By Walter Jayawardhana

Hundreds of Sri Lankan expatriates converged at Marlborough Palace in London where the Commonwelth Mini Summit was held to greeet Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and protest against the LTTE terrorism brazenly practiced against civilians.
Assembled in front of the meeting hall members of nearly ten organizations were waving noisy slogans , waving colourful lion flags, and holding placards greeting the Presidents anti-terrorist activities.

Anura Medagedara, one of the organizers said the Sri Lankan expatriates of London, is appealing to all Commonwealth leaders to help Sri Lanka crush one of the most heinous terrorist movements of the world which is using suicide bombs against civilians.
Another organizer Rani Bulathwela said that certain NGO’s like the Amnesty international are not focusing on the loss of human rights by terrorist organizations like the LTTE who are and focusing on vested interests of the terrorist organizations.

The demonstrators led by one who was shouting slogans with a megaphone shouted : Prabhakaran-Killer with suicide bombs.

The placards the demonstrators carried read: 52% of Tamil live in Colombo, LTTE stop killing Muslims in SriLanka, Welldone President for Restoring Democracy in Sri Lanka, LTTE violates all human rights, Stop Recruiting Child Soldiers, Welldone President for Restoring Democracy in the East.

Geetha Erandathi , a young nanny from Clapham Junction of Central London, said,”I have been living in England for six years, I came to shout for my country because I love my country.
Another demonstrator , a 76 year old grandma who has been living here for 15 years, Leela Pathirana said , “We need to liberate the country from the terrorists. I want to encourage our President to do it and hand over a free country to our children. That’s why I came for the demonstration.




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