Soldiers overpower stiff terror resistance in Mullaittivu; 15 terrorists killed in Welioya battles

War against Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Troops of Army 59 division advancing in Mullaittivu forest yesterday (August 7) encountered stiff resistance from LTTE as the soldiers were further closing on the terror dens in Mullaittivu, defence sources on the Welioya battlefront said.

Military reports received from the front indicate 15 deaths, 23 casualties to the terrorists while 15 more were recorded as either killed or wounded in day's clashes flared up in the North of Kiriibbanwewa, Janakapura, and Andankualama areas. Further, 3 soldiers were killed in action, 7 wounded in action and 4 went on missing during these incidents.

Pitched battles were reported in the North of Andankulama area since last forenoon as troops kept on pounding at the terror defences that came across on their way. Troops attacked a terror bunker around 11.30 AM and confirmed 4 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Around 12 noon troops had 3 separate clashes in the same area with groups of terrorists. Troops claimed 3 terrorists were killed and 5 others wounded. Also, 2 soldiers were injured due to terror mortar fire.

The days most fierce battle broke out when the terrorists attacked at the advancing troops around 6 PM. Troops overpowered that terror attack in a close quarter fighting and chased away the terrorists. 2 soldiers were killed, one suffered injuries and 4 reported missing in action. Ground sources said that the terrorists probably had taken the bodies of the missing soldiers for propaganda purpose to boost fast loosing morale among their ranks. Later, radio monitoring units confirmed 5 terrorists had been killed and 6 others wounded in this confrontation.

Meanwhile, troops operating in the area North of Kiriibbanwewa had to separate clashes during afternoon hours and claimed 5 terrorists were either killed or wounded. Further, around 5.45 PM troops engaged artillery fire at a group of terrorist detected in the area. Radio transmissions among the LTTE cadres confirmed that 3 terrorists were killed and 4 others were wounded in this incident. Also, a soldier suffered injuries due to an AP (anti personnel mine explosion) occurred elsewhere last evening.

In the North of Janakapura area, troops had several clashes with the terrorists. During the morning hours troops two separate confrontations with terrorists and claimed 2 terrorists were killed , 2 others wounded and 3 more were either killed or wounded.

Around 11.50 in the morning troops attacked and captured one terror bunker and 4 trench defences. Later in the afternoon, troops confronted with terrorists around 1.35 PM at a separate location. A soldier was killed and another suffered injuries during the incident. Radio monitoring confirmed one terrorist was killed and 3 others were wounded.

In a similar incident reported around 2.50 PM, troops attacked group of terrorists and claimed one terrorist was killed and 3 others wounded. During subsequent search, a body of LTTE cadre was found along with one T-56 riffle and 2 hand grenades.

Meanwhile two soldiers suffered injuries due to AP mine explosions occurred in the Nittukaikulama area last morning.

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