Sarah Palin cannot hold a candle to Hillary Clinton, nor to Joe Biden

By Charles. S.Perera

If the Americans we know of vote for Sarah Palin, there would surely be some thing gone wrong with their intelligent grasp of politics. In India, lot of voters vote with their heart than with their head. The same may be said of the Americans if they would vote Sarah Palin. The fact that she is a woman has nothing to do in political evaluation of a candidate for the second highest office in America.

Sarah Palin came in to the lime light of the Republican working class voters, and then to the general Republican voters, to become their heroine through her daughter's juvenile sexual escapade that left a mark, her religious fantasy, and her constant jabs at Barack Obama. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden could speak to the intelligent Americans on political matters that concern the Americans as well as the World. But McCain has substituted his oratorical inadequacy by some one equal to a stage comedian who could make the popular audience laugh and raise their fists.

Sarah Palin has no intellectual appeal, her language is just a common irritable caustic bravado, that seems to appeal to the Republicans. It is time she starts speaking about some thing sensible. Making verbal attacks at her opponents may appeal to those who seek entertainment, but not to those who look for intelligence and words of wisdom from one who is to occupy high office to promote America as a world leader.

After eight years of Bush administration, the Americans seem to be really in for change from the Republican Party in putting forward two people who cannot stand up to the American image of intelligent well informed people, who are able to command expectation, and qualitative world leadership.

Sarah Palin if she is to appeal to the American intelligentsia has to learn to present factual information not as a woman appealing to women's votes, but as a politician representing America as a world leader. Her language is too plain, and uninspiring, except to those that seek popular entertainment. Her personal attacks against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, speaks of her lack of refinement as a politician.

Sarah Palin is in no way near, let alone being equal to a politician of the Hilary Clinton calibre. It would be a sad day to America if she gets elected. Mc Cain though not clever with words has at least a heroic military background which alone is not enough to occupy the highest office of America. His nomination for the Presidential elections shows the political bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

Barack Obama's colour, or experience should not be the criterion to evaluate his qualification to the high office he seeks. He has shown that he has the quality necessary to be the President of USA. He has not only a personal appeal that could collect an audience of 200,000 people in Berlin at short notice, but also the intelligence to evaluate situations and take decisions.

Barack Obama would be a world leader of considerable ability. Joe Biden is an experienced, wise and appealing politician on his own. Obama-Biden ticket for the Presidential elections is the best America has had after a long time. That would really be a "God send" for America ! in Palin parlance.

The American voters overly excited about the nomination of Sarah Palin to be the Vice President, should ask themselves the question why Hillary Clinton was not selected as the Democratic candidate for the office of Vice President. It is probably because there are other positions of importance reserved for her in the event Barack Obama is elected the President of USA. And it may also be possible that Hillary Clinton, who has political ambition may not want to play the second fiddle to Barack Obama, keeping herself free to be the next President of USA after Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin cannot be compared to Hillary Clinton, nor to Joe Biden, as both Clinton and Biden are worthy candidates for the highest office in USA. Sarah Palin cannot hold a candle to either one of them, which is an evident fact, from the way she is presenting her self to the American voters.

Both Palin and McCain if elected , will be dependent on the bureaucrats, which does not auger well for America. It had been under the same system of State Department managed politics for the last eight years-the Bush administration. Hope sanity will prevail among the American people in the decision they take to vote for the Presidential Candidate in November.

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