Shantha Indunil Bandara of Hidogoma – a hero, among heroes.

By Charles.S.Perera

It is an honour to pay tribute to Mr.Shantha Indunil Bandara, a hero among heroes,

who even on home leave alert and watchful, noticed a parcel standing by the side of a stall and sensing danger got the crowds to safety, and he himself faced death, defusing the bomb which would otherwise had caused another tragedy, killing a multitude of innocent men women and children.

This is a young Sinhala village youth, who defied death to defend the innocent people from an otherwise inevitable carnage. Every day our soldiers of the Security Forces face death to defend the homeland and its country men.

These heroes, who face death every day fighting against the terrorists, would not consciously harm any civilian, or in any way violate their human rights. Our Soldiers, whether they are of the Navy, Air Force or other Fighting Forces, are ready to even face death, if it is to save the civilian population. Mr.Shantha Indunil Bandara is a symbol of such dedicated heroism.

These village youths are dedicated to the service they render to the mother land and its people. Though some refer to the Sinhala village youth joining the army as a means to earn a living, they little realise, that the members of our Armed forces risk their lives, knowing that they are doing so, not for the pittance that get, but because they believe in the cause for which they fight.

It is true that we cannot be happy that the Tamil youths, some of them boys and girls, who have been mislead by the terrorist leader, have to be killed in great numbers to save the country from the clutches of terrorism.

But it is the terrorist leader, Prabhakaran who has to realise that he is making these innocent youths mere gun fodder, for his dream of an Eelam, that will never come true. The International Community should endeavour to make Prabhakaran understand this reality, and make him give up this folly, to save the lives of these Tamil youths fighting an un-winnable war for his sake.

We thank Shantha Indunil Bandara, and through him all the members of the Security Forces.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem, be your protection.

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