Historically South Asian region has been known as the poor mans block of Asia. While Sri Lanka enjoyed a relatively prosperous social indicators post independence, India who was once mired with Socialism has risen as a phoenix in the last decade as a world economic power. India''s power house IT Industry has surprised even the mighty US who always kept itself on the cutting edge of technology. So much so a group of US lawmakers recently visited India to find out the secret to India's IT success. The worlds richest Fortune 500 companies are pouring money to India and it is widely believed India will send its first moon mission within a decade and become the 3rd world power by 2025.

On the contrary Sri Lanka is practically stagnant. The country is struggling. Poverty is rising. Wealth divide is widening. The educated are migrating. Prominent people are being blown off. Several quality and able leaders have succumbed to suicide bombers.

LTTE supremo, megalomaniac Prabhakaran has succeeded in creating these chaos in the name of a Freedom Struggle for Tamil people. Until recently he called the shots circumventing the Lankan government. JR, Premadasa, Chandrika and Ranil. Ranil was the biggest sucker and even shrewd Premadas misread Prabhakaran and paid with his dear life. LTTE friendly Tamil Diaspora is watching sharp for a total collapse of the country so that King Prabhakaran can rule.

So now a not so educated but a man of good common sense, Rajapaksha has taken the war to Prabhakaran's doorstep. He did not succumb to Prabhakaran's con games and realized the ONLY way to get Lanka back to the path of progress is by eliminating the LTTE. As much as he has do deal with the regional bully India he also has to deal even more with a so called patriot named Ranil and his UNP.

For God sake Sri Lanka is at war with the world's most brutal killing machine. It has been bleeding for 25 years, It has lost its best sons of soil. Brave Southern kids have fallen for the motherland for nothing in return except tears from weeping, simple mothers from southern villages. A generation of youth has been deprived of opportunity. But this man Ranil is still hoping he can become President. In that dire and desperate hope, he does not have the brains to realize that he is providing a lifeline to Prabhakaran by obstructing Rajapaksha. No, he does have a brain, but use it for the wrong cause.

Granted BBC, Norway and a few eccentric British MP are feeding the Tiger cubs, but why on earth does Ranil is doing this is the dilemma. Well, not really. He is playing the good old game of politics.

The sight of Ranil at Anura B's funeral was pathetic. He looks drained of energy and ideas and very much lost. Our country need and deserve people of vigor, ideas, dynamism and mostly WISDOM. He looks to have NONE.

Well, soon he will learn that the bus has passed him while he was dreaming. Unless he wakes up and lend a helping hand to Rajapaksha in the spirit righteousness he will only end up as a single sentence in the Lankan annals. And even that will not be a kind one either.


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