Certainly, one cannot Blame all Muslims for Mohideen's views on Sinhalization of the East.

By Charles.S.Perera

The half page headlines and new English words had atleast amused Mr.Cader. However, my intention was not to put the Sinhala against the Mulims.

When I referred to Islamic hordes it was a reference to Muslim Conquerors of the past who had desecrated places of worship and religious idols of the people of the conquering countries-India , Iran etc (Please see-

But the Sri Lankan Muslims did not come as conquerors. They had come some where in the 7th century, first to South West Coast of India, and from there to Sri Lanka as traders, and settled down marrying local women.( Please see-

I did not compare the Sri Lanka Muslims to Talibans and the conquering hordes, but said they should not do like them, as a response to Mohideen's article.

With regard to Digavapi, there was an article in the Sunday Times of 10 october,1999, under the heading Special Assignment , by Nilika de Silva and Faraza Farook, in which there was a reference to bulldozing of Digavapi in 1997, where it was mentioned that there were allegations against Minister Late Ashraff for proposing to resettle Muslims within the area –(Please see-

I am aware of the sacrifices the Muslim community had made in the war against terrorism. I have a Muslim friend whose son was an Air Force Pilot, who died in the war against LTTE terrorism.

Undermining racial harmony in Sri Lanka is the furthest from the writer's mind. Nevertheless, the irritation the article had caused to Mr. Imtiaz Jabir Cader, is much regretted.

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