Dear Mr. Karunanidhi

Jay Deshabandu

When one speaks about the rights of only one race, whether it is Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslims, he is invariably bringing more to the conflicts than to the peace. Sri Lanka is one nation, Sri Lankans. When our president speaks, he thinks of us as Sri lankans, not Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or any other race. But you Sir, with all respect, only think of one race that is Tamil. How about the plight of all Sri Lankans subjected to the very real threats of LTTE? Sir, first of all when you call for immediate ceasefire, you are directly telling the legitimate Sri Lankan forces to lay down their arms! How about LTTE lays down its arms, get rid of suicide bombers? Even if we have a ceasefire and begin talks with the terrorists, would the acts of terror cease to exist? There are no guarantees that suicide squads will cease to exist. A person once trained as a suicide carder he or she will remain the same as it is done by brain washing. Only way to remove it is by removing them from the face of our earth. As you know Sir, LTTE is using pregnant women to kill themselves, their unborn babies, innocent civilians and other establishments of interests.

You know very well, Sir, the real peace can come only through one’s heart, eliminating the hate in his heart towards others. Unlike our leader President Rajapksha, Prabhakaran and his allies use hate, religion and race for their existence and propaganda. Sri Lanka belongs to all Sri Lankans, and there should be only one and one country, and one government. You too Sir, unfortunately, are concerned with tonly the safety of Tamils effectively forgetting the safety of other citizens in our country.

It is ridiculous to ask for a ceasefire when the hell gates of the terrorists are about to be crushed down, and bring the terrorist Prabhakaran, who is living in the hell-hole, a wanted criminal by many governments, is about to be removed from this face of the earth. So, Sir, there is no need to be concerned with the temporary plight of Tamils who are currently held as human shields by the LTTE. They will be freed by our gallant forces in the very near future. More and more people are now seeing a ray of hope, the freedom, as the legitimate Sri Lankan military is liberating more and more people from the ruthless uneducated leader Prabhakarn, the terrorist, the killer of Rajive Ghandi and many other leaders. As with many other citizens, the Prabhakaran was provided with free education, free health and food. Not to mention, his father was a government servant. Sri Lanka Sir, provides free education, free health to its entire population. Now, Sir this animal is biting the hands that fed him.

Besides, Sir, your call for a cease fire is unwarranted, reparatory and it is a direct involvement of the internal affairs of our country. And , so your actions is against the collective will of our people who are eager to see an end to the existence of Prabhakaran era. Further, you are offending our nation! Our government is perfectly capable of protecting its own citizens- Tamils, Muslims or Sinhalese!

With all respect, Sir,I have to disclose the real reason why the people in the Wanni region of Sri Lanka are undergoing terrible hardships at present. First of all, it must be said that more and more people are seeing a ray of hope, the freedom, as the legitimate Sri Lankan military is liberating more and more people from the ruthless leader, the terrorist, the killer of Rajive Ghandi and many others, V. Prabhakarn. So, Sir, be assured that this menace of terror on the people of Sri Lanka will be only for a short period.

Having said that Sir, you need to recollect true facts that Tamil Nadu state was harboring and nurturing secessionists LTTE, allegedly, was giving birth to the horror of suicide bombings on Lankan innocent civilians, economic and religious establishments. Sir, the whole concept of suicide squads was born in India, and she has trained and funded LTTE to carry on suicide missions on innocent civilians using its intelligence agency RAW. Sir since then suicides missions by other terrorists including Bin Laden, copied it to carry out their hate towards other nations all over the world. Sir your country too have faced with suicide attacks very recently in Mumbai. Recently, a Pakistan newspaper, the Dialy Mail, has revealed more than this.

No doubt, the LTTE is a separatist group, initially funded and provided arms by Indians, specially the Tamil Nadu leaders. On various media, LTTE leader thanked you many times. Are you a friend of Prabhakaran, Sir? Further, Justice Jain, the retired, documented that there were militant camps for Sri Lankan secessionists under the patronage of RAW, Indian intelligence agencies and security services. But all these support eventually took a huge tall when the Prabhakaran thanked you with killing the most charismatic leader of India, Rajive Gandhi.

Your attempts to support the terrorists under the cover of the plight of the IDPs and Wanni citizens of Sri Lanka are seen as your own personal and political motives by the majority of Sri lankans here. Have you ever pressured the terrorist Prabakaran to lay down arms and come to the negotiations with the peace loving people of Sri lanka? If not, why not? You cannot ask the Sri Lankan army to lay down the arms. It is very simple to understand that if the LTTE lay down arms, remove suicide bombers from the face of the earth, the peace and prosperity to all Sri Lankans will arrive.

Many people wonder as to why all of a sudden you have shown your concern for the LTTE and not for all Sri Lankans. Do you think that all Sinhalese are monsters? Recently, LTTE reporters started indicating the benefits of having a political buffer between Sri Lanka and India. They think that it is a buffer by which Sri Lankans become controllable by your humble state, the Tamil Nadu. These low-level, illegal motives only make South Asian lives far worse than it is today. Sir, it seems like you are dreaming of creating a separate country for your own race in Sri lanka. This is a childish dream! If Sri Lanka is divided according to your fancies, and all other separatists, there will never be peace in the South Asia. You are part of the problem for the whole South Asia. Please be the part of the solution.

Sri Lankan government is on the verge of giving a solution to the national problem, militarily or politically, but certainly not under your terms! LTTE must lay down illegal weapons, give up separatism and its leader must face criminal charges. Sri Lankan government does not intend to wag a war on its own civilians who are Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims or any other race. The day for the Sri Lankan citizens in the Killinochchi district to be liberated is very near.

One day, I am sure; you will thank our gallant forces for liberating our own people trapped by hell gates of the demon Prabhakarn, the most wanted terrorist by many countries including your government, USA and the UK. So, Sir, please ask your foreign minister to avoid wasting time and money by visiting to Sri Lanka to demand a ceasefire. Finally, for the sake of peace for the all South Asia, it is high time to start a dialogue among the South Asian leaders from India, Pakistan, China and other countries to arrive at a common consensus on combating terrorism in its all forms. All countries should agree to stop funding and training of terrorists.

God bless,

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