Watchdog fines BBC for deceiving audiences

Alastair Reynard

Dear Princess Chase for UNC-TV,

Thank you for the reply. We need you to report the truth. BBC web sites act as proxy for terror in the following manner:

1. Glorifies act of terrorism by the Tamil tigers,

2. Places Tamil Tiger Terrorists as equals to the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka, which we find disgusting and very disturbing,

3. Ignore the worry some fact that many front organizations for the Tamil terrorists operating in the UK are pressuring members of the British House of Commons to legitimize the LTTE terrorist group and cut funds to the government of Sri Lanka, thus tilting the balance in FAVOR of the terrorists. BBC never reports the truth that there seems to be a long history of British MP's involvement in global terror. Here are a few links on the Web...

British cabinet minister at terror meeting

UK Double Standard Helps Terror by Alastair Reynard

MP in charge of anti-terrorism scrutiny speaks at event linked to Tamil bombers

Tamil Tiger Terrorist Supporter British MP Simon Hughes

British MP Andy Love opens UK office of LTTE-TV "Tharisanam ...

Tamil rally investigated by police

British MP Keith Vaz, a "sleaze", heads Tamil (Terrorist) campaign in House of Commons:

A senior Labour MP Keith Vaz speaking at a rally in which suicide bombers were praised.

Google for "British MP LTTE" and "British MP Tamil Terrorist"

4. Do not even report many gruesome acts of terrorism by the Tamil Tigers. For example, the 20th anniversary of Arantalawa massacre by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists: the bloody massacre and the brutal mutilation of 33 young Buddhist monks and their mentor and Chief Priest by the ruthless LTTE, read all about it here:

5. The BBC continues to hide the victories of democratic forces in Sri Lankan by reporting on pro-Tamil terrorist non-relevant propaganda. For example, many Tamil children and their families are being saved from Tiger terrorist recruitment. The Sri Lankan Army is working hard to keep these Tamil families safe and fed. This article titled "Liberation Thoppigala: freedom for child soldiers on Sunday, 22 July 2007" provides proof on the ground. This URL will take you to the article and images:

We want the British and BBC to stop supporting Tamil Terrorists! When you promote BBC on public television, you help promote terror and aid in the killing of thousands of innocent civilians indirectly. We need you to report the truth and not just what's profitable.

More false propaganda in the media:
AFP's report on "India criticises Sri Lanka's Tamil offensive" on Oct 7, 2008 is totally false. Here is why: there have been no civilian deaths during the military offensive against Tamil Terrorists. Therefore there is NO cause for any concern! What is really happening is that the Tamil Terrorists are making the politicians in Tamil Nadu make noise to stop the liberation of LTTE-held areas. This is nothing but another stunt by Tamil Terrorists to turn the tables in their favor. It has nothing to do with civilian deaths. If Tamil Nadu and India were really concerned about civilians, why not stop arms smuggling to and supporting the LTTE that has killed so many civilians? Why not move to eliminate the Tamil Terrorists, for the sake of civilians? What about concern for the innocent civilians killed by LTTE suicide bombings? What about concern for so many children recruited as soldiers to fight a brutal terror war against a democracy? We don't ever here India or Tamil Nadu politicians alarmed by those atrocities. Can we detect crocodile tears when we see them?

Another stunt reported by AFP:

We need you to report the truth about US Lawmakers financed by terrorists:

* Obama presidential campaign 2008, Google "Obama presidential campaign LTTE"
* Brad Sherman (D-CA-27), Google "Brad Sherman LTTE"
* Rush Holt (D-NJ-12), Google "Rush Holt LTTE"
* Danny Davis (D-IL-7), Google "Danny Davis LTTE"
* David Price (D-NC-4), Google "David Price LTTE"
* Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Google "Hillary Clinton presidential campaign LTTE"

US Lawmakers with ties to LTTE terrorist money

Congressman Brad Sherman is a hypocrite: he is a member of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee and the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism and Human Rights - the congressional body tasked with managing and coordinating the United States' efforts to combat terrorism! This US lawmaker in charge of fighting terror is actually promoting terror! He is well financed by the most ruthless and racist terror group in the world, the LTTE. Brad Sherman equals George Washington to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda! Get the details here

Sherman's wife Lisa Nicola Kaplan works for the US State Department. She is ideally situated to provide inside information on how a ruthless terrorist group can be removed from the list Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) to make their terror campaign legal in the US (URL This will enable these terrorists to use America as a base. Is it OK to make al-Qaeda a legitimate org in the US and portray Osama bin Laden as a hero? That is exactly what Congressman Brad Sherman is proposing. That is why Congressman Brad Sherman is a hypocrite.
Massive Sri Lankan Protest against Congressman Brad Sherman, Alleged LTTE Sympathizer

We ask you to contact your Congressperson in the US House of Representatives and pressure them to kick Brad Sherman out of the Congress and prosecute him for violating US and international anti-terror laws.

Obama Campaign accepts funds from pro-LTTE donors

LTTE heavily lobbied U.S.


Alastair Reynard
London, UK LE5 0QF

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> Why do you pander to the Brits who are involved with terror?
> Watchdog fines BBC for deceiving audiences

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