At a time when rulers of many countries move towards autocratic rule, or for a nominal rule enslaving the masses to alien domination as in Iraq, Afghanistan and what Mr. Ranil Wickremasighe attempted to do, Sri Lanka indeed is privileged to have a leader determined and devoted to defeat the terrorist menace ruining the country for several decades and at the same time firmly resolute in offering the fruits of democracy to the masses liberated from the terrorists yoke and to those who have willingly abandoned the terrorist cause upon realization of its destructive, discriminative and heinous nature. The bold steps being taken by the President to destroy terrorism and democratize the society, unyielding to any form of terrorist threats and acts, offer solemn guidelines to nations afflicted with similar predicaments. Thus Sri Lanka has become a role model for nations threatened with terrorism.

Negating the baseless attempts made by political opportunists to belittle and mock the peaceful and violence free election held to Local Government Institutions in the Batticaloa District, 1,342 candidates have filed nominations to contest the 37 seats in the Eastern Provincial Council Election.

Filing of nominations by such a large number of candidates itself is a great victory for the Government’s claim of liberating and normalizing life in the Eastern Province as against claims to the contrary being made by political opportunists and NGO vultures. This is a great turn around in the political history of Sri Lanka’s march to total democracy

There were many political maneuvering by political parties and groups for formation of alliances since the announcement of the polls upto the nomination period, particularly among those who condemned of holding on to useless jungle land, and those who expressed sympathy on the murder of terrorist Tamilselvan.

The UNP which has not officially accepted or endorsed the demerger of the East so far and was reluctant to accept the fact of liberating the East and presented various imprudent claims, was forced to enter the fray, mainly because of the following reasons.

Since 1960s it has continuously held several electorates in the East, including Tamil UNP MPs representing Kalkuadh and Paddirippu electorates, and even in the last Presidential Election the UNP candidate Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe received a huge majority in the Eastern Districts amounting to 166, 056 votes more than the votes received by President Mahinda Rajapakse. The breakdown of votes polled in the Presidential Election was as follows:

  Ranil Wickremasinghe Mahinda Rajapakse Difference
Batticaloa 121,514 28,836 92,678
Digamadulla 159,198 122,329 36,869
Trincomalee 92,178 55,669 36,509
Total 372,890 206,834 166,056

It is a well known fact that Karuna’s father was a strong UNPer and was a party worker of late Mr. Devanayagam, and Karuna was brought to Colombo by the former UNP MP for Batticaloa Mr. Ali Zahir Mowlana, a close friend of Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe. The newly elected Batticaloa Mayor Mrs Sivageetha Prabhakaran’s father Mr. Rajan Satyamoorthy was the UNP Organisor of the Batticaloa Districy. UNP was forced to enter the election as boycotting the PC election, as it foolishly did in the Local Government election, would result in permanently handing over a huge vote base to the SLFP .

Basically the Eastern Provincial Council Election is centered in favour or against 2 major issues:

  • Acceptance or rejection of the Demerger of the East;
  • Acceptance or rejection of the willingness of the Eastern Tamils of the breakaway group to enter the mainstream politics

The UNP, SLMC and the TNA which do not fully endorse the aforementioned two major issues had several clandestine meetings among themselves and with other groups to make these groups vulnerable to their evil objectives.

The UNP sent the closest ally of the terrorists in their fold Jayalath Jayawardene to Tamil majority district Batticaloa and Vajira Abeywardene to Ampara and Trincomalee districts to test the waters. Jayalath Jayawardene even attempted to get the support of the newly elected Deputy Mayor of Batticaloa by meeting him at a Temple in Batticaloa.

On the other hand the SLMC attempted to mislead the other Muslim groups and made several hollow and hypocritical pronouncements which included that the Chief Minister post should only go to a Muslim (Isl 22.03.08), the SLMC will not abandon its Party symbol “Tree” under any condition(Isl 27.03.08), SLMC will not have any tie-up with a party that has the support of Mangala Samaraweera(Lanka e-News : 21.03.08), SLMC will not either join the government nor the UNP (Nation : 23.03.08) SLMC will contest alone to preserve its identity (TamilNet : 27.03.08) and so on.

In the meantime the UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe made a visit to India and as per reports from Tamil Nadu sources had a clandestine meeting with TNA MPs M.K. Sivajilingam, Selvam Adaikalanathan, N. Srikantha and Suresh Premachandran to discuss on the logistics and strategy of winning the Eastern Provincial Council election by the UNP. Matters discussed and promises made by Mr. Wickremainshge to the terrorists via TNA remain a closely guarded secret. However, newspaper reports said that the LTTE has offered its support to the UNP provided they support the merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces under a future Green rule. It is also reported that the foul-mouth UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella commenting on this offer has said that they must make every endeavour to win the election at any cost. "Not only merging the two provinces but should go to the extent of merging even three Provinces and get Prabha's support,"

It was after this TNA-Ranil meeting the UNP leader, having no formidable UNP candidate acceptable to all the 3 districts, and with the blessings of the TNA/Terrorist combine met with the SLMC leadership and agreed to field Rauf Hakeem as the Chief Minister candidate and the SLMC trio (two of them National List MPs) who can reenter Parliament without any hindrance staged the hypocritical resignation Drama to mislead the masses. After the Provincial Council election devious Hakeem would undoubtedly enter Parliament as one of these Nationalist list MPs.

Hakeem is one of the worst racists in Sri Lanka who has a potential of embroiling Sri Lanka in a worst blood shed than the atrocities that were committed by Prabhakaran and his gang all these years. He has blatantly and shamelessly collaborated with the megalomaniac terrorist leader and has been in the forefront whenever he wanted a change of government to save his military outfit and strengthen their prowess. He had been a bane of the Muslim community and had used the Muslim community as a catspaw to help Prabhakaran and to achieve his personal objectives, whenever there was a slight opportunity. Several centuries of amity and the strong brotherhood that existed between the Sinhala and Muslim communities have shown fractures only after this merchant of racism appeared in the political arena of Sri Lanka. Even being one of the Government Ministers, he condemned the murder of Tamil Selvan shamelessly aligning with the sentiments of the Terrorists and their proxies.

In an interview with the weekly “Nation” and in the discussion “Hard Talk” in the Daily Mirror this racist has promoted the need to segregate the Eastern Province to autonomous regions to represent each of the three communities. This nascent megalanamaniac with all the potential of becoming an enemy of the nation worse than Probhakaran, capable of embroiling this nation in a worst blood bath and having already hinted of sowing the seeds of multiple segregation should be extensively exposed and widely condemned denying him any foothold in Sri Lankan politics.


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