Ranil's railing against the Mahinda government

Henry J

I found Ranil's railing against the Mahinda government for the terror atmosphere prevailing in Sri Lanka tragicomic. True to form, he lays no blame on his friend, the monster in the North, who is slowly but surely losing the options at his command, and characteristically resorting to the most cowardly means available to him, namely murdering civilians in cold blood through his grotesque terror agents hiding among the innocents in the South. The terrorists are able to carry out these attacks because Ranil and his cohorts opened the doors to the terrorists, trusting them as bosom buddies, and paid "pooja" to them while they, like the terrorists they are, planted their agents and death dealing materials in the South, to be used when all else failed. With their tails between their legs, Ranil and others of his ilk pondered the possibilities of making peace with a group which had never ever even tried to live up to their word, and had one single aim, to carve out a part of the country for themselves even if they had to destroy the whole country to do it. And that is what would have evnttually happened if Mahinda had not stepped in to debunk the myth that there was no military solution to the problem.

I grieve with my entire being when I hear of all the suffering the innocent men, women and children are going through right now. The tactics the terrorists are using now are so deplorable that they bear no comparison to the cruelty of any group, past or present. But I have no doubt that what the government is doing is the one step we should have taken a long time ago.

From JR, to Premadasa and Chandrika, we have been trying to make peace where peace was never possible, at least not until the terrorists are weakened to a point where they would have to lay down their arms and enter the political process. Everywhere in the world people are striving for peace and liberty and democratic processes of government. That could never happen with the terrorists in full control. The large majority of the Tamil people wish to live peacefully, under a democratically elected government. The terrorist-touted idea that the they are the sole representatives of the Tamil people is a fallacy, an idea debunked many times over. Therefore, let's wish and hope, and pray if one is religious, that the Mahinda government will soon be able to declaw the monster, and bring him to negotiation not as the sole rep. but as one of the contestants among peace-loving Tamils, ensuring freedom and liberty to the North, and peace to our beautiful land.



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