was the Sinhalese who unified the Siv Hele in the 6th century BC and established the unified Sinhala Kingdom on this Island. Thereafter it was they who established the Sinhala Buddhist civilization in the country that lasted in its original form until 1815 and continues even up to date. The archaeological and epigraphic evidence distributed through out the length and breadth of the Island from Point Pedro in the north to Dondra in the Deep South and Chilaw on the western littoral to Batticaloa in the east and bountiful classical literary evidence like Mahawamsa and Deepawamsa bear unchallengeable evidence to this great civilization. They all bear eloquent testimony to none other than a 2500 year old unique Sinhala Buddhist culture as the bedrock of its civilization. In fact even up to1972 this country was known as Sinhale (See the Kandyan Convention of 1815). The Kandyan Convention of 1815 was drawn between the Chieftains of the Sinhale and the Lieutenant General Robert Brownrigg on behalf of the United Kingdom…in the Island of Ceylon on the one part and the Adigars, Dissavas and their principle Chiefs of the Kandyan Provinces on behalf of the inhabitants of the Kandyan Provinces. The word Ceylon used by the British was only the anglicized form of the word Sinhale. British also called all inhabitants of this Island Ceylonese, meaning Sinhalese. It had nothing to do with ethnicity. The word Kandyan Provinces was also translated as Sinhale in the Convention, meaning the land of the Sinhala people. The distinctions between separate ethnic groups began to surface only after the introduction of communal politics by the British in 1833 in order to maintain their divide and rule policy.

Furthermore only the Sinhalese regard this Island as their home land. The majority, if not al, of Tamils all over the country treat India as their motherland All their heroes are found in India, they worship them and hate and despise the heroes and patriots of Lanka. They never accept this country as the country of the Sinhalese. In other words they only want this country to be a part of India, more particularly South India. Even the barber who runs his saloon in a country bazaar has pictures of Ghandi, Nehru, Motilal Nehru and Subash Chandrabosh etc hung on its walls. This was how they were indoctrinated to think 'Indian' by their leaders from the very beginning.

Similarly most Muslims think, behave, dress and act as Arabs. They too like the Tamils want to first have a separate chunk of the country as a Kalisthan and finally make this Island a mini Arab country. Among the older generation of Muslims we have Mudiyanselage Mubaraks and Vidanelage Saheeds etc. They got married to local women. But today they want this country to be transformed in to an Arab state. I think this is exactly what Army Commander meant in his statement.

Talking about the minority rights can any one mention a single country in the whole world, where minorities are treated better? Which country in the whole world, has given parity of status, with that of the national language of the country, to the language of a mere12% of the country's population. Which country on earth, other than Sri Lanka, has two official and national languages? Can Tamils in Canada or even in Norway, ask those countries to make Tamil an official language. Even in their homeland with over 50 million Tamils do they have that recognition or do they ask for a separate State? How can these people talk of discrimination in a country where a member of a minority community can live and buy property and work any where they wish to do so and live happily and freely with equal rights? Why don't these so-called misguided intellectuals open their clouded eyes and admit this situation and be honest in their approach to this problem for which they alone are responsible and advice the lesser beings to learn to live and let live.

Look at the following misguiding statement orchestrated over and over by their world misinformation publicity machines

'The rebels have been fighting for an independent state in the north and east since 1983, following decades of marginalization of ethnic Tamils by governments dominated by the Sinhalese majority. More than 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict' (AP). This is an often quoted statement that appears in the so-called international media, I have seen over the past 7- 8 years.

According to them they are rebels and not terrorists. They have a birth right to take to arms to overthrow the democratically elected government. It is the Sinhala government that has marginalized them for decades and the Government in Sri Lanka is Sinhala dominated. If you don't have a Sinhala majority government in this country then where the hell you can have it? It is with this kind of blatant lies and newly invented falsehood that they have been successful in getting the sympathy of people in other countries.

Can any self respecting democratic government in the world allow a group of minority terrorists to form a separate and independent state within its legitimate and sovereign territory? Mind you in this case they claim 1/3 of the country and 2/3 of the coastal strip for a mere fraction of the population now numbering less than 5% of the total population. According to Dept of Census (2002) Northern Province has only 320,701 and Eastern Province 399,129 whereas the country has a population of 20 million.

Also these buffoons talk of marginalization of ethnic Tamils by governments dominated by Sinhalese majority. If Sinhalese can't govern their own country where on earth can they do that? Who have been marginalized and by whom? Why can't these people clamour for an Eelam in South India which in fact is the real homeland of the Tamils. They also lament over human rights violation by the government by having military barriers for security purposes. Don't they know that these security barriers are again a byproduct of their own terrorist activities? Military barriers, check points, displacements and so-called ethnic problems, aren't they the direct outcome of tiger atrocities? Aren't these their own creations" And what is more is that these barriers are there to check every one and not only Tamils. They erected for the general protection of every one in society. What about the resulting harassment to millions of Sinhalese and others who are not responsible at all for this situation but also are forced to suffer for no fault of theirs?

Also look at the following situation depicted in My Daughter the Terrorist. 'The film introduces Dharshika and Puhalchudar, two 24-year-old women who have been living, training and fighting side-by-side for the past seven years. They are part of the Black Tigers, and are prepared to strap Claymore mines to their chests and blow up themselves and anyone within 100 feet of them to benefit their cause. "When we have no bullets left and can't do anything, we have our cyanide capsules," Dharshika said, revealing the small glass cylinder filled with cyanide that both she and Puhalchudar wear around their necks'.

Dharsika is a child soldier who had to undergo this tragedy. It is reported that over 170 such suicide bombers have died in the process of attacking vital points and persons. Of these Suicide bombers 30 % were women. Are these not violations of human rights and discrimination against Tamil children and Tamil women- the weaker sex? Why don't those human rights champions open their brilliant minds and eyes to the 7000 odd child soldiers recruited and send to the death front as chicken thereby completely ruining the future of the Tamils in Sri Lanka by the LTTE? Why don't they see that ALL THE TAMILS IN THE VANNI ARE BASICALLY LOCKED UP IN A PRISON WITHOUT WALLS, by the power of the gun by the LTTE? Is this not violation of human rights?

Why are people, like Pakyasothi dead silent on these issues? The answer is simple. They are also wedded to the establishment of EElam. All these atrocities as they see them, are justified in the name of creating their mythical EElam. All those who engage in such savagery are innocent. Only the forces of the elected government whose avowed duty is to defend the mother land and Sinhala soldiers like Fonseka are cruel.

All atrocities the Tigers commit according to Pakyasothi and ilk, are in conformity with the democratic principles and none of the killings by Prabha and Co are violations of human rights or democratic principles. They are all like the murderers of Julius Ceaser hnourable men, committed to a sacred object of establishing a separate independent state for Tamils within Sri Lanka by overthrowing the elected government. No body should stand on Prabhas way of doing that 'sacred duty' by eliminating all Sinhalese, Muslims and even the Tamils who are against Prabha as he has already done for the past three decades. Why don't we try these LTTE agents for aiding and abetting the EELam cause and acting and writing against the right of the government to govern?

In my opinion Sarath Fonseka was not hard enough. But he has called a spade a spade. That is all. What these pandits don't understand is that they themselves will have no place even to live, apart from a place to write this type of nonsense if people like Sarath Fonseka don't liberate the motherland from these blood thirsty terrorists.

They also feel that only they can have ideological perspectives and decide about matters on war which they feel should be left alone for the politicians. Aren't these men trying to create a conflict between the politicians and the army desperately at a time the nemesis of Prabhakaran is imminent?

Also look at his diabolical aspersions."It also suggests that the present government does not apprehend the chilling dangers of allowing military men to venture into the arena of political debate. It is because of the fact that Sri Lanka has succeeded in upholding the principle of civilian control over the military that we have escaped the unfortunate experiences of neighbouring countries such as Pakistan".

One can see through the hidden intension of the writer when we go through these vicious remarks.
For these reasons, I deplore and condemn in the strongest possible terms the abhorrent and unacceptable comments made by Pakyasothi and others on General Fonseka and defend him to the hilt as all right thinking people will definitely do for calling the spade a spade.

Today, I would like to remind to Pakyasothi of the CPA and others of the ilk that what is needed is not to campaign for Fonsekas removal or maliciously trying to set the President against him by referring to the 1972 coup with the intension of creating suspicion in his mind, but try to save the ordinary and innocent Tamil people from the clutches of the MONSTER Prabhakaran created by the process set in motion by extreme communal Tamils like SJVC and other politicians who have driven the entire Tamil community towards their nemesis only to attain their personal political goals. The real genocide is the systematic and heartless act of feeding the Tamil Youth and Tamil children to the battle front by Prabhakaran, the blood thirsty vampire and it is not an act that could be attributed to the Sinhala people who have accommodated every one who came to this Island through out history, including even those who came to kill them.

I also suggest you people read the article by Sebastian Rasalingam that appeared in Sri Lanka Guardian on 3rd Oct. from which I quote the following para.
"WE Tamils founded the first "Racial" political parties, when it was IN OUR OWN INTEREST, as a minority, to NOT to let the racist genie to come out of the bottle. The racist Genie was let out of the bottle in the 1930s by G. G. Ponnambalam, as a means of wresting power from the turbaned elites like Arunachalam Ramanathan." (October 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian). Please note that this is not Sinhala Sarath Fonseka who says so.

Finally I would like to emphasize categorically that people like the writer who support Prabhakarna the fascist killer and his anti-Sinhala, anti-Sri Lankan and anti-human genocide machine are the real enemies of the Tamils. You will hate Fonseka today but tomorrow when he liberate the innocent Tamils from this KILLER MONSTER and restore peace for every body in Sri Lanka, thereby providing equal opportunities for the Tamils in the north as well as the east along with the rest in the country, I have no doubt you will begin to worship him for speaking the truth an doing the correct thing at the correct time in the history of this Island Nation..

The fault with the Army commander and the successive governments is that they were very much belated in speaking the truth and erred in doing the correct thing at the correct time. Had they nipped it in the bud when Pirapaharan started this carnage in 1980s with 10 men, hundreds of precious lives of both Tamil and Sinhalese leaders and thousands of young people who could have been an asset to this little Island Nation and billions of rupees spent on war and rebuilding what the LTTE has devastated would have been saved for development of the country and today definitely Sri Lanka would have been a heaven for everybody to live.

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