Can The Government Chance Another Calculated Risk?

Through the Perera Periscope For LankaWeb - By Mr Perera

July12th 2008

Facing a concerted military offensive by the Sri Lankan Army in its stronghold of the Jaffna peninsula, the LTTE on Thursday expressed readiness for ceasefire and peace talks with the island government. Familiar strains of previously delivered terms of falsified requests perhaps towards saving their own hides? More than likely as the LTTE are not to be trusted and hopefully lessons have been learned!

When all else seems to fail the trickey and cunning of the LTTE has as expected surfaced again but the Sri Lankan Admninistration must not be fooled for the umpteenth time.The LTTE are not true representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community, to the contrary they are armed and dangerous terrorists and it would be foolhardy for the GOSL to enter into any bargaining with such types unless the GOSL called the shots and the LTTE disarmed while taking an oath of allegiance towards aligning themselves with Central Government policy and joining mainstream society which is perhaps wishful thinking. Now that the powerful combined presence of Karuna and Pilliayan (it is envisione thus!) have presented their credentials towards the cause of the Sri Lankan Tamils the LTTE to all intents and purposes have no call towards being the sole representative of the Tamils in pretence where LTTE leader and Public enemy number one Velupillai Prabhakaran is unacceptable in every aspect of rationality towards the cause and the primary disentitlement of the LTTE towards any negotiations.

The only role he will eventually play is as an apprehended criminal in chains facing trial for his crimes against humanity as does the rest of the LTTE whose crimes have not only been perpetrated against the Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka alone but in principle against all humanity as the equation spills out to how their mendacities have transcended into world terrorism today.

The Sri lankan Authorities should never back down from the commitment and resolve of the supreme leader of the Armed Forces who has always emphasized the importance of the concept of "Lets go get the terrorists and finish then off before the negotiations with the Tamil Community begins!" as the only means for circumstances to augur well for all Sri Lankans as the unholesome and unwelcome presence of the LTTE within Sri Lanka merely attests to the risk of anarchy which could imperil the very existences of all Sri Lankans!

When LTTE's political wing chief V Nadesan, says that the group was ready for a ceasefire now, while accusing the Sri Lankan government of "abrogating" the six-year-long ceasefire which came to an end early this year, it sounds like a a load of unqualified rubbish as the ceasefire which was violated indiscriminately by the terrorists led to the Governmental withdrawal of a peace agreement which was a premeditated cover towards the LTTE regrouping orchestrated with meticulous precision and of course their usual theatrics!

This is the very re- re-grouping that the Government cannot chance today and should be wary of LTTE trickery where the better option would be to continue the relentless push towards eliminating them!

When LTTE mouthpiece Nadesan, in a telephonic interview to ''Times Now '' television, says the LTTE was not against peace negotiations and "Yes" his answer when asked whether the LTTE was for the ceasefire starting again this is pure rhetoric which becomes unsubstantiable and intangible as long as the LTTE are an armed group of terrorists. Can they be trusted to show faith by laying down their arms and subjecting themselves to the Laws of the Land they have violated criminally, viciously and rapaciously without conscience? Hardly likely!
He charged that "It is the Sri Lankan State that unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire agreement and is unleashing a war against the Tamils in their homeland," which is once again unsubstantiable and falsely presented rhetoric which the world today has smartened upto regarding credibilities! The Sri lankan State is an accepted norm whereas the LTTE are not! being internationally proscribed unrelenting terrorists where there is no obligation for Sovereign Sri Lanka to bend to LTTE demands as they envision what awaits them spelt out in the simplest terms ~~ D E M I S E !!!

He says "We are not against ceasefire or peace talks," but this entreaty has been heard many times previously.Does the LTTE even realise for a moment the importance of maintaining their credibilities? The answer has to be NO! They never have and never will as they simply never understood the meaning of the word so for what reason should a Government who has been severely tested by their terrorist attrocities in addition to pretentious theatrics, lies and innuendo compromise with them?No reason at all!

When the Sri Lankan Military Chief LT. Gen. Sarath Fonseka claims that LTTE had lost capability to fight as a conventional force and its cadre strength had dropped to 5000 from 8000 in August 2006 it is the signal to press home the advantage the Armed Forces have gained and there can be no turning back regardless of the entreaties of a despicable enemy who are non conventional and criminally liable !It would be a denial of Sri Lanka's right to restitution and compensation for decades of terrorist attrocities which today are well on the verge of being realised as the relentless push of the Armed Forces indicates!

In the simplest of terms the Government of Sri Lanka would be running a gauntlet between LTTE trickery and the so called mediators for a negotiated settlement with a non negotiable enemy where the better option seems to be running them into the ground unless they relented realistically, laid down arms and recognized the Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka and all her entitlements to Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and the all important aspect of integration towards a pluralistic society administered by the Sinhala majority and the acceptance of their status as a minority whose rights are determined through fairplay and justice of a Sovereign Nation and her leadership in a relative sense which has not detracted from being this for time imemorial with the exception of a few self centred power hungry past incumbents whose claims to leadership have today been effectively thwarted by a well structured Administration which has won the hearts of most Sri Lankans bar the turncoats and traitors with their own impure agendas!

This is a time to recognize and not be fooled by LTTE trickery as all the indications of their latest rhetoric point to this!


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